How To Paint A Brass Chandelier Without Taking It Down | Do It in Just 5 Steps!

How To Paint A Brass Chandelier Without Taking It Down

Brass chandeliers have been creeping back into the home decor arena for a very long time. Most people find it as a sophisticated and artistic interior piece. But that too can look boring after some time. In that case, a little makeover can change the whole appearance of your old, boring chandelier. 

Sometimes the old brass chandelier may not match your current interior style. Will you then throw it away? Obviously not. Rather, you can paint your brass chandelier matching your current interior style while saving your hard-earned money. 

And what if we tell you the secret sauce of how to paint a brass chandelier without taking it down? Because that’s how you can bring new life to the old brass chandelier.

Painting A Brass Chandelier Without Taking It Down

It’s always better if you can take the chandelier down for the makeover. That basically makes the work easier. But that doesn’t mean you can not paint your brass chandelier while hanging. 

But how are you going to paint while the chandelier is hanging

Very simple! You will have to use a step ladder to reach out to the chandelier. Remember, you are the one who will be moving during the painting process. You are not supposed to maneuver the chandelier. But for your convenience, you can take the chain down to match your desirable ladder height. Then you will have to paint it part by part and move to the next along with your ladder.

Now Let’s look at how you can paint your brass chandelier.

Step One: Choose and prepare the color

In the beginning, you have to know what types of paint are perfect for brass metal. Fortunately, you are allowed to paint any permanent paint on a brass metal surface in accordance with your expectation. Whether it’s acrylic, enamel, or latex-based paint, each of them will provide excellent results in terms of color and durability. 

What color you choose depends on your expectation, design style, and expertise. So pick your color wisely. Remember that the color must stand out or blend with your interior.

Step Two: Clean each part of the chandelier precisely

Before you start painting, cleaning the surface is a must. Otherwise, it will damage the durability and appearance of the paint. If you don’t know yet how to clean a chandelier without taking it down, here it is.

Step Three: Tape the unnecessary part that is not supposed to be colored

When you are done with cleaning your chandelier, using scotch or any other tape, seal everything you don’t want to paint. 

Step Four: Prepare the brass surface for painting

Preparing the surface involves putting primer onto the brass metal before you start the actual painting. Use a good-quality metal primer and let it dry for an hour. 

Basically, using a primer is highly effective, especially self-etching primer that can prevent the brass metal from oxidizing.

Step Five: Do the painting

When the primer is dry, you are ready to apply the permanent paint coating. Use any brush you feel is convenient. But a large brush stroke can save your time and effort. Our recommendation will be to use a brush with 2.5” width and 2.75” in the length of the synthetic bristle.

Apply a thin coat first and let it dry for at least 10 minutes. Apply another light coat to cover all the areas and leave no single spot undone. It will ensure an even coat onto the brass surface and cover every inch. Always try to apply several light coats instead of applying one or two thick coats. Because several lighter coats will bring the magnificent result you want.

POINT TO BE NOTED: Plastic sheeting on the floor right beneath the chandelier and the spot you are painting is a must to avoid unnecessary cleaning caused by the residue of the paint stroke.

Can you paint a light fixture without taking it down?

Like the chandeliers, you can paint the light fixture without taking it down. And for that, you will need a small paintbrush and painter’s tape. First, wrap the part you don’t want to paint and use the paintbrush paint as you like. Don’t leave the screw unpainted.

Using the right tool is the only important thing to paint your light fixture with perfection. For example, instead of using a small paintbrush if you use a larger one, precision will not be achieved. Also, spray paint is not an option when you are painting the light fixture while hanging. Because the paint will be on air and spoil the other painted parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I spray Paint A Brass Chandelier Without Taking It Down?

There is nothing impossible. You use acrylic spray paint for the makeover. But primer has no alternative whether you apply spray paint or permanent brush paint.  

But the hazards that come along with spray painting your brass chandeliers while hanging, are more stressful and tiring. In addition to that, the precision of the painting and ultimate coverage efficiency will not be achieved through spray paint. The spray will spread out the painting to other home decors which will spoil the whole look of the interior.

How To Paint Over Brass Light Fixtures?

First of all, it’s better if you can detach it from the chandelier. Then clean it neatly. If needed, you may have to sand it using sandpaper. After sanding, apply primer onto the light fixture. In addition to that, screws will have to be dealt with separately. When the primer is dry, apply several lighter coatings of metal spray paint for an even surface.

Can I Spray Paint The Brass Light?

Big Yes! Spray paint is the easiest way to give your brass light a whole new makeover of your choice. But you have to be patient enough to coat each and every groves and corner. The right kind of spray paint also matters here for an even surface.


Whenever you may have thought about giving a new look to your chandeliers, the hassle that comes with taking the chandeliers down, putting all the elements together, and attaching them back to the ceiling may discourage you. 

Whether you have grown bored or looking for a change in your interior, painting your brass chandelier can be one of the most glamorous chandelier makeover ideas. Brass Chandeliers are long-lasting and do not require any frequent high maintenance to retain the shiny glow. In this article, we have described how painting can easily be done without taking your chandelier down.

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