How To Hang A Chandelier Over A Table | Everything You Need To Know

How To Hang A Chandelier Over A Table

As magnificent home décor, a chandelier is always a great home decoration choice for many people. In a traditional setting, if you have a table inside, the chandelier is centered over the table. However, is this all about how to hang a chandelier over a table? Not exactly. Hanging a chandelier above a table involves many factors, including placement, height, size, and installation. Here’s the whole process.

A Chandelier Over A Table | What You Need To Know

Choosing the best spot for hanging a chandelier over a table is the most crucial part. The installation doesn’t require much expertise, but deciding where to place the chandelier requires great effort. So, think about the exact positioning before moving to the installation process. The factors listed below can guide you.

Think About The Standard Height

In order to hang a chandelier over a table, there are some basic rules. As per the standard height, a regular room has an 8-foot ceiling. For that specific ceiling, you need to ensure that the chandelier hangs at least 30 to 36 inches above the table.

If your ceiling is higher than that, increase 3 inches for every excess foot of ceiling height. That means, when your ceiling is 9 feet high, you need to add three more inches to the regular height of the ceiling. This way, fix the standard height for your chandelier. In any case, place the chandelier in the center position of the room. Besides, the table should also be in the middle point of the room.

Consider The Room Size

In that case, you need to choose the size of your chandelier. Though any chandelier looks good if positioned correctly, it is better to buy a bigger one for a bigger room. Let’s talk about height now. Here, a small room suits a lower height for your chandelier. But, when your room is huge compared to the table, prefer hanging the chandelier higher than the standard height.

Adjust To The Table Size

In general, the chandelier size should be smaller than the width of the table. When your table is round, selecting a chandelier that has a diameter of half the size of the table is suitable for a better appearance. Besides, you should never install a giant chandelier for a tiny table. In that case, maintaining the proportion between the chandelier and the table is mandatory. The point often overlooked is that the height of the chandelier will also be higher when installed above a large table.

Size Of The Chandelier

If you’ve already bought your chandelier and want to fit it inside your room, look at your chandelier to get an idea about the size. Usually, a bigger chandelier should always be positioned at a high level compared to the traditional chandelier. This way, you need to fix the hanging level for your chandelier.

Process Of Hanging A Chandelier Over A Table

After selecting the exact level where you want to keep the below part of the chandelier, you should move on to the process. Before installing the chandelier, make sure you’ve considered all the above factors and you are happy to install it in that position now. Of course, without proper positioning, the chandelier won’t bring much charm into the room.

  1. Firstly, switch off the master switch to stop the current flow. Then, you need to install a junction box. Typically, an electrical box remains installed in the center part of the room ceiling. If your table is positioned in the center of the room, the installation won’t require much labor or time. In that case, you can simply install the chandelier using that electrical box.
  2. When you don’t have a junction box installed in your ceiling, you need to install one manually. So, mark the center spot and install a junction box by wiring from the electricity line. As a matter of fact, this box will be the controller of the current flow to your chandelier.
  3. In case your table is not in the center position of the room, you need to swag the chandelier using a hook into the desired position. To do so, mark the ceiling according to the center position of the table. And, screw a hook in that spot. Because, you need to hang your chandelier at the center of the table. Don’t forget that the hook must be able to hold the weight of your chandelier.
  4. At this point, attach bulbs to the chandelier and complete the wiring. And, you need to connect the chandelier wires to the electrical box. Without making a connection with the junction box, the chandelier won’t get any current to run the chandelier bulbs.
  5. After wiring the chandelier, attach it to the junction box and screw the box closed. Now, take the measurement of the distance between the box and the hook, and add two or three more inches to that length. Now, take a measure from the ceiling to the level you want to keep the lower part of the chandelier. And, add both lengths to get the entire amount of chandelier cord you need.
  6. Finally, swag the chandelier into the hook, creating a loop between the hook and the junction box. Now, you can turn on the master switch to start the current flow. And, your chandelier is hung over the table perfectly and ready to shine through the lights.


Despite what may appear, hanging a chandelier over a table is a relatively straightforward process. In a similar way, you can hang it anywhere on your ceiling. The only difference here is the placement and positioning of the chandelier. In that case, you should maintain at least 30 inches of height above a table and hang a chandelier that is smaller than the table itself.

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