8 Popular Shabby Chic Wall Art Ideas

Shabby Chic Wall Art Ideas

Shabby chic is the ideal aesthetic if you want your space to be both rustic and feminine. Although it isn’t new in fashion, the shabby-chic look has stood the test of time. It’s all about celebrating coziness and stylizing maximalism in this interior decor. It’s hard to beat shabby-chic to soft, vintage style. No matter how shabby-chic your home is, wall art is the perfect way to elevate it. 

The Best Shabby Chic Wall Art Ideas

This feminine, rustic style is becoming increasingly popular. You can transform your home into something a bit trendier with these 08 shabby chic wall art pieces. Here are some great ideas you should check out!

Idea 1: Wall Art Pink Peony

Pink Peony Watercolor Paintings of Flowers canvas print. You can add texture and depth to your artwork with stretched canvas prints. Print your image onto a premium canvas and push it on a wooden frame consisting of 1.5″ x 1.5″ stretcher bars (gallery wrap) or 5/8″ x 5/8″ stretcher bars (museum wrap).

Idea 2: Ipanema Green Blue

Monkeys and leopards cavort amid parrots and toucans among exotic palm trees and shrubs. Its creamy white background makes the non-woven wallpaper bright and friendly and highlights the vivid colors of the illustrations. Children can plan their next expedition in the neighbor’s garden with this wallpaper in their bedroom.

Idea 3: Pilar Cream Wall Art

This floral pattern uses cream-white, green, and orange colors for the leaves and petals. Several interior design concepts, such as the Asia Look, Shabby Chic, and the Country House Style, suit the natural style well. The wash-resistant surface makes this robust wallpaper a good choice for hallways, staircases, or dining rooms.

Idea 4: Peonies Dark Green

A powerful, expressive brush stroke is essential to creating a tangibly textured surface. As well as the colors resembling an oil painting, the dark green background emphasizes the flowers in reddish brown, oriental red, and pastel yellow. You can use this wallpaper in your bathroom just as effectively as in your living room or bedroom because it’s scrubbable.

Idea 5: Natural Cork Beige

On this exclusive paper wallpaper, a warm, iridescent beige highlights the natural texture of the cork. It’s easy to see how Nature and Glamour have successfully blended thanks to an outstanding feature: The reflection of light from a window or a lamp reflects off the glossy surface, illuminating every corner.

Idea 6: Peonies Brown Red

Among the favorite motifs of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh were peonies in bloom. In his large blossoms, he uses such vigorous brushstrokes that there is a great deal of expressiveness. This stunning non-woven wallpaper creates an intoxicating dynamic with its lighter shades of red, green, and pink against a fiery brown-red background. An eye-catching color that brightens up any room.

Idea 7: Merle Shades of Green

There is an almost photo-realistic quality to the plants and animals on this non-woven wallpaper. Nature’s cycle is evident at first glance: from spring’s blossoms and eggs to summer’s bees, butterflies, and green leaves, to autumn’s ripe fruits. Much detail is devoted to depicting wrens, thrushes, titmice, and woodpeckers. A pale pastel green background enhances the bright colors beautifully.

Idea 8: Animal White Wall Art

On Ferm Living’s non-woven wallpaper, you can admire animals from all over the world. Whether it’s a hoopoe, a whale, a turtle, a bear, an antelope, or a butterfly, they’re all drawn realistically. It will always remind them of their last visit to the zoo and encourage them to playfully explore the different species of animals.

How Do Shabby Chic, Vintage, and Rustic Differ?

It is common to use the terms shabby chic, vintage, and rustic interchangeably when describing home decor and furniture. The truth is, however, that the three aren’t interchangeable: they’re two very different styles.

Shabby Chic

There is a perception that shabby chic furniture and interiors are feminine in style. You can use the term to describe an individual item or an entire look. A shabby stylish interior will typically have a worn, faded look with floral patterns and soft colors.


The term shabby chic generally refers to items intentionally made to look old, while vintage refers to a specific period in history. In vintage decor, objects or collections from a particular age, such as the 1950s, or everyday items designed to look like they came from that period inspire a room or space.


Rustic decor draws inspiration from nature to create a natural, warm, organic appearance. Wood, stone, and brick surfaces typically make up rustic furniture, and colors are earthy and warm, such as mud brown, sandy shades, and pine green. In addition to faux animal hides and natural fabrics, soft, rustic furnishings are available in various styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shabby Chic Design Style?

Interior designers practice shabby chic by choosing furniture and furnishings with an aged appearance and wear and tear or by distressing new items to achieve an antique look.

What Makes Something Shabby Chic?

It’s common to hear the term shabby chic thrown around when it comes to interior decorating, but what exactly does it mean? Antique furniture, distressed finishes, and shiny ornate accents blend baroque glamour and rustic charm.

When Was Shabby Chic Popular?

In the 1980s and 1990s, shabby chic became quite popular. Messy chic style products became readily available to the public after Rachel Ashwell opened a store with the same name and partnered with mass retailers like Target.


Shabby-chic does not mean outdated. It’s all the rage to modernize rustic décor. It might seem impossible to blend vintage with contemporary in “modern shabby-chic” because the emphasis is on vintage details. The first is hanging a wall art piece with equal fluff and fashion. The trick is finding a work of art that complements vintage details such as ruffles, lace, and plush fabrics. However, wall art should also incorporate modern elements. Search for a piece with a dark accent color, a multi-panel layout, or a minimalist design.

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