How to Protect Wall Corners | 3 Popular Ways

How to Protect Wall Corners

The most vulnerable areas of your building are indeed the corners of the walls. Because if you do not take the proper form of impact protection for the corners, your wall corners can quickly have serious damage. The interiors of the buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, leisure facilities, and retail environments are all subject to extensive wear and tear from trolleys. In addition, these buildings are also subject to wear and tear from chairs, people, and other objects.

So, it is a very crucial matter to protect the wall corners. You can follow some guidelines to protect your wall corners. Here I will share with you the guidelines to protect the wall corners.

Some Effective Ways to Protect Wall Corners

Stainless steel corner guards, Acrovyn corner guards, and rubber corner guards can give you the perfect protection of your wall corners. With the help of these corner protection guards, you can experience the complete solution to the common disturbance of impact damage at your corners. You can select one protection system from the above three corner guard according to your choice and comfort.

1. Stainless Steel Corner Guards

In general, stainless steel is used in commercial food preparation environments such as caterers and restaurant kitchens. People use stainless steel where they need to balance high standers of cleanliness. Where it is very tough to clean easily, people want to apply this corner guard in these places.

On the other hand, stainless steel corner guards are also a famous choice for pharmaceutical areas, leisure center shower areas, laboratories, and supermarkets. So, you can confidently use these heavy-duty surface-mounted corner guards in these places. Actually, this guard is a natural choice, and you can easily install it with constructive adhesive. In addition, these corner guides are available with cranked borders to accommodate your wall irregularities.

2. Acrovyn Corner Guards

Any busy corridors need safety from wheeled traffic and pedestrian traffic, such as all manners of trolleys or beds and wheelchairs in a hospital. Moreover, any guard needs to suit the designed color schemes. If you say about a hospital, the protection needs to meet high infection control levels and hygiene levels.

So, you can use heavy-duty corner guards in Acrovyn. It is a great choice as the corner guard flex under impact to protect your underlying wall. In addition, Acrovyn itself is a hygienic and tough material specially designed to hide and minimize the effects of impact damage. The other important thing is that the Acrovyn wall corner guards have an available and wide range of colors. So, you can select the best one for the wall corner of the office, schools, colleges, treatment centers, retail environments, surgeries, and hotels.

3. Rubber Corner Guards

The loading bays and back-of-house delivery areas are indeed very tough environments to protect. These areas can damage by large loading trolleys and vehicular traffic. However, there are often both outdoor and indoor areas that need protection.

In this case, you can try heavy-duty corner guards in tough EPDM rubber to protect your wall corner. It is suitable for fixing steel, concrete, timber, and masonry. In addition, these wall corner guards have excellent resistant features.

Actually, rubber corner guards are an amazing choice to apply in the wall corners of factories, parks, distribution centers, baggage handling areas, and plant rooms.  

These are excellent choices to protect your wall corner from any damage. Moreover, you can install them very easily.

How Do You Install a Wall Corner Protector?

It is very necessary to install a wall corner protector or guard. Otherwise, your wall corner can be damaged easily. Many people think that the process of installing a wall corner protector is very difficult. But in reality, it is a very easy task.

So, if you want to install your wall corner protector, then you have to apply heavy-duty adhesive on each wing in a zig-zag pattern. Then you have to press your corner guard against your wall firmly. Then it is time to set the corner protection slightly to the spread adhesive and remove the corner protection from your wall for only one minute. Removing the corner protection from the wall is necessary to let the adhesive set. Once set the adhesive then, you have to reapply it to your wall. When installing the corner protection, remove the protective PVC covering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Call the Wall Guard?

You can say the wall guards as bumper rails. On the contrary, it is okay to say a wall guard is a crash rail. These names actually come in many shapes and materials to keep your wall from being damaged. Some wall protectors are manufactured with a vinyl cover and aluminum retainer, while others are made from rubber or stainless steel.

Why Do I Have to Use a Corner Protector for My Wall?

You have to use a corner protector to keep your wall damage free. A corner protector is often used to reinforce the borders of the load. In addition, the corner protector protects the materials of your wall from being strapped.

How Can I Protect My Wall Corners When Moving?

You can protect your wall corners very easily when moving. You have to wrap the corners in cardboard or bubble wrap. In this case, you should secure the corners with painter’s tape. Because painter’s tape serves as just enough adhesive to support the protective elements.


People use a corner guard to protect their finished wall corners from damage. Especially, they want to protect their wall in high-traffic facilities like hospitality and healthcare. So, everyone should use a corner protector if they feel insecure about their finished wall. Because it is the best way to protect against the damage of a wall corner by using a wall protector guard.

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