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How Low Should A Chandelier Hang Over A Table

In addition to providing light, chandeliers add a decorative element and flourish to your home. A chandelier can often be the focal point of your room’s design, so it’s crucial to place it in the right place.

Usually, a guest room or a dining room is decorated with a table in the middle. However, how low should a chandelier hang over a table in these rooms? So, we’ll discuss how low should a chandelier hand over a table today.

How Low Should You Hang A Chandelier Over A Table

In most cases, measuring the correct height seems complicated due to different table sizes and room areas. Don’t worry. After knowing the proper height of your chandelier for different setups, you’ll learn to set your chandelier in the right position. Let’s decide the height according to the considerable factors.

Standard Recommendation For Chandelier Height

As an average calculation, the standard height of a ceiling is 8 feet. That means the distance between the floor and the ceiling is 8 feet only. In that case, the standard recommendation is to keep the lower part of the chandelier between 30 to 36 inches higher than the table’s surface. But, that’s an average measurement for all types of rooms and areas. So, this height may not be perfect for every room despite having the same height on the ceiling.

To add more, if the height of the ceiling increases by one foot, the ceiling should be 3 inches higher than the standard height. Similarly, you need to add 3 inches of height for every foot of the higher ceiling when hanging a chandelier over the table. For instance, when you have a ceiling of 11-feet height, you need to hang the chandelier 39 to 45 inches above the table.

Adjustment According To The Room Size

In general, this method is unnecessary if you want your chandelier to lighten the table. Because you need to maintain the standard height to get enough light on your table. Ignoring this table lighting fact, you should hang your chandelier higher when the room is bigger. Because hanging a chandelier in a lower position may look weird sometimes.

Additionally, when you want to lighten both the table and the entire room at once, the room size is a mandatory factor to take into consideration. Setting the chandelier in a lower position won’t cover the total area of the room. Identically, you should consider this factor only when your chandelier has enough lights to reach every corner of the room. Otherwise, follow the standard height.

When thinking about the room size, you have to consider the look of the different positions too. To get an idea about the appearance, sit on the table and see where the chandelier best fits. Besides, look through the entrance of the room and get the idea about the first impression. And lastly, sit somewhere else to check where the chandelier looks better. After considering all these factors, the height of the chandelier can be higher than the standard height of 30 to 36 inches. But, never hang the chandelier below 30 inches over the table.

Consideration Of The Chandelier Size

Since you need to visualize the look of the chandelier from every corner of the room, visualize with the chandelier size too. A large and long chandelier may not look nice when hung in a very high position. Besides, the style of the chandelier should also fit the context. If your chandelier doesn’t elaborate the beauty over the table properly, you cannot hang in that level.

Usually, you should hang the chandelier a couple of inches higher when the chandelier is quite large to hang 36 inches above the tables. In any case, you should maintain the balance in the setup and designs.

Measurement Of The Table Size

Although it may seem funny at times, you should consider the table size when hanging a chandelier over it. Over a small table set up, a large chandelier may not look lovely. In most cases, the diameter of the chandelier should be shorter than the width of the table.

In a similar way, when your chandelier has a bigger diameter, hang it in a higher position. In that case, consider the overall attractiveness of the setup. After maintaining this proportion, the chandelier brings balance to the design and reduces the chances of banging heads into it. This way, people can sit down or get up from the table without any risk.

Amount Of The Light From The Bulbs

Suppose, your chandelier has a large set of bulbs and lightens around very brightly. In that case, it’s not a good decision to hang the chandelier right over the table. Because this low height can create disturbance to the people near the table due to the brighter lighting atmosphere. For this reason, you should arrange a giant chandelier with multiple lights in a higher position so that it covers the whole area, including the table itself.

Similarly, use a small chandelier with a limited number of bulbs just over the table to lighten the table only. However, the lowest height remains at 30 inches. The best way to get an idea about lighting is to turn on the light first. If your chandelier is brighter than it should be, you should position it in a higher place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Chandelier Is Suitable Over A Table?

The size of your chandelier depends on the size of the table. Whenever a chandelier is hung over a round table, its diameter should be half the size of the table. When the table is not round, you should choose a chandelier with a diameter of one-third to two-thirds of the table’s width. In both cases, the lower part of the chandelier must be at least 30 inches above the table.

What Type Of Chandelier Fits Over A Round table?

In accordance with the table shape, a round chandelier suits best over a round table. If you don’t want to hang a round one, you should go for a square-shaped chandelier. However, these choices don’t limit your choices. Obviously, you can use any creatively designed chandelier over a table with any shape.

Last Words

Given these points, now you should have a clear sense of the hanging height of the chandelier over a table. Though the standard lowest height is fixed within 30 to 36 inches, this measurement can go higher because of different types of room decorations and setups. In any case, the distance between the chandelier and the table surface should not be less than 30 inches.

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