How To Clean Crystal Chandelier With Vinegar

How To Clean Crystal Chandelier With Vinegar

Crystal chandeliers bring dazzling ambience to any house with their shiny glitters into the rooms. But, when they start to fade their sparkles, you may get into tension about cleaning them as soon as possible. Mostly, you may hear about vinegar as one of the most used cleaner elements for a crystal chandelier.

However, there is less possibility that you have an apparent knowledge of how to clean a crystal chandelier with vinegar. So, in this article, we’ve got a peaceful process for you to clean your chandelier safely using vinegar.

Best Way To Clean Crystal Chandelier With Vinegar

Cleaning your crystal chandelier can happen in two ways. One is to clean without removing the chandelier from the ceiling. And, another is to clean every element separately after removing the crystal chandelier from the ceiling. In the first process, you need to spray the cleaning material into your hanging chandelier. And then, wipe it using a soft wet cloth to clean the dust.

Though you can keep all the chandelier parts hanging in the ceiling when using the first method, you may not find it much more effective compared to how simple it looks. Because, using a spray that cleans the crystals can damage the other parts of the chandelier. Besides, it’s impossible to reach every part correctly when you wipe the chandelier while keeping it hanging.

After considering all these things, we’ve come to a decision that the safest way to clean a crystal chandelier is to bring it down before cleaning. Then, separate the individual elements from the chandelier and clean them according to your needs. That’s more safe and more convenient in terms of cleaning using vinegar. Anyway, you need some particular tools before starting the cleaning process. So, let’s have a look at these first.

  • A duster
  • A small blanket
  • 3 cups of warm water
  • A spray bottle
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 2 Lint-free pieces of cloth
  • A ladder
  • A pair of cloth gloves

After arranging the required elements, you can now move on to the cleaning process. Remember that these elements should be near your working spot at the time of cleaning. Because delaying the steps of cleaning to find a necessary component can harm the cleaning. As a result, some crystals won’t be adequately cleaned.

  1. The first thing you should do is to turn off the circuit breaker of the room. Because you need to power off the chandelier first before removing it from the ceiling. And, turning off the light is mandatory for the removal, including the covering of the chandelier switch using tape. If you can’t turn off the breaker, we recommend switching off the master switch to stop the electricity flow.
  2. Secondly, inspect the chandelier after preparing the other precautions. To be specific, you should wear the gloves and make sure that there is no leakage or hole in the gloves. After that, scan the crystal chandelier carefully. Because you should remember the places for every element to attach to the correct position again. For better output, you can take some photos of your chandelier from different angles. These photos will work as a reference for the rearrangement.
  3. Afterward, use the ladder to remove the chandelier from the ceiling. To do this, unscrew the junction box and detach the chandelier from it. So, you need to disconnect the wires as well as the chandelier chain. Then, put it into a tabletop, keeping the blanket beneath.
  4. When the crystal chandelier is placed firmly on the tabletop, use the duster to clean the dry dirt and debris from the frame and external parts. Here, you can use a ceiling fan duster for the same purpose. If something drops unfortunately from the chandelier at the time of cleaning, it’ll remain on the blanket. And, the blanket will prevent your crystals from breaking when fallen accidentally.
  5. Now, make a solution of vinegar cleaner by taking one part vinegar and three parts warm water into the spray bottle. Then, spray the solution into a lint-free cloth and wipe the chandelier frame using that cloth. Be sure to clean the arms and wipe until it’s dry. And, respray the solution into that cloth to make it wet repeatedly.
  6. After cleaning several times, the cloth becomes dirty and unusable for further cleaning. In that case, take the other lint-free cloth and use the same spray again. At this point, you can detach the prisms and crystals from the chandelier for better cleaning. Polish every crystal individually, and don’t leave the pins or attachment hooks, too. Besides, you can repair these small parts at this opportunity if necessary.
  7. In the time of cleaning individual crystals, dampen the cloth into the vinegar solution and put on white cloth gloves to avoid unnecessary fingerprints. Since the crystals are sensitive to getting scratched with the touch of your hand, you should clean them carefully using a soft cloth. And, hang the crystals again in their exact places after individual cleaning.
  8. Finally, check if the entire chandelier is cleaned and all parts are in the correct places. Then, use the ladder to hang the chandelier again. Lastly, screw the electrical box and enjoy the beauty of your shiny crystal chandelier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean Crystal Chandelier Without Wiping It?

If you want to clean your crystal chandelier thoroughly, you must wipe it using a soft cloth dipped in a cleaning solution. That means you cannot clean appropriately without wiping the chandelier parts. However, if you really don’t want to touch your chandelier crystals, clean them using a spray bottle filled with a cleaning solution.

To do this, spray the solution into the chandelier until it is washed away like water. Then, leave it for drying or use a dryer to dry fast. But, the negative thing is that your crystal chandelier may not look like it has been cleaned properly.

How To Clean A Crystal Chandelier Without Taking It Apart?

To clean your crystal chandelier in that way, you can use the same process as we mentioned above. Just don’t detach the chandelier from the ceiling, and don’t tear apart anything from the chandelier. Instead, use the ladder to get close to the chandelier. And, spray the vinegar solution into the whole part of it. Only remember that you shouldn’t spray on other components but the crystals. Then, wipe out carefully using a lint-free soft cloth to finish the cleaning process.

Final Words

Similar to other decorative things in your home, you should get regular maintenance for your crystal chandelier. If you don’t fulfill this need for your crystal chandelier, it may not shine or sparkle through the room. Gladly, you can make a simple solution from vinegar to clean the chandelier crystals. And, after wiping out the dust of your crystal chandelier, it will start to sparkle again.

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