Living Room Chandelier Ideas | Some Spectacular Lighting Ideas

Living Room Chandelier Ideas

Many people think about the chandeliers as the dining room or hallway decorations and don’t feel comfortable using them in other places. However, that is not the case. Rather, you can hang crystals anywhere in your house to create illumination through the spaces.

Similarly, hanging some chandeliers in living rooms creates an enjoyable radiance throughout the room and brings relaxation into the mind. However, the living room chandelier ideas will not suddenly get into someone’s head. That’s why you should experiment with the ideas that come from any source. For the same reason, we share some ideas about the living room chandelier in this article.

Chandelier Ideas For Living Room

If you look at the structure, a chandelier can have one or more lights in a fashionable hanging frame. And, the entire thing works using a branch system of multiple bulbs or arms. So, let’s try to glow up your living room using some outstanding chandelier ideas.

Linear Branch Chandelier

If your living room is narrower and you want to make it look bigger, follow this chandelier idea to make your thoughts true. According to the design, this chandelier is so wide that one part can cover your living area and another the sitting area. As a result, the room will look larger than before.

To make a linear branch chandelier, you need to use some metal pipes that have a length of around one foot. As a matter of fact, you need to attach them with others like the branches of a tree. However, use a straight pipe from the ceiling to make the chandelier cord. Because, this pipe will be attached to the electrical box and hold the chandelier steady.

After making a branch-like structure, buy some artistic bulb sockets with glass covers to keep the bulbs inside. Now, complete the wiring through the pipes and attach the bulbs to the socket. Thus, your linear branch chandelier is ready.

Geometric Chandelier

You can use this idea to make a minimalist chandelier with a minimalistic design if you like simplicity but also enjoy the vibrates of a good-looking atmosphere. However, this simple design can be the talk of the topic inside your living room. Because, this design is usually unexpected in a chandelier.

To make this geometry chandelier idea real, you’ll need some metal rods or pipes. Basically, you need to make some frames of geometric shapes using these metal pipes. To be specific, these shapes can be of any three-dimensional shape like triangular, rectangular, circular, etc. However, when you make these shapes, you should make them in such a way that one is bigger than another.

After constructing the three-dimensional shapes, attach them using a chain one by one. The first attachment will be of the smallest shape, the second is slightly bigger than that, the third is more, and this goes on until you reach the biggest one. After attaching the chain to it, hang the whole setup using the electrical box. Then, set the wiring mixed with the chain and place the bulb holder in the middle of the chandelier. Finally, attach a bulb and lighten up the chandelier.

Gigantic Circular Chandelier

Some people enjoy bigger things in the living room decoration. That means you can install a gigantic chandelier to hang on the living room ceiling. In structure, this chandelier is undoubtedly oversized, and there is a guarantee that it’ll take the attention of everyone after entering the room. So, you can call this an industrial look to sparkle through the entire room. Actually, this idea is a twist to the usual tradition of chandeliers.

If you want to have one like this in your living room, you need to make a gigantic frame first. Gladly, you can use any material to make this frame. However, remember that the frame must be sturdy in strength. Because it’ll hold a lot of weight from other components. After creating the structure, attach bulb sockets around the frame, maintaining a standard distance between the nearest sockets.

Then, you need to add some crystals into that frame to bring elegance. For one thing, you can use some crystal strands too to get a more sophisticated look. After arranging the wiring and the design, hang it using a multi-chain system. Because this gigantic circular frame will not be steady without fixing it into a multi-chain setup. Besides, holding this weighty chandelier on a single chain is a risk. Lastly, you can attach the bulbs and turn to enjoy the lighting of your new chandelier.

Brass Drum Chandelier

While iron and bronze are considered beautiful metals, these may not sometimes suit a chandelier design. However, brass is such an element that you don’t need to think about the material anymore. Without any effort, this material brings elegance to your showcased chandelier. So, you can use this drum-shaped chandelier in your living room to mix with the transitional and modern styles.

Because of having brass, the chandelier has a warm, lustrous finish outside. Not to mention, the classic taste also suits this chandelier idea due to its simplicity. Despite being a single light chandelier, the grass drum chandelier can bring a peaceful ambience to your living room. Though you can only have one bulb in it, you need a multi-chain system to hang it.

In the first place, you need drum-shaped grass to make this chandelier. And, clean it thoroughly before moving to the next step. After cleaning the grass drum properly, make a hole in the middle of the surface of that drum. Actually, this hole will be used to attach the wiring to the bulb. And, for multi-chain hanging, you need to create three holes or hook-like parts to hang the chandelier. Now, attach the bulb wiring to the electrical box by feeding the grass drum hole.

After completing the wiring, hang the chandelier by attaching thin chains into the hook-like parts and screw the electrical box in place. In order to lighten the room, turn on the chandelier now.

Round LED Chandelier

When it comes to a classy choice with minimalistic features, the LED chandelier has everything you want from it. Though this chandelier is also a single light option, it perfectly suits a living room. In that case, you don’t need to think about any critical design and work on any decorative detailing. No one can underestimate the clean line of this chandelier despite being a simple one.

Honestly, you cannot make this LED chandelier as a DIY project. Because, a round glass orb with a LED light feature in it is not a doable project at home. Instead, you need to buy this hand-blown glass orb from a light fixture shop. Because of being an LED light, you can also control it using a remote. When the sphere is lightened up, it creates a dimming texture into that orb, which creates an outstanding environment inside the living room.

Candle-shaped Crystal Chandelier

Identically, the crystal chandelier is the most popular type of chandelier that continuously provides a sparky feeling throughout the room. Because, crystals are shiny materials and you don’t need to turn on the chandelier bulbs to get shiny even in daylight. Moreover, a crystal chandelier is always considered a type of fancy chandelier. So, the honor and prestige are automatically placed in your living room through the crystal chandelier.

In case you want to buy a crystal chandelier from the market, it is better to get an antique crystal chandelier. Because you can be the owner of an antique piece as well as have the dazzle of the gorgeous chandelier. However, you can simply make a crystal chandelier from your existing chandelier by attaching crystal pieces to it. Not to mention, you can add crystal strands too for an improved design of your homemade crystal chandelier. In both cases, a crystal chandelier won’t make you frustrated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Put A Chandelier In The Living Room?

Of course, you can. In the modern era, there is no boundary for putting a chandelier in your house. Rather, putting your chandelier anywhere on your home ceiling can create a better look of the room. The only thing that matters is that the chandelier should be installed in a proper way, with perfect placement. If you can arrange the setup for your chandelier, you can hang it anywhere, including your living room.

How Big Should A Chandelier Be In A Living Room?

In fact, there is no limitation in such types of choices. If you like it big, then who is there to stop you? Just make sure that the giant chandelier matches with the context and shows elegance when hung in the living room. In reality, there is significantly less chance that a chandelier won’t look good on the living room ceiling. So, you can use any size from small to big for your living room chandeliers.

What Do You Put Under A Chandelier?

The simple answer to the question is a table. Because, when you put a chandelier inside any room, it should always be placed above the table. For this reason, some people call the chandelier the jewelry of the table. However, when you install a chandelier in the entryways, the ceiling is very high out there, and there is no table remaining under the chandelier. After considering all these things, it is easy to say that the only thing to be put under a chandelier is the table.

Final Speech

We are pretty confident that you’ll get the desired idea about your living room chandelier from this article. Though people never used to hang a chandelier in the living room before, the decoration techniques have evolved a lot now. Now people prefer hanging a chandelier in the living room instead of keeping it empty. So, you can follow any of the ideas according to your taste and preference and get your chandelier in the living room. 

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