How to Hang Clothes on Wall (Most Popular Ways)

How to Hang Clothes on Wall

For a cloth seller, it is essential to display their clothes on the wall for the customers. On the other hand, when a person cannot manage his wardrobe or Almira because of excessive clothes, then he needs to hang clothes on his wall. It is not a matter who wants to hang their clothes on the wall, but the important thing is that all of them should be very sensitive when hanging clothes on a wall. Sometimes, clothes may be dirty because of hanging on a wall.

So, if you want to hang your clothes on the wall, then you should know the proper way to hang clothes. Now I will share with you the method to conveniently hang your clothes on the wall without hassle.

Proper Ways to Hang Clothes on Wall

To properly hang cloth on a wall, you must select a dry and clean wall. It is a crucial thing to keep clothes dirt-free. You should keep your clothes in a moisture-free place. Because moisture harms our clothes.

Method 1

So, in this method, first, you have to attach adhesive hooks to the selected wall to hang clothes. For this purpose, you have to collect adhesive hooks from departmental stores, online, or any home improvement stores. It is a must to remove the paper backing of the adhesive hooks to expose a sticky adhesive. Then stick the hooks onto the wall where you want to hang your clothes. Now, put your beautiful clothes on hangers and hang them from your hooks.

Method 2

It is time to give you a second method. You must install a pegboard on the wall to attach the clothes. So, now you have to screw or nail a pegboard onto the selected wall securely and evenly. Then you have to move the individual pegs around so that you can hand the clothes from the pegs to hang. Since pegboards are customizable, they allow you to change the display’s appearance spontaneously.

Here you have to arrange your clothes to create a pattern such as a staircase or zig-zag for a different look.

Method 3

After these methods, You can try the next one. Here, you have to use a wall-mounted clothing rack to hang the clothes. So, purchase a clothing rack so you can hang it on the wall by either screwing or nailing it with a power drill. In this case, it is very important to select a large enough rack to adjust your needs. You can grab a clothing rack from a departmental store or online shop easily. After that, you have to put the clothes on a hanger to hang them from the rack.

Always remember, it is not suitable to hang the rack too high that you cannot reach it from your floor.

Method 4

With this method, you will be able to hang clothes on hangers from the chain so they all can be visible. Especially this idea is very much effective for the cloth sellers in the market. To implement this method, you have to insert a nail into the wall near your ceiling and then hang a chain from it. After that, you must put the clothes on the hangers. Then it is time to slide your hangers into the chain links to hang the clothes.

Since this method is best for the cloth seller, you should always be aware of displaying the clothes at a greater height so the customer can see what you have available for them.

How Do You Hang Clothes without Damaging Walls?

If you want to hang the clothes without damaging your wall, then there is a brilliant way. You have to hang adhesive hooks to take advantage of the opening space on your wall. Because the adhesive hook is the best solution to hang all sorts of items without damaging your wall. The most interesting thing is that you do not need additional or special tools to use adhesive hooks on the wall.

However, you can have various types of adhesive hooks on the market. According to your choice, you can select different colors and shapes of adhesive hooks. So, it is advantageous that you can match the adhesive hooks to your wall.

When you want to use adhesive hooks as smaller hooks for your lighter clothes such as scarves and shirts. On the other hand, it is best to use larger hooks to hold your heavier clothes, such as jeans and coats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use for Hanging Clothes?

You can use different clothing racks like plastic bars, metal, and wood to hang your clothes. Clothing racks keep your clothes safe. There is no need to iron the cloth every time you hang it on the clothing rack. Today’s busy life is a great advantage.

How Can I Hang My Cloths without a Closet?

You have to use a clothing rack when you do not have a closet. Because a clothing rack is a simple way to make space for hanging clothes such as jackets, blouses, handbags, and other dresses. Since the racks come in different shapes and sizes, you can pick one that suits your home.

Where Do I Hang My Cloths in My House?

The best places in your home are well-ventilated, cool, and dry. You should not keep them in a place where exist excessive moisture. Because excessive moisture damages clothes.


It is very important for a cloth seller to display his cloth to the customer. But sometimes, in a home, people want to hang their clothes to get easy access and utilize the wall space. However, sometimes many people cannot arrange their clothes in the wardrobe and then decide to hang the clothes on the wall. Actually, it is a good choice for them to hang clothes on the wall. There are lots of benefits to hanging cloth on a wall. But you should remember that you must position the washing near a place where there comes good airflow. You should not hang your clothes near the washing room.

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