How to Decorate a Curved Wall

How to Decorate a Curved Wall

A curved wall might seem to be an obstacle sometimes. Nothing will stay on the wall, nothing can be placed there. Rather it could’ve been a plain wall. But there are some benefits to it too.

You can do a whole lot of decorating with a curved wall. No matter where it is in your house. This wall is the right place to show your artistic taste. 

Although things like a framed portrait won’t fit perfectly, we have other ideas on how to decorate a curved wall. You will be amazed by how much you can achieve with it. Adding a pleasant view to your whole surrounding, the curved wall can be your canvas.

How to Decorate a Curved Wall with Artwork, Lights, Sculptures, and More

To decorate a curved wall, you need to have some clean and curved ideas. You can’t hang a framed artwork, but you sure can hang a painting without a frame. Here are the things you can do in terms of decorating your curved wall.

Invest in an Artistic Paint Job

Regular paint can make a room look elegant. Imagine the effect it would bring if you have chosen the right color or combination of colors. 

There are even pattern paints that don’t require much effort. You can opt for a patterned layer of paint on your curved wall. This will not only make it look beautiful but also elevate it from being a normal wall. 

Also, textured painting can be done on a curved wall. You can combine the colors of the surrounding like the carpet, wooden floor, furniture and put them on the already painted surface of the wall. This will make it look like one with the house itself.

Frameless Painting Is Better Than Framed Ones

A wall around the staircase is always a good place to hang some famous painting. But if it is a curved wall, it is a bit tough. But don’t let that stop you from decorating it with the artwork.

You can go for frameless artwork copies that you can stick on the wall itself. This will look more like it is painted on the wall than inside a frame. Which brings a more charismatic feel to it. 

If you’re not a fan of the artwork, you can also go for different types of posters. This will do the same thing as an artwork. Meaningful quote works, famous band posters, big size postal stamps everything can work as an alternative to an artwork. Let your mind do the work for you.

Lighting Is Equally Important

As much for the color and hanging painting, everything will look dull if there is not much light source to enlighten it with. So you must have lighting in the curved wall.

A middle chandelier can do the trick. It can be any chandelier of your choice. It will bring a sparkle of light to the wall and make it look more gorgeous.

Not a chandelier person? No problem. You can go for the more modern outlook with wall sconces. They come in various designs and illuminate a good amount of areas. As it is a curved wall, you cant go with a flat stick on sconces. Rather go with sconces that stick out of the wall.

This will give the curved wall a stage look as well as light up the whole way.

Put On Some Memories

A wall is incomplete without some memories. Take out some of your memorable travel, celebration, anniversary photos and put them on the wall. 

You can select the area for your photos or work your way up the wall as you please. There is no restriction. 

You can hang some photos, then a poster or artwork and again some photos. This will bring a designer outlook to the wall itself. 

Things You Shouldn’t Do with a Curved Wall

As the wall is curved, don’t go for any frames that stick out of the wall too much. This will not only make the wall look bad, but the frames will also be a falling hazard. 

Choosing the right color is also essential. Either you are going to paint it or install a wallpaper, check the surroundings of it and have some resemblance. Otherwise, the wall will look out of place.

The lighting should be efficient to cover the whole curve. Whether you are going for a chandelier or a few sconces. Having not enough light will make the wall look dull and gloomy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hang artworks on a curved wall?

You can use picture hangers to hang artworks from the wall.

What color paint should I use in a curved wall?

You should choose a paint that makes the curved wall stand out from the house paint. This will give it more attention.

What kind of lighting should I go for with a curved wall?

You can either go for a center chandelier or a few wall sconces on a curved wall.


A curved wall can be the crown jewel of your house. If you plan the decoration perfectly, it will astonish you along with your guests. The wall color plays a vital role in it. So be careful while choosing the right one. And then comes the lighting. Without enough light, the wall won’t have as much value. No matter how much art and photos you put upon it, without the perfect lighting, there is nothing to view. And don’t overdo with hanging stuff on the wall. It will make it look all cluttered. 

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