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How To Hang A Chandelier In A Two Story Foyer

The foyer is the place that creates the first impression of your home to the visitors. So, when you have a two-story foyer in your house, you have ample space in the entryway to impress the guests. And, to be specific, a stunning chandelier can fill your foyer with a lucrative illumination and ambience.

For this reason, it’s crucial for you to know how to hang a chandelier in a two-story foyer to set the elements of a first impression. Otherwise, the chandelier placement can be wrong, and you’ll fail to add character to the entryway. So, this article focuses on the detailed chandelier hanging process in a two-story foyer.

Process Of Hanging A Chandelier In A Two Story Foyer

When you think about hanging a chandelier in your foyer, you should consider many things such as placement, style, size, height, etc. Besides, you need to handle the entire process carefully because of the very high ceiling. Actually, the ceiling of a two-story foyer is almost two times higher than the regular ceiling. Altogether, you need to follow the below steps to hang the chandelier in the best position.

  1. In the first step, you need to make an arrangement to reach the ceiling. Usually, you won’t find any suitable ladder for such higher tasks. So, you can bring scaffolding to reach the ceiling safely. And, you can handle the electrical box easily because of the steady position.
  2. Secondly, you should determine the actual height for hanging the chandelier. Since the ceiling of a two-story foyer is very high, there usually are two windows at the front. So, you need to place the chandelier centered on the upper window. If you can’t maintain this standard height because of not having the upper window, there is no standard height for such a condition.

In that case, choose a height that seems visually appealing from the entry. However, you should keep the chandelier at such a level so that the distance from the floor remains at least seven feet. As a result, people’s heads won’t bang into the chandelier.

  1. Thirdly, you need to measure the chain height. To do this, you need to hang the chandelier from the top of the ceiling. If you can’t do this alone, get someone to hold the chandelier and measure the required chain height from top to bottom.
  2. Then, mark the top spot and see if there is any excess part of the chain left. Here, you need to get rid of the excess part from the chain. To do such, you can simply cut the above links or separate the excess links from the chain. And, the decorative collar should be slid into the chain, and you’ll hook the chain on the top marked chain link.
  3. After that, you need to complete the wiring. As a matter of fact, you should bring the wiring from the lights of the chandelier and thread it through the chandelier chain. Not to mention, the electricity should be switched off first before giving a hand to the electrical box. So, turn off the switch that connects to the junction box. For a safety check, use a tester to ensure that there is no electricity flow running in between.
  4. Now, open up the ends of the wires for at least one inch, which are attached to the chandelier. Then, twist the grounding wire of the chandelier with the grounding screw of the electrical box and the green wire with the green screw. Afterward, match the other colored wires with the same colored screws of the electrical box. When the color is different, you should have a look at the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. After connecting all the wires, you should push the wire loops inside the electrical box. This way, the spare parts will be out of view. Now, you should place the decorative collar to cover the box and screw it into that place. As you’ve already removed excess links from the chain, it will automatically fit into the box.
  6. Finally, you need to remove unnecessary parts or wastage from the whole setup and finish the installation process. Now, you can turn on the electricity to power the chandelier lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Hang A Chandelier In A Tall Foyer?

The main mechanism here is the height of the ceiling. Maintain a height of a minimum of seven feet from the floor and place the chandelier at a level where it looks appealing. So, you should change the size of your chandelier according to the height of your tall foyer. Actually, there is no barrier to hanging a chandelier because of the foyer’s height.

How Low Should A Two Story Foyer Light Hang?

In any case, you cannot hang a light below 7 feet. So, this is the lowest height for any chandelier or light fixture. However, this may not be the right place for hanging because of its lower height. Get someone to hold the chandelier from the top of the ceiling and get the lowest height where the light looks attractive. That should be the lowest height for your chandelier or light.


Two-story foyers come with very high ceilings that are not reachable by an ordinary ladder. Thus, scaffolding will be needed to access the electrical box and connect the chandelier. For the final step, make sure the height is measured correctly before hanging the chandelier. Otherwise, it may not work with the entryway environment.

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