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How High To Hang A Chandelier Over A Dining Table

Perhaps you hung a chandelier over your dining table, but it’s not getting enough light from it, and you’re not clear about what to do. Actually, this happens very often when people don’t understand how high to hang a chandelier over a dining table. In order to correctly set a height for the chandelier over the dining table, some factors need to be considered.

Therefore, when you are looking for solutions here and there, we’ve brought you a handy guide to assist you in making your decision about the chandelier height over a dining table. To arrive at the best decision, you must take into account all of these factors without any hesitation.

Chandeliers Over Dining Tables: How High Do They Need To Be Hung

You will always find it difficult and daunting to hang a chandelier over your dining table until you understand the factors. However, once you find the perfect spot for the chandelier, hanging one is a non-issue. By fitting your chandelier at the right height in your dining area, it will attract people’s attention to its charm and beauty.

Standard Height For Dining

Let’s begin with the standard recommendation. There is a basic rule for a chandelier’s height when hanging over a dining table. This means you will need to hang the chandelier between 30 and 36 inches high. It is the distance between the lower portion of the chandelier and the surface of the table. When that is the case, the standard ceiling height is considered to be 8 feet.

However, your ceiling height may not be the same as the standard height. If your ceiling height is less than 8 feet but not less than 7 feet, you should follow the same standard height as mentioned earlier. Hang your chandelier 3 inches higher for every foot of excess ceiling height if your ceiling is higher than 8 feet. As an example, if the ceiling is 12 feet high, you should hang the chandelier 12 inches higher than the standard height. To measure the standard height of a chandelier over your dining table, do the same.

Adjusted Height For Room Size

The height of the chandelier also varies with the room size. Large rooms can’t be lit by a lower-level chandelier. The lower height of the chandelier creates an awkward setting when hung below because there is a lot of empty space above. In particular, a chandelier is used to improve the appearance of a room. If it doesn’t improve the appearance, what’s the point? In this case, you may need to increase the chandelier height sometimes based on the size of the room.

Changed Height For Chandelier Size

We don’t need to mention that the chandeliers come in many shapes and designs. So, when you are hanging a specific chandelier over your dining table, it must feature a style, including an individual shape. In that case, the size also plays a vital role in fixing the chandelier height. If your chandelier is large, it won’t fit on a lower level. On the other hand, a small chandelier should never be hung at a great height over the dining table. Because it will detach the connection between the chandelier and the dining table.

Adjusted Height For Table Size

Here comes the table size. In fact, you can never ignore this factor when hanging a chandelier over a dining table. Because a smaller table will never suit a bigger chandelier when hung at a lower level. So, you need to hang higher for smaller dining tables and hang lower when the table size is bigger. However, never cross the limit of 30 inches. At any cost, the chandelier should hang at least 30 inches above the table’s surface.

According to the standard size measurement, the diameter of the chandelier should be within the range of one-third to two-thirds of the table width. Besides, another rule is sometimes followed, which denotes that the chandelier’s diameter should be one foot less than the width of the table. So, in both cases, you need to buy one matched with another.

Height requirement For Light

A dining table is used to eat food and arrange a dinner. In this case, you must ensure that the table is getting enough light from the chandelier. Otherwise, the main purpose of the chandelier will fail. This is because a chandelier cannot be hung at a height where it cannot provide enough light for the dining room.

On the contrary, putting the chandelier close to the dining table may cause trouble for serving a bright light. Because people won’t like having a bright light in front of them when having dinner. So, you should hang your chandelier at such a level so that everything remains balanced.

Bonus Tips For Hanging A Chandelier Over A Dining Table

To place the chandelier in the right spot, you can follow some tips. If you can really maintain these things properly, your chandelier will create the best impact on the dining table.

  1. Always position the chandelier in the center of the dining table, not in the center of the ceiling. If there is no electrical box in the desired spot, swag the chandelier using a hook.
  2. Never purchase a chandelier that is larger than the width of the table. Because it will create the risk of banging their heads when people get up from their seats.
  3. Maintain the lowest height to hang the chandelier over the dining table. If your ceiling height is 9 feet, never hang the chandelier below 33 inches from the table’s surface.
  4. Don’t keep the chandelier in such a position where the light beams directly beam into people’s faces. Besides, ensure that the lights aren’t releasing excess heat to make the people uncomfortable.
  5. When attaching bulbs to the chandelier, try to avoid attaching the high wattage bulbs. As a result, you can prevent bulbs from providing excess heat directly to the dining table.
  6. You can also use shades to cover the lights and dim the glare the lights. For this reason, the whole dining room will be filled with a warm and relaxing environment.
  7. If your chandelier doesn’t have any center downlight, arrange other bulbs in a way so that they send beams into the middle of the dining room. In that case, there is no chance of getting beams on different sides.
  8. To create a better look at your dining room chandelier, you can hide the chandelier cord using some beautiful covering on it. This way, you’re not only shielding the chain but also arranging the gorgeous appearance of the chandelier.

Final Speech

In fact, there is no fixed limit for hanging a chandelier over a dining table. Though there is a basic rule to hang above the table, sometimes it can change according to other factors. Usually, a larger chandelier is hung in a higher position and a smaller chandelier suits at a lower level. Though you can exceed the upper limit, you should never put your chandelier at a height of below 30 inches from the table’s surface.

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