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How To Clean A Chandelier On A High Ceiling

Chandeliers are naturally hung on ceilings, which always remain on the top. As an example, think about a two-story foyer or an entryway ceiling. If so, the ceiling is very high to reach and handle the cleaning. So, you may always think about how to clean a chandelier on a high ceiling. Actually, cleaning a chandelier on a high ceiling is not that hard if performed carefully.

So, to do this, you need to understand the cleaning process properly. In this article, we’ll show you the way of cleaning a high ceiling chandelier without damaging or breaking any part of it.

Process Of Cleaning A Chandelier On A High Ceiling

In terms of a high ceiling, you can clean the chandelier by either taking it down or keeping it in place. In both cases, you need to perform the cleaning process sincerely. Because, damaging any part of the chandelier can waste the whole project. Not to mention, you can use the same process for cleaning any chandelier. So, don’t think your chandelier won’t match this cleaning process.

Keeping The Chandelier In Place

In this method, you won’t bring the chandelier down, detaching it from the electrical box. Rather, you will clean the chandelier by keeping it in its place. Though this cleaning process is not the best for detailed cleaning, you can carry on with that for regular purposes. In reality, this technique is almost enough to bring back the look of the old chandelier.

  1. In the first place, turn off the electricity since you need to work with the liquid for the cleaning process. Besides, wear cloth or plastic gloves to take more safety. Now, use a long ladder to reach the high ceiling. If the chandelier is very high due to the placement on the ceiling of a two-story foyer, you may need to use scaffolding to reach the chandelier.
  2. Secondly, use a duster to clean the excess dust and debris from the chandelier. In that case, you need to use the duster carefully so that any part of the chandelier doesn’t break. After cleaning using the duster, make a solution according to the chandelier type. If your chandelier is made using crystals, use a vinegar solution to clean it. Otherwise, use a dish soap solution for other chandeliers.
  3. Thirdly, the vinegar solution should be made using one part of vinegar and three parts of water. On the other hand, use a bit of dish soap with a bottle filled with water to make the dish soap solution. Now, put the solution into a spray bottle. And, spray it into the chandelier.
  4. After spraying the solution into the chandelier, wipe the wet parts using a soft cloth. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, spray again and wipe away the chandelier again. Repeat the same process until you are happy with the result. This way, your cleaning will be finished by keeping the chandelier in its place. Now, turn on the electricity to start the current flow again.

Removing The Chandelier From the Ceiling

In this technique, you’ll remove the entire chandelier from the ceiling. And, return it again into its place after cleaning. Generally, this process is time-consuming compared to other methods. However, this technique is more effective in cleaning because of handling every part individually.

  1. First, switch off the master switch. That means you need to turn off the entire electricity since you’ll handle wires from the electrical box. Now, use a long ladder or scaffolding to reach the chandelier. Then, remove the wiring from the electrical box. After that, detach the chandelier from the ceiling.
  2. Second, bring the chandelier down to work with it. As a matter of fact, you should put the chandelier on a tabletop very carefully. Before putting it on the tabletop, lay a blanket on the tabletop. This thing ensures that no chandelier part will break easily.
  3. Third, take some pictures from many angles to keep as a reference for the design of your chandelier. Because, after detaching all the parts from the chandelier, you may not remember all the attachments precisely. In that case, these photos can help you.
  4. Now, detach all the parts of the chandelier and keep them carefully on the blanket. Then, use a duster to clean the chandelier frame and excess dry dust. After cleaning the debris and dust, make a liquid solution using vinegar or dish soap. Here, the vinegar solution is preferable when performing the cleaning for a crystal chandelier. Otherwise, you can go for the dish soap solution.
  5. After making the solution, put it on a spray bottle and spray on the chandelier. Then, use a lint-free soft cloth to wipe out the dust. This way, clean the whole chandelier and every part of it individually. If the cloth becomes filled with dust, use another fresh cloth for further cleaning. At this point, most of the dust should be cleaned automatically.
  6. Then, dampen a soft cloth into the solution and clean the detached parts using that cloth. Not to mention, clean carefully so that anything doesn’t fall from hands accidentally. After cleaning all the parts, attach them again to the chandelier. If you face any difficulties matching the attachment, use the reference images to know the exact spot.
  7. Then, after everything is properly attached, it’s time to bring it up to the ceiling. So, use the long ladder or scaffolding to take the chandelier near the junction box. Then, attach the chandelier again to the electrical box and hang it just like before. Then, switch on the electricity to check if it’s working perfectly. Now, your cleaned chandelier will glitter just like a new chandelier again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Clean A Chandelier Without Wiping It?

If you want to clean a chandelier without wiping it, you only need to use the spray bottle. To follow the process, make a cleaning solution using vinegar or dish soap. Then, put the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the whole chandelier. After that, wash away by putting more spray on it. Lastly, you can leave it to dry or use a dryer to dry it fast, and your cleaning process without wiping is done.

How To Clean A High Hanging Light Fixture?

Actually, you can follow the same methods which are mentioned above. Because, the light fixture is not different from a chandelier. If you exclude the design, both are the same thing. So, you can clean them just like the chandelier. Notably, you can either keep it hanging or detach it from the high ceiling for the cleaning process. Then, wash using a cleaning solution and finish the cleaning process thereafter.


In summary, you can clean your high ceiling chandelier in two ways. If you don’t want to detach your chandelier from the high ceiling or don’t have enough time in hand, you can clean it keeping it in its position. On the other hand, when you need a deep cleaning and don’t have an issue with time, detach the chandelier from the ceiling and clean every part individually by separating them. After finishing the cleaning, assemble all the pieces and return them to the hanging position.

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