Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Ideas (5 Ideas for You)

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Ideas

Your wall art ends up boring if you do not use creativity to spice it up. Reclaimed wood wall art can bring a rustic feeling to your home. Reclaimed wood wall art serves a unique appearance in your room by creating texture and warmth while accentuating your wall. Since it makes your home warm and inviting, the guest becomes amazed at seeing the artwork on your wall.

People generally use reclaimed wood art to decorate their living room, washroom, and even children’s room, you can use a piece of that wooden artwork to beautify your furniture and the building wall. There are numerous options for choosing reclaimed wood wall art. So, as your preference, you can select one or more to get an exceptional and meaningful wall. 

Some Excellent Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Ideas

Before hanging a reclaimed wood wall art on your wall, it is crucial to consider the wall color. Again, you have to consider the wall space. According to the wall space, you have to select the wall art. If you see the wall cannot accept the total space of the art, then it will be such a disappointing matter.

Idea 1. Eco-Friendly Art Piece

With this stunning idea, you can get an eco-friendly art piece in different colors. It looks great on a backdrop of ivory, grey, or white paint with 20 inches X 20 inches diameters. Seeing the measurement, I hope you realize that it is not a small-sized reclaimed wood wall art but rather a large one. It will make a statement without overpowering the rest of the decor elements of your room.

Idea 2. Beautiful Wall Art

You can have this beautiful wall art as a rack made of a reclaimed wood painting in sea colors. With this idea, you can get something unique vibe from the norm. This wall art will serve you a craft and real art feeling. If you want to complement your creativity with the guests, then you have to put this unique wall art on your wall. Since this reclaimed wall art has hand finished to become a real talking point to anyone, it will give an aristocratic appearance to your entire home.

Idea 3. Unique Feature Wall

If you care for a unique feature wall with which you can grab endless compliments, then this idea is only for you. Because this rugged and gorgeous wall paneling will do the trick. But this art is entirely handmade, sporting wonderful color patterns and reclaimed wood. So, you not only boast about the appearance but also get a significant message from this reclaimed wood wall art.

Idea 4. Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

In this reclaimed wood wall art, you can get character and charm in your room. This wall paneling will include a different dimension to your room, no matter the measurement of the area that is to be covered. This artwork enhances the beauty of your room. So, if you are interested, then make your wall like this.

Idea 5: Recycle Old Items

When a person can recycle his old items, then it makes him feel satisfied. So, if you want to feel satisfied with making the old wood item worthy, then follow this idea. This reclaimed wood wall art idea is suitable for small wall spaces. So, when you do not have enough wall space, then you can try this beautiful artwork on your wall.

Why Should  Use Reclaimed Wood for Your Wall Art?

People love to use reclaimed wood wall art because of its environment-friendly gesture. Reclaimed wood is more environment-friendly than other fresh wood. Because when you go to harvest new wood, the wood requires the feeling of trees that directly enhances the carbon footprint of such materials. But with reclaimed wood, this is not an issue because it has already been cut and then chopped into planks. Moreover, wall art with reclaimed wood gives a special vibe to the entire wall. So, as an aware citizen of this world, you should choose reclaimed wood over any fresh wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Woods Useful for Making Wall Wood Art?

If you want to decorate your wall with wood, then you should select smooth, finished, and refined wood. You can get these criteria on soft maple or poplar wood. In addition, these wood species are not as expensive as other wood species. Since these wood species are very smooth you can paint on them well.

How Can I Glue the Reclaimed Wood on My Wall?

It is very easy to glue reclaimed wood. To implement this work, you have to apply construction adhesive like liquid nails or similar things to the backs of the planks. Then you should keep your construction adhesive away from the edges of your reclaimed wood planks. Once applied to the wall, this process helps that the adhesive will not ooze past the edges.

How Long Does My Reclaimed Wood Last?

Depending upon the source of your reclaimed wood, the age will vary. Because old-growth wood salvaged from a vintage building can be over a hundred years old. But the post-industrial wood waste can be much longer.


For your wall decoration, reclaimed wood wall art is the best option. It offers a range of sustainable advantages over new wood. Moreover, reclaimed wood art reduces the devastating impact of deforestation. It also keeps significant resources safe from being landfilled. Though here you can also reclaim any wood species, the most popular reclaimed wood species are pine, redwood, oak, and Douglas fir.

However, reclaimed wood art will enrich the glamour of your wall. So, you can undoubtedly use these species as your wall art.

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