How To Add Crystals To A Chandelier | 7 Simple Steps

How To Add Crystals To A Chandelier

While a gorgeous chandelier brings beauty inside a room alone, adding some sparkling crystals to it can take the decoration to another level. So, when you want to create such glamor on your own, it is a must to know how to add crystals to a chandelier.

After learning about this project, you can transform your existing chandelier into a glittering one. As a result, the chandelier itself will be the primary focal point for the people entering that room. To ensure that you understand the process correctly, I encourage you to read the full article.

How To Attach Crystals To A Chandelier

As a matter of fact, adding crystals to a chandelier is a creative job to perform. Because, you need to design the chandelier according to your imagination. Not to mention, there are multi-color choices for crystals when choosing for your own project. If you can adequately utilize different color crystals, your chandelier can become an appealing multi-colored crystal chandelier.

  1. First, you should measure the required length of your crystal strands. Because the strands need to fit with the chandelier setup. If you want to create a draping structure of the chandelier strands, you need to hang the strands into the chandelier arms. So, plan for the setup according to the arrangement of the strands. Once you get the desired length of your crystal strands, use it to make the final strands.
  2. Now, you need to calculate the number of crystals you need for the whole chandelier. To do this, calculate the number of strands and see how many crystals are required for a single strand. Then, multiply the number of strands with the number of crystals for each strand. Note down the result for later purposes.

After that, calculate the number of lights on the chandelier. Because, you need the same number of bobeches for designing. Usually, each bobeche contains four to five crystals. So, multiple the number of bobeches with five. Then, add it to the previously noted result and note down the new result. Now, you’ve got the total number of crystals you need for this chandelier.

  1. Next, decide about the color pattern for your chandelier. When choosing the colors, keep in mind the environment around the chandelier. Create a pattern that matches the color of your room decoration. To get a better result, you can draw a demo into the paper to illustrate the chandelier before making it. Though the color choice depends on personal preference, try to maintain a classy look for choosing the colors.
  2. At this stage, it is time to attach the crystals to the chandelier. So, remove the lights first. Then, add a bobeche on each of the light sockets. And, use the crystal hanger of the crystal end to hang one crystal after another. This way, all the crystals will be added to the light sockets through the bobeches.
  3. After attaching the bobeches, use your crafting techniques to make the crystal strands. Not to mention, you need a thin wire of 6 inches long to create the loop of the strands. First, attach the big crystals and then repeatedly add round, square, or prism-shaped crystals to make them look attractive. However, you can apply your own design when making the strands.
  4. After making the required strands, hang them into the arms using the wiring. Place them at the place of your choice. In any case, follow a specific pattern to add the strands and try to use an attractive way to ensure a better look of the chandelier.
  5. After adding all the crystals and crystal strands, check if they are sturdy enough and there is no chance to fall. At last, you’ve completed the process of adding crystals to your chandelier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make My Chandelier Look Better?

The best way to improve the look of your chandelier is to add some crystals to it. If you can use a design pattern when adding the crystals, the overall look increases drastically. Try to make some uniquely designed crystal strands and attach them to the chandelier arms. Besides, you can use multicolor crystals to create a multicolored crystal look for your chandelier. In this way, the look of your old chandelier will always be better.

How To Attach Crystal Prisms To A Chandelier?

Before adding a crystal prism to the chandelier, you should make a hole on the top of the prism. This hole will take the wire to hang on the chandelier. After making the hole, you can directly use a crystal hanger to hang the crystal on the chandelier. If you don’t want to see the crystal hangers, use a wiring system instead. To do this, you need to create a hole on the chandelier too. And, the hole should be in the exact place where you want to hang that prism. Now, use a thin wire to attach the crystal prism to the chandelier.

How Can I Make A Crystal Chandelier At Home?

You can either modify an existing chandelier or make a new crystal chandelier at home. If you want to modify your old chandelier, you can add crystals to it using the same process shown in this article. But, when you want to make a new one, there are many ideas for the same project. Because, you can arrange a chandelier frame using any design and add various crystals to it. Using your design senses, you can make a charming crystal chandelier at home.

Wrapping Up

For the most part, there is no limit to designing techniques to add crystals to the chandelier. Specifically, you can ignite your inner creativity when designing the chandelier using crystals. So, prepare the planning first and design accordingly. Using multicolored and various designed crystals, a chandelier gets a new look entirely. Plus, when you add some gorgeous crystal strands into the bottom, the chandelier shimmers the soft touch of beauty around.

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