7 Popular 3D Butterfly Wall Decor Ideas

3D Butterfly Wall Decor Ideas

If you want to decorate your home wall with something eye-catching and different, then you should follow 3D butterfly ideas. The 3D butterfly wall decor ideas will supply a different atmosphere in a very cheap way. You can try to decorate your beautiful wall with different shapes and various colored 3D butterflies. Moreover, if you have a child in your house, then it is a must to experience these amazing ideas.

Actually, it is possible to decorate almost any wall with the 3D butterfly wall decor ideas. You can create different vibes with the 3D butterflies, from a cheery ambiance to a romantic mood. So. not only children but also younger and elder will love the walls after decorating the walls with 3d butterflies. It is me to help you find the exact idea for your wall. Let’s get started.

Some Impressive 3D Butterfly Wall Decor Ideas

You should try something exclusive but budget-friendly 3D butterfly wall decor ideas. Not only beauty but also it is important to have some ideas that are very easy to try. According to your wall space, you should try circle, rectangular, curvy, or straight wall art. When choosing the color of these 3D butterflies, you should consider the base color of your wall. Because of the color, you will use the butterflies, and there must have some attachment with the wall color. When arranging a baby’s wall, then focus on some bright colors.

Circle Burst

You should try this if you want to make a circle look of the wall with the 3D butterfly wall decor. To make a circle burst of 3D butterflies, you have to arrange the butterflies in a circle close together. Then you have to arrange other butterflies separately as they are flying apart from one another. This idea seems to the wall as a family of butterflies.

If you have enough space, then you should make the circle big. But if you do not have enough space, then arranging the 3D butterflies with a small circle is also okay. By the way, this idea will impress other people, and obviously, they will give you compliments.

3D Beautiful Butterfly Stickers

is very easy to collect some 3D butterfly stickers. Because there are so many 3D butterfly stickers in the market with very low prices. You do not need to make the butterflies with the help of your DIY ideas so decorating a wall with some beautiful 3D butterfly stickers is very eye-catching and convenient.

Furthermore, you can get the opportunity to get some customized butterfly designs by ordering these from the custom sticker makers. Putting the stickers on a wall is actually fun work. You can utilize your creativity in this task. It is possible to arrange the 3D butterfly stickers with vivid patterns. With this idea, you can feel the appearance of living butterflies flying around you.

Kid’s Choice

You should make your kids join with a DIY project. So, if you want to decorate your wall with kids’ choice, involve them in this task and get their color suggestions.

In this idea, you should select bright and colorful papers and then let the kids draw on these papers. After that, cut the papers with the butterfly shape and put them on your wall. If the kids do not make the art perfect, then you should not be upset because some imperfect things mean a lot. Just enjoy with the kids and make fun.

3D Wall Clock Paper Butterfly

As a huge fan of butterflies, you should incorporate them into a clock. You do not need to put the clock’s numbers but just mark them with the 3D butterflies. This idea will be superb, and everybody will like this very much.

The 3D butterfly wall decor idea with the 3D wall clock paper butterflies is absolutely rocking and gives you feel your wall with an extraordinary vibe. So, do not be confused about trying out this unique idea.

Superior Butterfly DIY Decoration

What if your 3D butterfly wall decor idea appears elegant and more sophisticated? Take some black paper to implement the task. Because with black paper, you can make your butterflies more dramatic and glamorous. The other benefit of the idea is they will not hamper your wall. So, do not delay in trying this gorgeous 3D butterfly wall decor idea.

3D Heart Butterfly Clock

Among other 3D butterfly wall decor ideas, this one is fabulous. There is no one who does not like a heart shape. It is a symbol of affection. A love shape can be an expression of romanticism and purity. So, arrange some red and pink 3D butterflies in a shape of a heart around the clock. Moreover, you can also arrange the butterflies around other decorative objects according to your preference.

If you want to minimalize the project, then without having a clock or decoration objects, just make a heart shape with the 3D wall decor butterflies. Actually, this wonderful and creative wall decor idea will satisfy you in many ways.

How Do You Make a Butterfly Mural?

If you want to make a butterfly mural, then the toy has to start with applying a gesso layer to prime the space you want to paint. After that, you have to chalk out a numbered grid that you will use to translate the scaled-down design to the butterfly mural site. At the final point, you have to use the glaze painting technique to paint your butterfly mural.

To make your butterfly mural successful, you should make the design with a touch of cultural relevance. You should get approval from the main street board for the butterfly mural if required.

However, for butterfly mural art, you need to use acrylic paints because it is famous for its flexibility and quick-drying nature. So, for any kind of mural art, the painters depend on acrylic colors.

How Do You Hang Butterflies on a Wall?

There is no one who does not love butterflies. People nowadays want to create some wall decor art with some 3D butterflies. Sometimes they stick 3D butterflies, and sometimes they like to hang the butterflies on their wall and any furniture. It is very easy to hang butterflies on a wall. By following some steps, you can hang butterflies on your wall.

In the first step, you have to take black chart paper. Then make numerous butterflies cut out from the paper. After that, you should use a small size of nail and use it to hang your butterflies on the wall.

In this step, you have to arrange the butterflies so that it seems like a bunch of butterflies are flying. Now, place a plate and add some beauty to the setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It True That Butterflies Bring Good Luck?

Some people believe that butterflies bring good luck, and they decorate their walls with butterflies. Actually, some native American tribe thinks that butterflies bring good luck. It is their belief. They think that if you catch a butterfly and whisper your wish to the butterfly, and that sets it free, then your dream comes true. The native American tribes believe that the butterfly delivers your wish to God.

How Can I Put a Butterfly in the Picture Frame?

You can put a butterfly picture in a frame very easily. First, measure the center point of the frame and then mark the frame so that you can understand where to place the butterflies. Then take the butterflies to spread their wings out gently. After that, insert the pins by holding the thorax. Then push your butterflies up against the pin head so they seem to float when mounted.


These 3D butterfly wall decor ideas are so exclusive and make your wall extraordinary. People will be so impressed seeing this art on your wall. It is actually a way to express your capability and creativity. If you decorate your wall with different types of 3D wall decor butterflies, then it will help to keep your mind peaceful and happy. Because colorful things refresh your mind. Again, if you have a child, then it will be very beneficial for their mental growth. 

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