How Far Should A Chandelier Hang Above A Table | Chandelier Height Guide

How Far Should A Chandelier Hang Above A Table

If you are installing a chandelier in a room that has a table set up inside, the first thing you may ask yourself is how far it should hang over the table. Because, there is no fixed or common rule for hanging a chandelier above a table. So, if you wonder about the height of your chandelier and can’t decide where to hang it, you’ve come to the right place. This little guide focuses on all the related facts regarding this topic.

How High Should A Chandelier Be Above A Table

There are many types of chandeliers available on the market. Identically, these types are also divided into various sizes and designs. Besides, when you want to hang a chandelier inside a room, the layout or arrangement of your room is unique compared to any other room. For this reason, it is never possible to match any other decorative decision with your chandelier hanging. So, you should decide on your own according to the considerable factors. So, let’s focus on these factors now.

Height Of The Ceiling

Important to realize, the standard height for hanging a chandelier above a table is calculated according to the ceiling height. Specifically, the standard height of the ceiling is considered 8 feet. And, the standard limit for keeping a chandelier over a table is 30 to 36 inches high. Not to mention, this height is calculated by considering the lower part of the chandelier as the upper point of height measurement.

The first thing to remember, your room may not have the standard height. Instead, it can be both lower and higher. But the fact is that a ceiling never goes below 7 feet in height. Lower than this is very unusual for a room ceiling. When your ceiling is lower than that, you should consider the chandelier height according to the overall look of the room. But, if your room has a 7 feet high ceiling, still you shouldn’t go below 30 inches of height. And, you can hang on 36 inches above the table at most.

When your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, you should consider hanging the chandelier 3 inches more than before for every extra foot of ceiling height. For instance, if your ceiling is 10 feet high, you need to add six more inches when hanging the chandelier. So, you can hang up to 42 inches high now.

Size Of The Room

If your room is large but put the chandelier at a lower height above the table, it won’t look good at all. Because leveling the chandelier in a lower spot will create a weird appearance of the room. This is because the upper part of the room looks empty in that situation. So, you should consider the room size seriously.

However, the fun fact is that there is no exact measurement for this factor. Instead, you need to work on your own. That means you need to examine the look of your room to place the chandelier above the table. Before installing finally, you should hang the chandelier for testing purposes. So, hang it to the height you think fits better and check from every corner of the room. Now. You’ll get an idea what is the correct height for hanging your chandelier in the room.

Size Of The Table

It is crucial to consider this factor when hanging a chandelier above a table. Because the size of the table can change the position of your chandelier. Let’s talk about the position first. In that case, the chandelier should always be positioned in the center of the table. So, the middle part of the chandelier will remain on the center part of the table.

Then, what will be the height for different-sized and shaped tables? Basically, any type of chandelier fits on every table if positioned correctly. However, people like to design matching with the other decorative things of the room. In this case, you should hang a round-shaped chandelier for your round table. Besides, a square-shaped chandelier also fits in the round table context.

Excluding these two types, you should avoid using other shapes for a round table. On the other hand, you can hang any type of chandelier above other shaped tables. Just make sure the chandelier is smaller than the table. To be specific, the diameter of the chandelier should be within the range between one-third and two-thirds of the table width.

To add more, when hanging a bigger chandelier above a small table, you should hang it higher. Otherwise, the design will create collisions with the room setup. On the contrary, you can hang a smaller chandelier above a big table in any place if the decoration doesn’t get hampered.

Light Of the Chandelier

Sometimes, large chandeliers contain a vast number of bulbs in them. In that case, the chandelier gets very bright when connected to electricity. So, you should consider this thing when hanging it above a table. If your concern is to lighten the table only, you cannot hang a bright chandelier right over the table. Because too much brightness creates a disturbance to people. So, you should place it in a higher position and use it to lighten the whole room.

If you have a standard ambient light bulb in your chandelier, you can hang it in both higher and lower places. But, in the case of a soft light chandelier, you can use it only for the table. So, you need to hang such a chandelier in a lower position. This way, the light of the chandelier affects the distance from the table. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Chandelier Distance Matter?

When you target a chandelier to hang above a table, the connection between them should be showcased in a decorative manner. If you don’t hang the chandelier without maintaining the proper height, the mismatched distance can’t bring an intimate feeling between the table and the chandelier. As a result, the room decoration doesn’t look good. That’s the reason why you should emphasize the distance.

What To Do When The Room Center Is Not The Center Of The Table?

Sometimes, the position of the table may not be in the center of the room. In that case, you shouldn’t hang the chandelier in the center of the room. Because it won’t look good at all. On the other hand, you can call the chandelier jewelry to the table. If you place the chandelier according to the center of the table, it’ll always look better. So, in such types of situations, always give preference to the center of the table.

Final Words

Above the table, a chandelier should be hung between 30 and 36 inches high. Always remember that the height can never go below 30 inches. However, the chandelier can go higher than 36 inches in some specific conditions. In order to do so, you need to determine where the chandelier will look best based on several factors.

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