Family Photo Wall Collage Ideas (7 Ideas for You)

Family Photo Wall Collage Ideas

We all have family photos that take us on memory lane. It is a very effective way to remember any significant moment in a photo. Many people want to make a collage of these photos and keep them on their walls. If you keep these family photo collages on the wall, it will be convenient to look at them anytime. Again, your guests can see these photos and can get a special conception of your family bonding.

If you want to collage your family photos and keep them on your wall but cannot understand the proper way, then you can follow my article to get some creative and useful ideas. So, let us begin.

Some Creative and Useful Family Photo Wall Collage Ideas

It is important to ensure that the selected wall is neat and clean. Moreover, you have to be very concerned about the spot where people can easily notice the photo collage on your wall. In this aspect, good lighting is another crucial thing to keep the family photo collage on the wall. You must be sure that the selected wall spot can get enough sunlight. Otherwise, people cannot get the perfect view of the photos. However, if the spot is very accessible, then you can have great scope to maintain the wall. So, be careful about that matter.

1. Family Photo Wall Idea with Heart Shape Collage

A family is a place of love and affection. You can express your love and emotion through the love shape. So, it will be a great idea if you make a family photo collage with a heart shape. When you do not have enough space, then you can put your favourite photos together and make the heart shape from them. This heat collage of family photos will give you elegance and beauty in your room.

2. Family Photo Wall Idea with Geometric Shape Collage 

Another great idea is to make a collage with different birthday photos of your family members and keep the collage on the wall. Since a birthday is a very special day for people, that makes them very emotional, so these days can take extra attraction from people. You obviously want to show your birthday photo with your family members on the wall and think about the sweet memories of these days in your life.

However, if you want to decorate the wall with a birthday photo collage of your family, then it will be fantastic if you arrange the collage with geometric patterns.

3. Family Photo Wall Idea for Father’s Day Collage

In our life, there come many special days like Father’s day. If you want to express your love for your father, then you can decorate a wall by making a collage of your father’s photos. It can be an excellent idea to make your father happy. You can use some masculine colours such as blue, grey and green to make an image collage.

4. Family Photo Wall Idea with Cute Collage

This idea is fabulous for a child. So, when you have children in your home, then apply this cute photo collage idea and keep the collage on your wall. It will be amazing if you make the child’s collage from his birthday picture. Since the children are like blooming flowers, the collage should be colourful and attractive in this aspect.

5. Family Photo Wall Idea with Aesthetic Collage

It is a marvellous idea for those who want to express their creativity and thinking power on their wall. If you are one of them, do not delay making a photo collage with aesthetic ideas. All family members will love your idea and appreciate it so much. You can collage all the captured beautiful moments of your family members very clearly with this elegant idea. Again, this idea will change the look of your home and give the room a meaningful vibe.

6. Family Photo Wall Idea with Moon Pattern Collage Idea

The collage with the moon pattern collage will give you a romantic and fresh feeling. It will take you to the fantasy and make you think about the marvellous time that you spend with your family members.

Furthermore, this concept of a photo collage with a moon shape is the best idea for a baby room. Not only photos but also you can include here some of the footprints of your baby.

Try to make the family photo collage with the moon shape in a minimal look. So, use a natural or white wood frame in the photo collage.

7. Family Photo Wall Idea with Numbers and Alphabet Collage Idea

You can make a photo collage with the help of numbers or alphabet shapes. It is one of the superb ways to keep the family photo collage on the wall. It actually enhances the pure energy and space on your wall. It is not only a fantastic idea, but also it is unique and creative.

How Do You Make a Homemade Wall Collage?

It is very easy to work to make a photo collage. People love to make their photo collages with their family photos. You have to do very simple tasks to make your photo collage. So, select a spot for your photo frame collage on the wall first. The spot should be perfect for making a collage. You have to be sure that there is enough opportunity to get sunlight to the photo collage. Then the task is to outline the photo frame collage with painter’s tape.

Now, it is time to measure the frame size of your pictures and design and order the photo frames online. After doing these tasks, you have to hang your photo frame on the wall.

How Do You Make a Family Photo Collage?

If you want to make a family photo collage, then press the button “create photo collage”. By Pressing this button, you can open the family collage maker and then browse all our family photo collage templates. You can select your favourite photo collage template to get started. Now upload your family photos. After that, you should drag and then drop the photos into the collage cells.

If you want to edit those photos, then simply click the photos and edit them by removing the padding and background effects of the photos. However, change the display area and position of the photos by dragging and dropping. You can also add some sweet text to the family photo collage. After these tasks, you can download your design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make a Family Picture Wall?

 If you want to make a family picture wall, you should first select the photos you want to keep on the wall. After that, select the size of the wall. After that, pick your favourite frames and decide on the layout. That’s it. Now you can hang your family photos on your wall.

How Do You Decorate a Photo Collage?

You can decorate your photo collage and enhance its beauty. Many people get confused about how they decorate their photo collages. But it is very simple and easy work. You can decorate your photo collages with different stickers. There are various stickers of different shapes and sizes. You can choose them according to your preference. Again, it is possible to decorate your photo collage with different shapes and colours of paper cutting.

Can I Keep My Family Photos in My Living Room?

Yes, of course. You can keep your family photos in your living room. Since the living room is one of the most important areas of a house, it will be a perfect place for a family photo collage or many family photos. In addition, when you keep your family photos on the living room wall, other people can get the opportunity to see the photos.

What Kind of Colors Will Be Suitable for My Gallery Wall Photos?

You can try black and white pictures for the gallery wall. Because black and white are so cohesive, it will look great in a group. So, experts recommend you choose black and white gallery wall photos.

Can I Tape My Pictures to My Wall?

Yes, you can tape your pictures on your wall. But it will be great if you use special sticky tape on the wall. These special sticky tapes stick to the back of the picture or frame addition. It is a very easy and quick method, unlike nails. The most important thing is that when you use the special sticky tapes on the wall then, it will keep the wall safe. However, it is convenient to move things around with the special sticky tapes.

How Can I Protect My Wall from Being Ruined?

If you want to save your wall, then you have to use washi tapes. It is a wall-friendly tape that keeps your wall safe. You can have a variety of patterns and colours of washi tapes. So, grab it according to your preference.


Actually, it is a very simple and enjoyable task to make a photo collage with family photos. This task will help you to see your past beautiful memories live at any time. When you enter your house, then you can see these picture collages in front of you. This feeling is amazing.

However, the best area for keeping your family photo collage is the southwest area of the wall. Because the area increases harmony and bond between the relationship. On the other hand, it is not suitable to keep the family photo collages in the east or north corner of the wall. So, be careful about this sensitive matter when going to keep photos on your wall. 

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