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Wall-Mounted Track Lighting Ideas

There are many ways you can incorporate track lighting ideas in illuminating any creative artwork. In the case of art lighting, track lighting ideas are getting popular day by day because of the flexibility that the track light offers. In addition, track lights generally offer a minimalistic lighting solution. So, if you are a minimalist in decorating your house, you can choose the wall-mounted track lighting ideas confidently.

But before applying these ideas, you have to be very careful about some matters such as the colors present in your artwork, types of artwork, size of the artwork, and height of your ceiling. Moreover, it is very important to consider the precise beam angle that is necessary to illuminate the entire area.

Some Beautiful Wall Mounted Track Lighting Ideas

Since there are many ways to install track lights on the wall, then you should choose according to your preference for complementing the interior design decor and style. I will share with you some beautiful wall-mounted track lighting ideas for your commercial and residential spaces.

1. Wall Washer or Frame Projectors

If you want to mount the track lights in an art gallery, then you can choose a wall washer or frame projector. In your art gallery, lighting the wall washer is preferable to the frame projectors because the wall washer can illuminate the gallery walls and contains a huge collection of drawings and paintings on the whole gallery wall.

On the other side, frame projectors are an appropriate track fixture for the artwork when you want to make simple highlight just one artwork on the wall. However, if you want to experience both track lights, then you have to buy multiple track light heads and then mount them to the wall.

2. Neutral, Warm, and Cool Color Templates

A neuter color temperature can strike an ideal balance for your artwork and paintings because it can incorporate cool and warm colors in their color palettes.

You can choose the track lights with a warm color temperature that will set an intimate and cozy mood within a space. Again, the track lights with a warm color temperature bring out warm colors, including yellows, reds, and oranges. You can mount track lights for art lighting purposes.

A cooler color temperature can create cool colors such as blues and greens. The track lights with cooler color temperatures will make these colors bolder.

3. Recessed or Extruded Lights

You can directly install the track lights onto the ceiling surface if you would like to mount them to the ceiling. But, again, it is also okay to make them recessed within the ceiling. The extruded track lighting fixture can showcase the different designs of the track head. On the other hand, the recessed lighting design can create a more diffused lighting source.

However, extruded track lights had come in the form of rectangular or elegant round track heads. On the contrary, you can create intricate forms and details on the false ceiling with the help of recessed track lighting. You also can use them above your artwork to illuminate the vertical walls and paintings.

If you want, then you can hide your track lighting system behind your low beam and make the light heads not visible. In this case, the lights can reflect against your wall.

4. Flexible and Straight Lighting System

You can have both flexible and straight lighting systems in track lighting kits. So, you have to decide what is your choice to mount on your wall. You can simply install the straight track lights running parallel to the wall. On the other hand, it is possible to make many creative curved designs with flexible track lighting kits. You can mount the flexible track lights at the center of your room. It will give you a versatile look in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Mount My Track Lighting on a Wall?

Yes, why not? You can mount your track lighting on your wall. It is possible to mount the track lights on a wall in the same way on the ceiling. But you must consider the track lights’ weight while mounting them. Otherwise, it can fall on the floor. So, be aware of the weights of the track light heads.

Can My Ceiling Track Lights Be Wall Mounted?

Yes, your ceiling track lights can be installed on the walls. It is very simple, and anyone can mount their track lights on the wall or the ceiling easily. While mounting your track lights on the wall or ceiling, you have to screw the track into the wall stud frame.

Is Track Lighting Still Fashionable?

Track lighting is very fashionable. In addition, it is getting more popular among people. The track lighting will enhance the beauty of your home. It is very effective for artwork because the track lighting gives more meaning to simple artwork.

Why I Will Use Track Lighting?

Track lighting is very useful to enhance the beauty of a room or, specifically, artwork. If I tell the main advantage of a track lighting system, then the track lights give spotlights in the places where the light is required. It gives spotlights in the place of any artwork, retail display, or clothing racks. Moreover, you can install the track lights very easily. You can add lights without additional junction boxes because the track channels offer you long junction boxes.

Is There Any Good Replacement for the Track Lighting?

There are several good alternatives for track lighting. One good alternative for track lighting is to install LED strips. The other good alternative for track lighting is a pendant light. But for the artwork, you should choose the track lighting.


There are three types of track lighting such as Lightolier, Juno, and Halo. Generally, these three types of track lights have the same features, and these do not work with parts from other manufacturers, including light bases. The light bases connect the lights to the track.

There are some differences between the monorail and the track lighting system. While track light is a line-voltage and 120-volt system, the monorail is a low-voltage and 12-volt system. So, it proves that track lighting is very important to your home’s electrical circuit.  

You can illuminate every space, from an office to a dark hallway to a cozy living room to a kitchen, with the help of the track lighting system. Even it is possible to highlight a beautiful family photo and wonderful artwork with the track lights. So again, you can get it with endless applications, and there is no need to have a specific function or place for the track lighting. Actually, track lighting is an easy choice for any room in a house.

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