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What Size Chandelier for 60 Round Table

A dining table is not only a place to dine. It is a place where family members and friends spend their time together. So, it is a place of gathering and attachment. Because of this, the table should be decorated and organized in a festive manner. Chandeliers set the mood for a room, therefore they serve as table ornaments.

If you have a round dining table, you can add as many chairs as you can to your table. Though it is not a problem if you have a square, rectangular, or oval-shaped table. No matter what the size of your table is, the light fixture should be one-third to two-thirds of that table. Now let’s get into the discussion of what size chandelier for a 60 round table you should get.

How Big Chandelier over a 60 Inches Round Table

Supposing you have a 60 inches round table, the chandelier over the table should be one-third to two-thirds of the 60 inches. That means the chandelier should be 20 to 40 inches in width, not more or less. But there are a lot of numbers between 20 and 40 inches. So you need to think about some factors before deciding on the size.

Because if you set a chandelier that is less than 20 inches then it’ll be too small for the proportion of the chandelier. Also if the chandelier is more than 40 inches then it’ll be too big for the table. In both cases the chandelier will look awkward with the table,  the lighting won’t be appropriate too. So if you buy a chandelier of 30 inches then it’ll be perfect for the look and lighting.

The factors are the lighting of the room and table, location, style, and installation of the chandelier. The most important matter of these things is the lighting. Because it’s the lighting that sets the embracing jolly mood.

The lighting of Room and Table

How often do you throw a feast at your home? Maybe on every occasion, you arrange a bunch of dishes and enjoy it with family. At the time of enjoyment, you need to have bright and colorful light. If you are in an open space or have big glass windows and doors at your home then it is possible in the daytime. But at night and sometimes even in the daytime you have to arrange that yourself.

Anyhow, there are four types of lighting you’ll need at your dining table for different purposes. Why do you need them for getting the perfect chandelier size is discussed here.

Ambient Lighting

This is the general lighting of a room or entryway to illuminate the darkness. Since the chandelier you’re going to put on your table shouldn’t provide dim light and produce enough light to illuminate fuzziness and darkness.

Accent Lighting

This refers to the decorative lighting that we need for several festivals. You can add colorful bulbs and lighting in a room, walls, entryway, and door. A chandelier should have features for festive lights as easily changeable bulbs. It shouldn’t be the primary source of light but the decorative one.

Task Lighting

It is a kind of lighting that is needed for completing any task. Of course, you’ll need better lighting for doing any work. This lighting is mainly set in the kitchen but at times of festival, when there are many people at home, we often prepare dishes at the table before cooking. So if your chandelier can provide this type of lighting then you can prepare and decorate your dishes with others.


By daylight, we understand the natural light of the sun. However, most of the time the sunlight doesn’t reach inside the room and gives a bright light. That’s why you’ll have to provide that with additional lighting. The warmness of the daylight can be produced by a chandelier.

Now you know that in the case of choosing a chandelier and its size, lighting is the most important factor. Other factors can be considered as subfactors, in this matter.

Location of the Chandelier

In the context of location, it is meant the distance between the table and chandelier. Generally, the distance shouldn’t be more than 7.5 feet. Yet if you want to set your chandelier higher or lower to enhance your room’s beauty, then you have to increase and decrease the power of the lighting accordingly.

Also, in case you want the chandelier closer to the table, then it has to be smaller, one-third of the table, not more. On the contrary, the higher you set the chandelier the bigger it should be, but not more than two-thirds of the table. All these calculations of proportions will increase the charm of your room.

Style of the Chandelier

Sometimes people get confused about choosing chandelier style. In ancient times chandeliers were available in only round shapes. But over time people wanted different types of chandeliers, so chandeliers of various styles are easily available nowadays. Therefore, you can choose your desired style of chandelier, even customize it too.

Installation of the Chandelier

At the time of setting or installing the chandelier, you should be very careful. The chain and hook should be strong enough and fixed in the correct way. So that, the chandelier doesn’t move or fall off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should a Round Dining Table have a Round Chandelier?

There is no hard and fast rule about which dining table should have what type of chandelier or light fixture. It’s up to your choice. You can have a round chandelier for a round table but for creating diversity you should avoid it. If you pick a chandelier of different shapes and styles then your table would be more attractive to look at.

How Big should a Light Fixture be over a Round Table?

The light fixture over a round table should be one-third to two-thirds of the table’s width. For example, in the case of a 60 inches round table the light fixture should be 20 to 40 inches.


The reason behind using a chandelier is to get the perfect light, alongside decorating the room. If you think like this then choosing the right size of a chandelier is an easy task.

In another case, if your dining table is not round then don’t worry. In the case of a square table, you need to count the radius of the table. The chandelier should be one-third to two-thirds of that radius. Although in the case of rectangular and oval-shaped tables the chandelier should be bigger.

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