10 Popular Guest Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Guest Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Keep in mind how important it is to spruce up your bathroom! The guest bathroom walls also need attention, and we’ve got you covered on some of the most exciting Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas. Put an end to the old idea that tiles are all you need for bathroom decor. There are so many other ways to add personality and style to your bathroom that you need to think outside the box.

Decorating Ideas for Guest Bathrooms Wall

Here are some ideas for decorating your Guest Bathroom Walls. Whether you have four blank walls or a tiny space over your toilet, you will find inspiration to make this room more welcoming. 

Idea 1: Wall Artwork

Consider hanging some artwork above the sink or over the toilet to complete your bathroom decorating scheme. Putting up family photos or cool posters this way is also a great way to maintain style. It is possible to find some great landscape posters on the Displate marketplace that would fit well into any bathroom theme.

Idea 2: Wall Lighting

Lights on the wall make for a stunning mirror frame, and depending on the guest bathroom room’s motif and design, wall-mounted lights can enhance your decor. Lights with a sleek and shiny appearance can come as a minimalist option, while bell-shaped lamps will inspire a guest bathroom decor look.

Idea 3: Decorate Sink

Decorating bathroom walls do not require hanging anything on them because there are many ways to do it. When it comes to wall decor, bathrooms give you quite a lot of freedom and flexibility. Using stencils, you can transform a tiled area above your sink into wall decor. But this is an inexpensive and quirky option for small bathroom ideas.

Idea 4: Wallpaper Panels 

It is possible to transform a bathroom without wallpapering the whole room with wallpaper ideas. If your wall does not have original features, wallpaper can give it depth and texture. Ensure you choose carefully – ask the supplier if the design you like is suitable for the bathroom. 

Idea 5: Bathroom Shelves

You may want to reassess your bathroom cabinet if you are looking for DIY bathroom wall decor ideas. If you have a cabinet with recessed shelves, you can create a beautiful display by removing the door and painting the wall shelves. Baskets and ornaments with marine themes, such as seahorses, look great on bathroom shelves.

Idea 6: Blue And Gray

Fronting the shower is a small blue mat with simple, minimalist decor. With blue, white, and gray color schemes, the space is crisp, clean, and bright, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Almost every guest bathroom can benefit from the comfortable color blue on mats and runners.

Idea 7: Rustic Appeal

Under a rustic wood bench and wood towel rack, a runner rug creates a farmhouse vibe in this bathroom. It’s inspiring to see repurposed vases and bright white linens. If your bathroom doesn’t get much light or if you want to keep things low maintenance, opt for faux flowers instead of real ones.

Idea 8: Olive Accents 

Olive trees and green make this modern farmhouse guest bathroom feel right at home. As the sun sets, the vanity lighting picks up the slack in this guest bathroom, lit by natural light from the walls. When it comes to guest bathrooms, where there are often fewer windows and little natural light, it is essential to have quality vanity lighting.

Idea 9: Modern Farmhouse

Plants between the sinks and neutral colors create a cozy atmosphere in this guest bathroom. Extra towels and toiletries can be stored under the sink and in the cabinet, especially if you host frequently. Your guest bathroom’s small area rug can protect your floor from heavy foot traffic and shoes if it sees much traffic.

Idea 10: Romantic Appeal

You can enhance the romantic appeal of your guest bathroom with an eye-catching light fixture if the bathroom has a bathtub. With the curtain drawn, the light from above will brighten the bathroom, which has a large, bright window with a privacy shade. A vintage rug runner contrasts beautifully with marble tiles, adding rustic character and enhancing the romantic appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Hang on Guest Bathroom Walls?

You can decorate your guest bathroom walls with art pieces, such as photographs or printed canvases. As a result, the space feels homier and has more personality. Use bold wallpaper in a geometric or nature-inspired pattern behind the vanity as an accent wall.

What is Trending in Bathroom 2023?

You can expect to see a lot of serene surfaces and organic materials in bathrooms in 2023. Think of soft oak wood surfaces, monochromatic stone slabs, matte black fixtures, and large slabs of monochromatic stone.

Should a Guest Bathroom Have a Shower?

There is no need for guest bathrooms to be as luxurious as master bathrooms or whimsical as powder rooms. Expensive showers, grand tubs, and multiple sinks are not necessary. The essentials are the sink, bath shower (and perhaps a tub), and toilet.


These “Guest Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas” can add more interest to any space. Decoration of bathroom walls extends far beyond simply hanging a print, regardless of your preferred interior design style. Guest bathrooms see more traffic than most home areas, and a good design can put your guests at ease. These 10 Guest Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas will help you style this critical area if you don’t have much space.

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