Barn wood Wall Decor Ideas – Aesthetic Design Tips

Barnwood Wall Decor Ideas

A Barnwood wall decor can give your home’s appearance an eclectic farmhouse vibe. In addition, a Barnwood wall accent is an appropriate way to include an authentic and rustic feel to a home. In general, barn wood can add instant charm to your room. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain a wall decorated with barn wood. Again, it is a proper way to recycle materials and get a style look in the house.

Many people like to live in nature and use natural things to decorate their houses. When you make barn wood as wall decor, you can feel nature’s authentic vibe. If you want to decorate your wall with barn wood, then I am here to suggest you some exclusive and unique ideas. Hope you will be benefited from the ideas.

Some Exclusive and Unique Barnwood Wall Decor Ideas

Barnwood wall ideas are getting more popular day by day. People are liking to decorate their home walls with different shapes and colors of Barnwood. So here I am serving some exclusive and unique Barnwood wall decor ideas.

1. Creating a Bold Backdrop

You can create a bold backdrop with a plank of barn wood. Since you can make a barn wood wall with various finishes, patterns, and colors depending on your desired outcome, it will look so amazing. In this idea of utilizing barn wood, you have to pick a dark wood to make this bold backdrop. Then you can see the outcome with an equestrian-inspired and rustic room. Since this idea is preferable for a bedroom. So, you can apply for your bedroom and get this stylish and bold result.

2. Embracing Diagonals

You can think of something different by embracing the diagonal shape of barn wood. Since people are used to making a barn wood accent wall with the planks installed vertically, you can think of something unique. So, put the barn wood in at an angle and get a horse-stable-turned home. This idea is more suitable for your kitchen wall. So, apply this fantastic idea to your kitchen wall and then get a unique kitchen accent.

3. Creating Contrast

You should try this idea when you want to make your home cozy. You can add a natural color palette to a barn wood accent nicely. So, it is very easy to create a subtle contrast with the help of barn wood. This Barnwood wall decor idea will really impress anyone.

4. Covering Your Walls

Decorating your wall with multiple barn wood will give you much more rustic room. But when you use barn woods instead of using old-school wood paneling, then the rooms will get a special charm rather than dated. So, if you want to feel an upscale treehouse vibe, then you have to try out this wide-planked weathered wood idea.

5. Creating a Focal Point

You should try out this idea by creating a focal point when your entire room has an understated and simple decoration. Here you will get something cool and stylish focal point with the help of barn wood. It will bring a perfectly imperfect texture of barn wood panels to take center stage on your wall.

6. Using Narrow Planks

You can have narrow planks with a different look. You should try out this idea when you work on a very small wall. Because applying this idea, you can achieve a cozy room. In addition, this idea with narrow planks will provide an earthy vibe without overcomplicating the small square footage.

7. Enveloping the Room

If you would like to get a cabin-like and classic feel, then you should go with this extraordinary idea. So, before applying this idea, you have to think about how you can use the materials throughout your space. However, you have to consider continuing the barn wood into your ceiling to envelop the room in an authentic barn vibe. After that, it is necessary to keep the rest of the finishes simple to avoid overwhelming your beautiful room.

8. Giving the room an Industrial Feel

A plank of barn wood can make you feel your room is a little shabby chic or a little bit farmhouse. But do you know it is possible to get the industrial feel from your room with the help of barn wood?

Actually, barn wood has the capability to mesh well with different types of styles. However, metal accents and iron finishes bring out a more industrial vibe and give an ideal balance between rustic and sleek. So, do not delay in trying this idea out.

9. Making the Door Pop

If you want to get some cool and functional feel in your room, then you can make your door pop up with the help of barn wood. Bay by day, the demand for barn wood ideas is rising. So, people want to think of something different and unique. This idea will be unique and give a unique vibe. You have to consider creating it to stand out by mimicking the barn appearance on either side of your wall.

10. Going to Full Modern Farmhouse

By opting for unconventional barn wall walls, you can switch up the traditional tile look in your kitchen. Actually, it is a perfect way to embrace new-age modern finishes and old-school traditional charm. In this idea, you can see bright-colored steel chairs and aluminum cabinetry contrast perfectly with your floor-to-ceiling wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Attach Wood Planks to My Walls Without My Nails?

You can attach the wood planks to your wall very simply. For this task, you need epoxy glue. Because epoxy glue is manufactured to attach any wood to the concrete. On the other hand, you can use constructive adhesive to attach wood planks to your walls without nails.

How Do I Make My Wall Look Like Wood?

You can use semi-gloss latex paint in all three colors. Then dip a wide or medium brush into the base or main and dark colors. After that, you can highlight and brush your resulting paint onto the wall. You have to continue painting until you can cover the whole surface with wood grain color streaks.


You can try wide-plank barn wood instead of using wallpaper in your powder room. Because wide-plank barn wood is very light-colored and very soft. On the other hand, if you want to think outside the box, then you should try something different. You can use the barn wood accent wall in different places and ways. It is possible to use barn wood in the shower room with porcelain tiles that will look similar to the barn wood. It will be a very interesting task in a very easy way and in less time.

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