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Red Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Red is one of the most eye-catching colors, that symbolizes strong emotion. Red is more known as a color of love but there are other contradictory passions that the color red can apply. However, if you have a red kitchen it doesn’t have to do anything with the passions the color symbolizes. It can simply imply that you have strong emotions for love and power.

However, when you say red kitchen it can mean that the wall color of the kitchen is red or the other appliances are red. Other appliances include the door, kitchen cabinet, shelves, racks, refrigerator, utensils, table, counter, stools, etc. The ideas for decorating a kitchen in the two different situations are similar and distinct at the same time.

Vibrant Red Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Red is the color with minimalist vibration and the longest wavelength. By looking at the color blood pressure and body strength can increase. Some study proves this color energizes you to take action. So having this color around the workplace can be a game changer.

1. Red Shelves & Table Chair

You can have a red table, chairs, shelves, and cupboards. In this case, you’ll have to choose other wall art and items of different colors.

Though be careful about over-decorating the kitchen. Because the color red is powerful enough in itself, that’s why if you decorate it with excessive objects and color, it’ll not look good at all.

2. Red Wall Clock

Clocks are necessary for any place or room. So, you’ll need a clock in your kitchen for preparing meals in time. There are a lot of options for kitchen-themed clocks. Such as a cup clock or teapot cup set clock. You can get a magnificent utensil clock too.

3. Fruit-Themed Clock

You can also get fruit clocks like strawberry, apple, or watermelon clocks. Fruits aren’t only good for health but also refreshing. A clock like this will create a fresh atmosphere in your kitchen. This wide collection of clocks is available online. You can see many designs and choose among them.

4. Wall Canvas For Kitchen

You can hang one or multiple canvases in your kitchen. The canvas can have any written message on it, or not. You can hang your desired canvas on the wall of the kitchen to show love and inspiration.

5. Wooden Wall Art

Wooden wall art always gives a vintage look to your kitchen. It suits brick walls as its contradictory to cement or brick. Wooden wall art reminds us of nature and makes the place relaxing. Again it’s necessary to relax while enjoying the meals.

6. Metal Wall Decor

Metallic wall decor can be more creative than you can think. You can get metal sculptures hung on your kitchen wall that can be unique, fun, and inspirational.

7. Floating Shelves

You can get floating shelves for any room in your house. If you mount floating shelves on the kitchen wall you can keep utensils, bottles, glasses, and other items on them.

How To Wall Decor A Kitchen With Red Wall

Well, the basic rule of decorating is always choosing a contradictory color from the base. This makes all the colors and objects pop out. Now there isn’t much color that contrasts with red. There are only four colors, black, white, brown, and golden. Any shades of these colors will work.

The things you can mount on the wall are pictures, shelves, signs, string lights, tapestry, hooks, plates, clocks, etc. You can keep books, candles, showpieces, and vases on the shelves. The only problem you can face while decorating a kitchen with red walls is finding objects of similar color. Hence you can get them made, or you can make some of the things.


It is said that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Because it’s the source of nourishment and growth for all the members of the house. Not only physically, but also mentally. This is the family gathering place where you sit with your family at least twice a day. This is the place of interaction and forming bonds.

For that reason, while decorating and arranging the room or the heart of the house you need to think. Every small details matter in this room and affect all the members of the house. That being the case, the environment of the kitchen should be full of love, energy, and compassion.

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