How to Hang Led Strip Lights Without Damaging Wall

How to Hang Led Strip Lights Without Damaging Wall

LED strip lights are the new way to light up your room with an ambient lighting effect. It not only provides you with your lighting but also gives the room a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

As that is said, LED strip lights come in various colors, types, and hanging properties. Some come in a single color, some in RGB. Some require battery power and some go directly in the power socket.

It is better to get a LED strip that is electrically powered. As they require very low power, you get to save your electricity bill. And also light up your room, table, window, or any place anytime. 

One thing that worries most people is how to hang LED strip lights without damaging the wall. In this article, we are going to explain that to you.

How to Hang Led Strip Light Without Damaging Wall and Reuse Them

We will go through the steps of hanging LED strip lights without damaging the wall. Following these simple steps, you will find yourself with clean-finished work that won’t bring harm to your wall even if you want to remove it.

Step 1: Selecting the Led

Selecting the perfect LED strips is essential. Some come with adhesive under them and some come with hooks. And some come with nothing at all. You have to go with the adhesive one that also can be relocated without taking your wall paint off.

Step 2: Measuring Out

After you have settled with the LED strips you want, you measure out the space you want to put it upon. Otherwise, you will have some LED strip excess hanging around or too little to cover the area. And once you have cut it, there is no going back. So using a measuring tape, do your measuring before installing it.

Step 3: Level and Clean Your Surface

The adhesive that comes with the LED strips requires a clean surface. If the surface has some dirt around, it will stick to it, not the wall. In the time that will let go and you will have a part of your strip hanging. That is why you have to clean the surface with a cloth or sponge to help the adhesive do its work.

Step 4: Hanging the Led

Now, as you have measured and cleaned your surface, take off the adhesive protector and start installing it on your wall. Make sure you have your pattern drawn on the wall with some kind of removable paint or pencil. Take your time doing this and pressing the LED strip on the wall as much as you can. But do not apply any pressure as it might damage the circuits or the LED chips.

Step 5: Turning the Led On

The moment of truth. After you have installed all your strips, go plug it in and turn the switch on. And behold! You have fully functioning LED strips in your room. If it doesn’t work, check your connection and try again. If you have RGB settings, you can set any color to your preference.

How to Remove the Led Without Damaging the Wall

This step is also necessary as sometimes you might want to relocate the strips. But that means removing the adhesive. And the adhesive is really strong. Trust me, it is a big pain. And sometimes takes your wall paint or paper off with it. We don’t want that to happen.

So what do you do? You use a simple home remedy. 

We all have a hairdryer laying around in our house. Don’t go with a heating gun as it has a lot more power than a hairdryer. And too much heat will damage the LED strips. You just want a subtle heat that will just loosen the adhesive a little bit, not melt it.

So with the hairdryer, start from one end and keep heating the LED strip up. Be cautious in this process. Don’t apply the heat in the same place for more than two minutes. Then move on to the next area. After you have done a good length of heating, take a plastic phone opening tool or a butter knife or anything flat and not sharp to poke on your wall and twist the strips and pull gently. 

It will start to come off with the adhesive intact to be reused. And won’t peel off your wall paint. Keep on going till you get the right amount of LED strips off.

After you are done, just clean the wall with acetone on the cloth. This will take off any excess adhesive that is left on the wall. It will be good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do LED stips last?

LED strips have a life span of 50,000 hours. Some even go for 17 years.

Do LED strips come with plugs or batteries?

You can find both plug and battery-powered LED strips in the market.

Can LED strips be left on all night?

Yes. LED strips have a long life span and can be left on 24/7.

What color of LED light should I use when I sleep?

Red LED lights help you fall asleep faster.

Which LED light is bad for sleep time?

Blue color lights are bad for sleep time.

What color LED is best for eyesight?

Warm yellow LED is best for eyesight.

Do all LED strips come with adhesive?

No. Some LED strips come with their own hanger and some come with nothing at all.


LED strip lights are the most modern way to decorate your room, kitchen, a computer station, TV room, and so on. Getting the right one is the key. Although there are some inexpensive options, check for good adhesives that can be reused once removed. As one-time adhesive comes with a lesser price, it is a better option going for a good LED strip light with reusable adhesive on them. This will not only save your money, but your wall will also thank you for that.

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