How to Hang Rope Lights on a Wall Without Nails for Birthday, Anniversary, and Elegant Decoration

How to Hang Rope Lights on a Wall Without Nails

Lights not only provide us with well, light only, but also lift up our mood. The perfect lighting doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Simple rope lights can bring a calming vibe to our room or house.

Rope lights were used on different occasions like Christmas, Anniversary, Birthdays. Nowadays, they are a part of aesthetics. 

Just like a wind chime, rope light can do wonders. Provide you with ambient light and warm up the atmosphere of your room. 

But as they have no hanging mechanism with them, it is sometimes difficult to put them up. You cannot use a Christmas tree the whole year just to hang on the rope lights.

There are some clever techniques you can put to use. We are going to give you a few ideas about how to hang rope lights on a wall without nails and they will amaze you.

How to Hang Rope Lights on a Wall Without Nails

Here are some of the most efficient, effective, and inexpensive ways to hang your rope lights on a wall without nails. 

8 Simple Methods of Hanging Rope Lights

1. Two Side Adhesive Tape

Two side adhesive tapes are an amazing solution to hang different types of things. They can even take on a good amount of weight. And the adhesive is strong and doesn’t leave a mark on your wall.

Simply cut the amount you want. And stick it to your wall and put on your rope lights on them. The tape is available in any home improvement store. Make sure you get the reusable ones.

2. 3M Mounting Clip

Just like the adhesive tape, this 3M mounting strip is an upgraded version. You also find them with screws.

But the adhesive one is better as they require no holes in the wall. Simply put on the adhesive on the clip and put it on the places you want the lights on. And hang the lights from the clip. That’s it!

3. Low Adhesive Hanging Strips for No Residue

If you don’t want any adhesive residue on your wall, you can go for low adhesive hanging stripes. They are almost the same as two-side adhesive tape but have lower adhesive on them. 

So they won’t carry much weight like them but will keep your rope lights up for a fair amount of time.

4. Velcro Can Also Be Fun

We cannot leave Velcro out of the list. They are one of the greatest wonders and are still available in the market. 

Simply cut the length you want and stick it to the wall and wrap it around the lights. And you have your rope lights up. 

One thing that is a little bit frustrating is that you cannot use this outside. Velcro is only good for indoor hanging. Strong winds or a pull can set them apart.

5. Magic Hanging Clip Without Adhesive

We are all familiar with hanging clips. Some come with a suction cup and some with adhesive. But there is one that doesn’t have any of those.

A simple suction-type adhesive installation keeps it on the wall. But you can remove it and reuse it anytime. No adhesive residue.

They come in different sizes and can carry a good amount of load. You will find them in the home development section in any shop. They are inexpensive and effective for a rope light.

6. Brick Clips for Exposed Brick Wall

This one is for brick walls. If you have a brick wall in your home and they are exposed, you can use brick clips.

The sawteeth help the clips to be attached to the bricks. And the clips in front will hold the rope light. As simple as that. They also come in different sizes and capacities.

7. Our Best Friend the Glue Gun

Don’t want to waste money in buying clips or adhesives? If you are just going to hang your rope lights for one occasion and then take them down, your glue gun can give you the needed lift.

Simply add some glue to your wall or the place you want to hang your lights. Then press the wires on the melted glue. They will stick on to the wall for a good amount of time. And when you are done, you can simply take them off. 

It is not a long-term solution. So when the glues lose their tension, they will fall off.

8. Short Term Mount with Clear Tape

If you are in a hurry and don’t have anything handy around, some clear scotch tape will do. Simply cut the amount you want and hang your rope light with it.

Although they might leave a little residue afterward, it is a quick and effective solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my outdoor rope light failing?

If you have a rope light outdoor and it is under direct sunlight, the heat is causing the plastic components to melt and overheat. That is why it is failing.

How long can rope light function?

Different types of rope light have a different life spans. LED rope lights last for 100000 hours and incandescent rope lights last 3000 hours.

Are there waterproof rope lights?

Yes. There are waterproof rope lights. They are a little bit more expensive than traditional no waterproof rope lights. But they are worth the pay.

Is there a NEON LED rope light?

Yes. There is a neon LED rope light. It lasts more than traditional LED rope lights.

Can you dim a rope light?

Yes. You will need a dual-channel dimmer to dim your rope light.


Rope lights are not only for festivals and anniversaries but also an essential piece of decoration for your home. It uplifts the mood and brings calmness throughout the house. As there are different types of rope lights in the market, you have to choose the perfect one that goes with your setting. And also your choice. Depending on the weight of the rope lights, you can go for any of the hanging arrangements. The heavier they are, the better hanging equipment they will need. 

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