What Are Some Spectacular Small Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

Small Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

Imagine ambient lighting and a soft warm glow in your bathroom while you are warming yourself in your bathtub. How soothing and peaceful that would be for an exhausted mind! 

And a chandelier in your bathroom can turn this imagination into reality just in a snap. It promotes the ambiance of your bathroom interior through its glamorous, eye-catchy lighting glow with different shades of light matching your choice. But the search for bathroom chandelier ideas perfectly suited for your small bathroom can be tough and stressful. 

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled the best small bathroom chandelier ideas that will add casual elegance to your bathrooms.

5 Best Small Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

There are hundreds and thousands of chandelier ideas that could be recommended. But considering your precious time, we have excluded unnecessary options. Here these 5 chandelier ideas will be the perfect match for any small bathroom complementing any decor style. Let’s look at the ideas.

Pendant Chandelier- Simple and Elegant

Pendant Chandeliers are an extremely worthy option as the lighting fixture of any small bathroom. These chandeliers are the perfect fit for any modern or sleek bathroom interior and take the least space. You can simply hang it over your bathtub maintaining a perfect height to avoid any bump onto your head. These chandeliers add a spectacular glow in addition to ensuring an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for inexpensive but elegant bathroom lighting trends that will perfectly suit your modern small bathroom, there is nothing better than pendant chandeliers.

Crystal Chandelier- Inviting and Majestic

If you wish to see your bathroom fancy and aesthetically gorgeous, there is no alternative to a crystal chandelier. But remember, as you are looking for chandeliers for a small bathroom, a large size chandelier with excessive crystal and light can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we would suggest simple but sophisticated chandeliers with crystal accents like the ones you can see above. The pictures shown above are very unique and modern for any small bathroom. But remember, crystal chandeliers can be a bit expensive compared to other types of chandeliers. But it’s worth the money. 

Bottom Line: For the bathroom where you want an ethereal experience while lying on the tub, crystal chandeliers are for you.

Modern Chandeliers- For A Modern Glam Bathroom

Most of the bathrooms these days are minimalistic. That’s why a modern designed chandelier can add extra glamour to your bathroom interior. These modern chandeliers are made out of a series of squared bars that can be adjusted for your preferred lighting positions. This simple architecturally sound design of the modern chandeliers makes your bathroom interior more classy and graceful. Therefore if you have a bright color on your wall and expect a lighting fixture that stands out, these modern chandeliers can save you the effort of searching for any other options.

Bottom Line: If you are a person who is allergic to extravagant lighting fixtures but looking for something to make a statement, these modern chandeliers are great options to choose from.

Tanglewood Chandelier- For A Classic and Vintage Eye 

If you are looking for a chandelier to stand out on a dark-colored wall or want to blend it with your bright color interior, these Tanglewood chandeliers are the best option to achieve that. These days people want their new bathroom to look old. 

And in that case, Tanglewood chandeliers will bring the vintage look that never gets old even in the noise of evolving modern home decor. These are perfect for hanging right in the middle of the ceiling of your bathroom where on one side there will be a freestanding bathtub and the other side will be decorated with a white-colored cabinet basin. To bring the vintage look to the wall, subway tiles will be a great choice.

Bottom Line: Tanglewood chandeliers are for those bathrooms that have been renovated for a classical vintage look.

Drum Chandeliers- For An Exotic Bathroom

Tired of the dull and dim lighting chandeliers in the bathroom? Make your modern glam bathroom more exotic and colorful with drum chandeliers. You just need to lay on the tub to change your mood. The perfect place for these chandeliers is above your bathroom seatings. It adds a bit of drama to the ambiance of your bathroom. Drum chandeliers are also used to give a sleek modern look to your bathroom interior.

Bottom Line: Drum chandeliers can be the element to give your bathroom interior an aesthetically pleasing look. It goes perfectly with any type of bathroom decor. 

How Big Should A Chandelier Be In A Bathroom?

Simply put, your chandelier should not be overwhelming for the other elements of your bathroom interior. The ambiance of your bathroom does not depend only on your chandelier. It includes each element from the bathtub, sinks to the wall tiles. In a small bathroom, if you install a big chandelier it will look clumsy rather than elevate the ambiance. That’s why the size of the chandelier in a bathroom should be reasonable.

To be very specific about the measurements, for a ceiling of 10 feet height you better use a chandelier with a height of not more than 30 inches. Another way is to measure the diameter (Width and Length)  of the room by feet and then convert the answer into inches. For example, if the diameter of the room is 10’*10’, the chandelier should not be more than 20 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Should A Chandelier Hang In A Bathroom?

The place to hang the chandelier in a bathroom depends on your expectations of the decor.  But most likely, you can hang it in four spots that are mainly followed in all modern bathroom lighting trends. Those are;

  • Right above the tub
  • At the center of the room
  • Above the vanities
  • Above bathroom seating

Lastly, wherever you hang the chandelier, make sure to maintain the perfect height.

Can I Put A Chandelier In A Small Bathroom?

Obviously! Even putting a chandelier in a bathroom is a new trend in the design sphere. It adds an extra feel-good vibe while you are taking a shower. Right now there are different sizes of chandeliers available in the market. But for a small bathroom, chandeliers too should be small in size.

How Do I Choose A Bathroom Chandelier?

The first step for choosing your chandelier is to take the interior style into account. The chandelier should pop up or blend with the colors of the wall. Then, select the type of chandelier you would prefer. In that case. Our ideas about the bathroom chandelier can be a good help. Moreover, the chandelier should be chosen based on the ambiance you expect while lying in the tub.

Is It Safe To Hang The Chandelier Over The Bathtub?

If your bathroom ceiling is not tall enough to have an 8’ clearance from the bathtub to the bottom of the light fixture, you should not hang a chandelier over your bathtub, according to the national electrical code. So it is safe for you to hang a chandelier over your bathtub if the ceiling is a minimum of 12’ tall.


When the touch of glamour has spread all over the house, why should the bathrooms be left out? That’s why in the modern home decor sphere, chandeliers are being widely used not only for our enormous dining hall, highly sophisticated king-size bedroom, and fancy entryways but also in bathrooms. 

This write-up, we believe, has done its job to make the process of searching for the perfect chandelier ideas for your bathroom easier and more efficient.

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