How To Hang Chandelier On Sloped Ceiling | A Detailed Guide

How To Hang Chandelier On Sloped Ceiling

Are you looking for a beautiful addition to your room decoration? Undoubtedly, a chandelier can be one of the greatest options to bring a sophisticated environment to your house. But, when you have a sloped ceiling in your room, facing difficulties is prevalent for installing a long, heavy chandelier.

For this reason, you must know how to hang a chandelier on a sloped ceiling. Because, without proper knowledge, you won’t understand how to keep the chandelier in the right place when hung in a sloped ceiling. So, read on more to learn the complete process.

What Is A Sloped Ceiling?

A sloped ceiling is a type of ceiling design popular in wooden houses. However, you may also see the sloped design in concrete ceilings. According to the design, the sloped ceiling creates an angle with the flat ceiling. As a result, the angled structure of the ceiling may not suit hanging a flat designed chandelier.

Basically, the sloped ceiling can be a part of a vaulted ceiling design, which creates a cozy environment in small rooms. The uniquely designed structure of this ceiling can have more than one nook in a single ceiling. Not to mention, the sloped ceiling was a trendy design for old homes.

An Overview Of Hanging Chandeliers On Sloped Ceilings

In reality, a sloped ceiling sometimes makes it difficult to reach the light of a chandelier in every corner of the room. So, the placement is crucial here in terms of the hanging position. Besides, the hanging must be safe in terms of a sloped ceiling as there is a higher chance of slipping. Under all those circumstances, you should keep in mind every necessary factor when performing the process of hanging a chandelier.

  1. After bringing a new chandelier into your home, measure the weight and note it down on paper. Sometimes, you may get the weight information from the given paperwork or manufacturer’s instructions. In that case, you needn’t weigh the chandelier separately.
  2. Then, measure the length of the chandelier from top to bottom, including the cord or chain. To get the exact measure, you can get someone to hold the chandelier hanging in hand. The measurement should be taken in a straight line.
  3. Now, select the spot from the sloped ceiling where you want to hang the chandelier. Usually, the spot lies in the center of the room. When finding the perfect spot, ensure that the chandelier lights can cover the total area.
  4. After that, measure the space between the floor and the ceiling. When you’ve gotten that specific measurement, subtract the chandelier length from it. And, you’ll get the free space between the chandelier and the floor now. Typically, seven feet or more space is standard for the free movement of people.
  5. If the subtracted result is below 6 feet, you need to shorten the chandelier chain before installing it on the ceiling. In other words, you need to remove some chain links from the chandelier chain to reduce the length of the chandelier.
  6. At this stage, mark the spot of chandelier installation. Putting a painter’s tape on the spot can make the task easy for you. Now, take the junction box of the chandelier. This box holds all the wiring of the chandelier inside. Also, the hook or rope of the junction box is used to hang the whole chandelier.
  7. As the junction box is used to hang the whole chandelier, it should have a higher weight holding capacity than the weight of the chandelier. If the junction box comes with the chandelier package, it is already compatible with the chandelier. Otherwise, you need to buy one that can hold the same or more weight than the weight of the previously purchased chandelier.
  8. After arranging the appropriate junction box, push its back in the marked spot of the ceiling. And, trace the outline of the box. Now, use a drywall saw to cut a hole according to the traced outline.
  9. Get some mounting bars, which are expandable.  These bars have a self-supporting feature when inserted into a ceiling hole. So, insert the mounting bars into the hole and switch off the electricity now.
  10. When the electricity of the breaker box is turned off, take the electric wires near the ceiling. And, you should join these wires with the junction box. After performing all these tasks, use mounting bars to secure the junction box. In case you are not confident enough in handling the wiring process, finding an expert person can solve your problem. Never try to manipulate the electrical wires without having related experience. This type of work can bring serious risks.
  11. Finally, you can mount the chandelier into the mounting bars. This way, the chandelier will be attached to the junction box. Usually, the mounting is facilitated by the screw holes. Besides, you may get hardware assistance for better mounting in a sloped ceiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do If The Chandelier Still Remains In A Sloped Position?

Usually, the chandeliers are designed for flat ceilings. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot hang it on a sloped ceiling. In most cases, the adapter of the chandelier adapts to the sloped ceiling by hanging the chandelier lights in a straight position. If the chandelier is still not in a straight position, maybe you’ve got the wrong adapter. So, find the correct adapter which can hold your chandelier in both the flat and sloped ceiling.

Can I Use Any Type Of Chandelier In My Sloped Ceiling?

Actually, this thing varies accordingly with the functions of the desired chandelier. If the chandelier doesn’t come with a sloped ceiling compatible adapter, you may not be able to hang it perfectly. So, usability doesn’t depend on the types. Instead, it depends on whether the chandelier has a compatible adapter or junction box or not.


As you can see, there is not much difference between hanging a chandelier on a sloped ceiling compared to a flat ceiling. In fact, you need to get only the correct spot first, from where your whole room can be covered with light. After perfectly positioned, hang the chandelier using a compatible junction box, and you’re done. In that case, you should place the chandelier at such a level so that you can move around the room freely.

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