How to Clean Wall Scrolls (Easy and Effective)

How to Clean Wall Scrolls

Basically, wall scrolls are used to decorate your walls. This work is actually concerned with an unexpected and elegant alternative to framed artwork or usual posters. Most contemporary wall scrolls are made of some lightweight and silky synthetics that can wear better. But sometimes, they wrinkle when you do not store or pack them carefully.

So, if you want to get out of these wrinkles of your wall scroll, then you should follow some techniques. Actually, it is not very difficult to follow the instructions.

So, let’s begin to know how to clean your wall scroll simply and effectively.

The Simplest Way to Clean Wall Scrolls

You have to lay your wall scroll flat on the other flat surface or ignore the board. Then cover your wall scroll with a white, plain towel. You can cover the wall scroll with a pillowcase also, but you have to be conscious that the pillowcase is plain and white.

After covering your wall scroll, you have to spray a very light mist of fresh and clear water onto your plain pillowcase or towel. This task of water sparing will keep the heat of the iron from damaging your wall scroll.

Now it is time to press the wrinkles out gently with the help of a running hot iron smoothly over your pillowcase or towel. That’s all. It is a very simple and smart way to clean the wall scrolls.

But you must remember that you should follow some guidelines to always keep the wall scroll clean.

  • It is a very important matter to keep wall scrolls moisture-free all the time. Because moisture can cause stains. Moreover, moisture can separate the scroll. So, make sure that the wall scroll is dry all the time.
  • Here is the other important thing to be concerned about. You have to keep your wall scrolls out of reach for your pets and children.
  • Many people use a duster to clean their wall scrolls, but it is the wrong method. Do not use a duster to clean your wall scrolls.
  • Sometimes you do not have enough time to clean your wall scroll and roll and unroll your scrolls very fast. But you should not do this. You should be careful when rolling and unrolling the scrolls because you have to do this task very slowly.
  • It is not a good thing if you drop the scrolls. You should never roll your wall scroll up inside out.
  • It is a very good habit to regularly check the weight-bearing point of your wall scroll.

If you can maintain all these things, then your wall scrolls will be perfect for all the time.

How to Flat a Rolled Wall Scroll?

You have to pull the cap off the top of the tube from your wall scroll. Then remove the poster from the tube with the help of tipping it until it slides partly out. At this time, you should not try to pull it out from inside the tube; otherwise, there will be creases and wrinkles on the wall scroll.

In this step, you have to make the wall scroll straighten on a flat, clean surface. However, roll your wall scroll carefully around the outside of the tube. After that, secure it with a rubber band or sticker. Now you have to leave this for about half an hour.

After waiting for half an hour, you should remove the band or sticker and unroll to reveal the flat wall scroll ready.

How to Hang Wall Scrolls on the Wall?

It is very easy to hang wall scrolls on the wall. You need just two things, including a pencil and adhesive strips.

After arranging these things, you have to grab your pencil and mark the point where you want to set the wall scroll up. After that, it is time to turn the scroll around and then attach the Velcro part of the adhesive strip onto the back of the upper and lower bars.

Now, gently attach the adhesive strips to the top of the Velcro strip. But remember that you should not pull off the cover of the adhesive strip unless you can make a plan to put the wall scroll up instantly.

However, you have to secure the wall scroll on the selected point and then remove the cover from the top bar. Through this task, you will be able to stick it onto your wall conveniently. So, you have to be sure that the wall scroll is centered perfectly. After that, it is time to remove the strip from the lower bar.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Clean My Fabric Posters?

You should clean your fabric posters with the help of a washing machine. Doing a machine wash on a gentle cycle with gentle fabric detergent is a very good decision. But you can air dry the fabric posters also if you want.           

Why My Wall Scrolls Fade?

Since the scrolls are in a very complex structure made of silk, layers of paper and paint make it is natural to get the scrolls to fade. The other possible reasons for the fades are humidity, too much heat, and light. These elements cause the layer to wrap or separate, and then the color of your wall scrolls fades rapidly.                                                    


You should not hang the wall scrolls in direct sunlight. Because the sunlight can cause fading of the silk border or painting of the scrolls. If you do not display your wall, scroll attentively and roll it up tightly, then store it in a dry place. In addition, you should not expose the wall scroll to excessive moisture and heat. Otherwise, it may cause mold strain or water.

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