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How to Hide a Wall Safe Behind a Picture

Homeowners commonly keep essential documents and small amounts of money or jewelry in a safe. You may not realize how much depends on where you store your possessions and what you store them in when protecting them from theft. Inconspicuous, inaccessible locations make it more likely thieves will locate and steal a safe during a burglary, so consider parking it somewhere discreet and unreachable. The following clever ideas for hidden safes will help keep you safe from burglars.

Behind a Picture, You Can Hide a Wall Safe

It’s common! Plus, it works pretty well. Could you pry every painting off the wall of a house if you were a burglar? Is it even possible to presume that one hides a wall safe? I don’t think so. There’s no point in wasting time on that.

Additionally, this method of storage is relatively convenient. It won’t take you long to access your safe. If you hide it behind clothes hangers, it will be easier to find – but intruders will have difficulty getting to it.

⦿As burglars search for their target, their time is limited. When they are inside your home, they know they have limited time. Therefore, they try to move as quickly as possible. They won’t take the time to go behind each picture or painting if you have a lot. Another possibility is that a burglar might think hiding your wall safe behind an image or photo is too apparent, so you wouldn’t do it. The joke is on them if you conceal your wall safe with a painting or picture.

⦿Using a painting or picture as a hiding place is a great way to safely, efficiently, and conveniently conceal your wall. It is as simple as lifting a picture or painting off the wall to access your wall safely. Additionally, if you want to store valuables, you can install a relatively large wall safe next to your large picture or painting.

⦿Consider hiding a safe inside your wall, such as a painting wall safe, designed to fit securely inside your wall. You can attach these safes between the studs on your wall. It is essential to anchor your safe properly to prevent burglars from breaking into your home. It also makes the safety cover look more natural because the elongated part will protrude into the wall rather than into the room.

⦿Since the safe must fit within your structure, valuables have limited space. Since wall studs are usually 16 inches apart, you should select an in-wall gun safe that is narrower than that, and its depth should be less than four inches. Consequently, you will have limited options for hiding guns inside your wall safe. If you want to install a wider safe, you will need to have custom engineering work done for your walls, and this is easiest before you build your home.

⦿Additionally, with many concealment methods, such as putting a painting in front of your safe, it is elementary for a criminal to discover your safe, mainly because they may want to steal the item that is covering it.

⦿A painting or picture can serve as an excellent cover for your safety. A 24-inch x 36-inch canvas hung vertically over the WallSafe frame will perfectly cover your deep wall safe. With a pair of simple two-inch hinges from a hardware store, the canvas will swing left or right (you can hang it with wire and a hook, but hinges are more convenient).

It is best to order a 1.5″ deep plain canvas whose back is “open” and unlined to provide plenty of room for the keypad and handle without creating a bump. Our preference is for a canvas with the optional black edging so fingerprints won’t be visible when opening and closing the canvas (plus, the black edge looks excellent on photo canvases).

⦿Using a standard picture frame, homeowners can conceal any in-wall object discreetly. You do not need to change your picture frame or wall surface for this patent-pending design. Using the hinges makes opening and closing the frame convenient and quiet.

⦿Concealed hinges are compatible with almost any picture frame under 50 pounds. Homeowners can conveniently store jewelry, documents, cash, prescription drugs, passports, and weapons in a hidden wall safe. Converting a doorway or security is possible by using a picture.

Remote-Control Picture Safe

Choose a device that looks like a frame but is undetachable without remote control with a code if you choose the safe-behind-a-picture option. The picture frame is between the wall joists and has a safe well on the back. With no remote code, a thief cannot use the safe, even if he knows it is one. This type of safe is popular because of its ease of use. You can’t beat this for convenience if you use your safe frequently.

How Do You Hide a Safe Behind a Wall?

You want to conceal a safe in a secret place. It is possible to hide and protect your valuables using a safe, but you must use it correctly. Choosing the right hiding spot is as essential as finding the most secure safe that’s difficult to crack.

In most cases, burglars start their search in areas where they know the usual hiding spots. Because burglars assume that safes hold valuables, it attracts them to them like a magnet. To prevent criminals from accessing your home, you must choose a location inaccessible to them.

Finding the best hiding spots in your home is worth the time and effort since you’ll probably be using them for years. Let’s look at the best places to hide your safe in your house now.

1: Hide In the Attic

⦿You can conceal your safe or valuables in an attic for several reasons. The first thing burglars do is to spend as little time as possible inside the house. They will probably begin their search in the rooms and skip the attic.

⦿According to a survey, the main bedroom is where most thieves start looking for valuables. There is little interest in the attic. Rooms are easier to escape from than attics. That’s why criminals don’t spend much time in the attic. They aren’t willing to take the risk and don’t want to get caught.

⦿Keeping ladders nearby and locking the attic entrance can make the attic even less attractive. There’s no excellent reason to put the safe just in the middle of the attic. Choose a spot that is barely noticeable to strangers.

⦿Using old boxes, you can hide the safe in an attic. You can also deceive burglars with some fun stickers. Amazon has this pack that I like. Keeping your safety in the attic has the main disadvantage of being hard to reach. You should choose a location that is accessible if you must open the safe daily.

⦿When choosing a safe, you must consider the items you want to store and your home’s structure. Always select a location based on your house’s unique properties to minimize the chances of burglars finding your safe. Generally speaking, a small safe in a crowded attic is reasonably secure.

2: Behind a Hidden Door

⦿The solution isn’t the cheapest, but it can be very effective when done correctly. Since it is practically invisible to anyone else, unlike the attic, it has a lot of advantages. The most significant is that it is easy to reach.

⦿To replace an existing closet or cabinet door with a hidden one, always ensure that it blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment. It is no longer possible to hide secret doors that stand out; when burglars enter the room, they are sure to notice them right away. It is essential to find a secure place for your safety. While protecting your home from burglars, you must also put other security measures.

3: Under Stair Treads

You can conceal a small safe in certain types of stair treads by modifying them. Think of it as storage under the stairs. Alternatively, you can change a track to open upwards or install a hidden drawer. Using this method will require you to use your creativity since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Remember, however, that sometimes it is hard to hide the effects of the modification, so you may need to hire a professional.

4: Behind In the Wall

⦿This wall safe is an excellent example of an affordable, reliable wall safe, and there are lots of guides online that can help you install it. A wall safe is perfect if you must protect cash, documents, and sensitive data on external hard drives, jewelry, or other valuables. Besides protecting criminals, wall safes can also provide fire protection.

⦿The best way to enhance security is to conceal your wall safely. You can hide it in many ways, but few people should know how to access it. For example, you can place it behind a closet.

⦿Buy a wall safe from a reputable company to ensure it is reliable. When choosing a wall safe, remember to measure the wall’s depth before buying.

5: Hide On the Floor

⦿There’s a reason why floor safes are so popular. They’re one of the most secure solutions. The process of installing them requires cutting a hole in the floor. However, their proper installation involves cutting a hole in the floor.

⦿Additionally, they are quick and practical to conceal, secure, and challenging to remove. Putting a large carpet or furniture on a floor safe makes it very difficult for burglars to find it.

⦿You can install floor safes on wood and concrete floors. Choose a waterproof model if flooding is a concern. To make sure you pick the right place in all aspects, I suggest you consult a contractor before starting the installation.

6: Behind Secret Mirror

Like a hidden door, a secret mirror serves the same purpose. The average person doesn’t realize there’s a hiding place behind this mirror; only insiders do. You can replace any closet door with a secret mirror, but ensure the modification does not leave any visible traces. You can conceal an entire room beside safe and other valuables with a hidden mirror.

How Do You Hide a Safe in Plain Sight?

Simple is sometimes best, but when it comes to foiling a robbery attempt, you must find creative ways to secure your valuables in places and objects they won’t expect. In addition to a lock box or safe, you can conceal valuables with everyday objects.

1. Reuse Empty Bottles and Jars

A burglar won’t pay a second glance at an empty shampoo bottle or spice jar. Be sure to clean your shampoo or conditioner bottle before adding valuables thoroughly. Before placing them in the bottle, you can wrap them in plastic wrap or put them in a Ziploc.

Empty and clean out the spice jar before reusing it. Once the glue is dry, add more spice or herbs to ensure the pot is still full by coating the inside. Place the extra seasonings into a plastic bag and place it into the jar after discarding the extras. Restore the spice cupboard to its original state by sealing the jar. A sunscreen bottle is ideal for the beach if you don’t want to make your trick bottles. You can purchase pre-made tricks bottles if that sounds like a lot of work. You can buy pre-made schemes bottles.

2. Hide in Feminine Hygiene Boxes

Flossy napkins and tampon boxes are a perfect hiding spot for cash or jewelry because most people don’t check them all the time. Make sure the box of actual products contains your treasure safely. Keeping money in a wrapper with an empty applicator ensures sticky fingers don’t grab it while you’re on the move.

3. Use a Tennis Ball

You can do this at the gym or in the park. Tennis balls aren’t typically snatched from lockers or gym bags, but wallets are. You can transform the tennis ball into a secret hiding place by slicing it. It works similarly to those little plastic coin purses.
You can put your cash, watch, or other valuables inside the ball by squeezing it and releasing it. Nobody will notice that the ball popped back into shape. You can hide valuables in plain sight in your home where you keep sports equipment.

4. Make Sure You Wear Valuables

You must keep your money, passport, and other essential items close to your body while you’re traveling to protect yourself from muggings and robberies. You can wear money pouches around your neck or waist or attach them under your clothes or to a belt. A variety of specially-made clothing with secret pockets and fancy security features can make you feel like a spy while traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Hide My Wall Safe?

Fix the wall safe to the wall. It is for this reason that most hidden safes have holes inside. Inconspicuous corners of closets or other inconspicuous areas are the best places to hide them. You can also cover the wall safe with a picture and mount it inside a wall.

What Are the Options For Mounting a Safe on The Wall?

Safes without a fire rating are the only ones suitable for wall mounting. To install the safes, drill two holes near the top, which will fit the studs in the wall, and then screw wood anchors through the holes.


If you hang the safe on the wall, you should hang a large painting over it. Burglars won’t look behind mirrors or pictures if they break into your home or office. It is unlikely that a thief will even know that the safe is there since it will be nearly impossible to remove. Sliding a painting over to reveal your hidden safe is also pretty cool!

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