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How To Clean A Chandelier Without Taking It Down

The sparkling crystals of chandeliers that make your home look bright and glamorous, may look dark and hazy when dust or any other grime heavily builds upon them. In order to retain the shine on crystals, proper and frequent maintenance is inevitable. But, cleaning your chandelier with feather dusters does not help to improve the light reflective quality. In that case, a deep cleaning is a must. 

Here, the question is, how are you going to clean a chandelier without taking it down? Because the delicate crystals may get shattered due to any incautiousness during the cleaning process.

In this article, that’s what we are going to discuss to help you out to make your chandelier glamorous and sparkling like the day you brought it home.

Cleaning Chandeliers at Home: Things you will need

When you intend to clean your chandelier without taking it down, you have to clean each element of the chandelier with great caution by wiping it down. Whether it is a crystal, plastic, or brass chandelier, all you need is to reach out to it and wipe off the dust with a cleaning cloth. 

To clean a chandelier, you will need:

  • A step ladder.
  • Wiping Cloth made out of lint-free linen.
  • Foam or soft blanket.
  • Cleaning solution.
  • Plastic Spray bottle.
  • And Hand Gloves.

Cleaning A Chandelier: DON’T FORGET THESE!

  • Always disconnect the eclectic connection while cleaning for your own safety.
  • Take off the bulb with a soft and thick cloth before you start and leave it for cooling down. Because the light build stays heated into the holder.
  • Check the evenness of the surface you have put the legs of your ladder.

Best Way To Clean A Chandelier- Step By Step Guide

Sometimes it may seem overwhelming to clean a chandelier while it’s hanging on the ceiling. But the complexity involved in putting it down, detaching each part and then cleaning them one by one is far more hectic and arduous. Let’s see how you clean a high-hanging chandelier.

  • Set up the ladder right beneath the chandelier to start with. Make sure the ladder’s legs are stable and strong enough to keep up with your weight.
  • Make a cleaning solution before you climb the ladder. For that, you can use any household cleaning solution, such as glass cleaner. But for effective cleaning, using 100 ml isopropyl alcohol into 400ml distilled water always provides a good cleaning result. Then pour it into the spray bottle.
  • Spread out a soft blanket right around the ladder in order to protect any elements that may come off or dislodged while cleaning.
  • Now when you climb the ladder remember that you can not maneuver the chandelier to reach out to every corner. You will have to change your position to reach each side of the chandelier. In that case, start with all the flat surfaces and then move to other delicate parts of the chandelier.
  • To clean off the dust, spray the cleaning solution on cable, fixture, frames, and crystals and gently wipe it off with a lint-free linen cloth. It’s always recommended to change the cloth after it gets dirty so that the cloth doesn’t leave any residue on the clean parts. If possible wear gloves too in order to avoid leaving handprints on the crystals or frames.
  • Check the bulbs. Gently clean the surface of the bulb with the wiping cloth. Make sure it’s cold when you are holding it. If the bulb is stained or discolored, replace it with a new one right away.

Voila! You are done. Put all the bulbs in place and your chandelier is ready to illuminate your home.

Pro Tip: Before you wipe off the dust if possible use a hand blower at a medium speed to get rid of the mild dust particles and other grime. It makes the cleaning process with the wiping cloth easy and removes dust from the corners where it’s hard to reach out by your hands.

How To Clean The Metal Part Of A Chandelier?

Cleaning the metal part of the chandelier is similar to cleaning any other part of it. But sometimes it requires extra care due to the threat of discoloration. Subject to this, using warm water on a soft cotton cloth can do the trick. But for stubborn stains, using baking soda is mandatory. To get the previous shine on the metal, wait until it dries. A sprinkle of a mixture of alcohol and grease can make the surface look extra shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Clean A Chandelier Without Wiping It?

If wiping seems arduous to you, you can try using a hand blower or feather duster to wind off the dust. But in that case, you will have to do it frequently leaving no chance of accumulation of heavy dust and grime on the surface.

How To Clean A Chandelier With Vinegar?

Very Simple! Pour 100ml vinegar into 300ml distilled water maintaining the ratio of 3:1. Then sprinkle the solution on the chandeliers and buff off dry the solution for better results.

How Will You Clean The Crystals Without Taking Them Down?

Crystals are extremely delicate. Therefore, cleaning crystals need extra cautions. But when you will be cleaning a crystal chandelier while hanging on the ceiling, you will have to clean the crystals one by one, holding them gently into your hands. 

Use any home cleaning solution and a soft whipping cloth. If any part of the chandelier has a gold or silver coating, try not to use any ammonia-based cleaner. Because that can discolor the gold or silver color.


Proper maintenance of your chandelier can retain its shiny and sparkling glow for a long time. That’s why cleaning must be done frequently. This article thoroughly described everything you need to know when it comes to cleaning chandeliers. And most important and the best part is that we have shown cleaning can be done without even taking the chandelier down. 

Hope we could make a daunting task easier for you.

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