How To Decorate A Chandelier With Crystals | Add Crystals To A Chandelier

How To Decorate A Chandelier With Crystals

In the event that your attractive chandelier loses its sparkly light, you should consider a change. And in that case, adding crystals to your chandelier is indeed one of the best options to bring a new eye-catching look to your ceiling. To make the crystal adding process successful, you must know how to decorate a chandelier with crystals and restore its elegance. No worries, we are here today to discuss how to use various shaped crystals to decorate a chandelier.

Process Of Decorating A Chandelier With Crystals

Adding crystals to an existing chandelier can be pretty fun due to its creativity. There are actually a lot of chandelier sizes and shapes available. Accordingly, the decorating methods can also vary depending on the chandelier’s design. Here, we focus on some of the most popular techniques of decorating a chandelier using crystals.

Arranging A Drum-Shaped Chandelier

In this method, you don’t need to worry about the size of your chandelier. Because, the drum will cover the whole chandelier on sides, and only the below part will remain open. Not to mention, the drums used in the chandelier are transparent to light and create an attractive sparkle from the chandelier lights.

  1. First, you need to measure the radius of the chandelier. From the measurement, you can get a clear idea about the circular shape of the chandelier. Now, purchase a chandelier drum with the same radius and circular shape.
  2. Second, attach the upper side of the drum to the frame of the chandelier. If there is no frame, connect the upper center of the chandelier with the drum. As a matter of fact, you can directly attach the drum to the ceiling if the chandelier is very close to the ceiling. In any case, the drum will cover the whole side of the chandelier.
  3. Third, buy some crafted crystals, which you’ll hang on the below part of the chandelier. Some crystal beads can also work as a great addition to the crystal design. So, add the crystals and crystal beads according to your choice. To make the setup look more attractive, you can also make some loops using crystal strands.
  4. Use jewelry wires to connect the crystals to the chandelier frame. If you cannot directly attach crystals to the chandelier, buy a separate frame and add crystals to that frame. After that, attach the frame to the below part of the chandelier.
  5. After fixing the crystals, you should mount the shade into the chandelier and finish decorating it. Now, your chandelier is not only getting a shiny look but also creating a shady and classy environment because of the drum.

Mixing With Chains And Crystals

Some chandeliers come in such a design that the complete structure is filled with long chains or loops of chains. Here, you can mix the chains with the crystals to give it an entirely new look. The first thing to remember, you need prism-sized crystals to create a better look by following this method.

  1. First, check your chandelier to see if it has enough chains in its design. If you are not satisfied with the number of chain loops, buy some metal chains with good color. To match the crystals, you can choose white-colored chains.
  2. Now, create loops or add designs using the new chains. The structure of the chain setup must suit the classical crystal design. When the chain adding process is completed, you need to get prism-sized crystals.
  3. After arranging the crystals, you need to simply attach them to the chains. Follow a fixed pattern to create a design with the crystals. When all the prism crystals are added, your chandelier is now ready for use with a new, elegant look.

Creating A Linear Design

The chandeliers don’t always come with a round structure. Surprisingly, you’ll find a vast number of linear-shaped designs available for chandeliers. If you have a similar type of chandelier installed in your home, this method can give you some artistic decoration for your chandelier.

  1. Since the linear type chandelier comes with straight lines around itself, you need to make a frame according to the shape. This frame will help the chandelier to hold the additional crystals around.
  2. Now, buy some crystals of various shapes. Most preferably, you can get prism, heart, circular, etc. shaped crystals for a better result. These crystals should be clear, and you need to get the wires attached to them.
  3. After collecting the crystals, simply put them into the frame and attach them to the whole structure. Thus, you can make a linear-shaped crystal chandelier. And, admire the beauty of the design from below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Attach A Crystal Ball To A Chandelier?

Usually, a crystal ball comes with a hole in the upper side. Though the size of the crystal ball is variable, you’ll obviously get the hole in it. Mostly, the ball hole is filled using a thin wire of metal. So, you can easily use that wire to attach the crystal ball to the frame of a chandelier.

Can A Crystal Chandelier Be Outdated?

Specifically, chandeliers designed with crystals are the most popular options for decorating a home ceiling. Still, the style of the crystal chandeliers is widely usable. Because the designs of crystals can get creative for a slight modification. For such reasons, you cannot practically call a crystal chandelier outdated. However, you should change the look of your crystal chandelier after long-term use of the same design. This way, the chandelier gets a new look repeatedly.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can assure you that the decorating of your chandelier with crystals is not limited to specific methods. Obviously, you can get creative with any chandelier design. If you change the attachment of the crystals or the frame structure to a minimum level, the entire design can be changed thoroughly. By adding crystals to the chandelier, you can create new patterns and discover a whole new decorative style.

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