Top 8 Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas

Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas

Invest in a reliable outdoor light for various reasons, including providing a welcoming environment for waiting guests, setting up a security feature to keep your home safe, or lighting pathways, plants, or outside seating areas.

Your home’s exterior appearance is greatly enhanced by outdoor lighting. As well as adding aesthetic appeal to the outdoors, outdoor lighting ensures safety. Unfortunately, we don’t expect them to look stylish while picking out outdoor lighting. However, these modern house exterior lighting ideas will change that perception forever.

A modern outdoor lighting design makes a bold statement by being stylish, quirky, and attractive. If that’s what you want in outdoor lighting, get ready to be inspired by these modern outdoor lighting ideas.

The Best Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas for Modern Home

Enjoying the outdoors makes every occasion special, whether a warm summer or a fantastic autumn evening. Outdoor lighting sets the mood for relaxing and celebrating. It would help if you had more than a portable lantern or string of lights to create the right atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

Your patio or porch will feel warmer and more inviting with the right type of modern outdoor wall lights. Lighting your outdoor space will make your house more attractive and give you the visibility you need when searching for your keys and unlocking your door after dark. You can brighten up your outdoor space depending on the shape, size, and type of bulb you choose. Outdoor wall lighting ideas that match your style and provide adequate lighting are the best.

Idea 1: For Your Front Door

Lighting up front gardens, especially around the front door, is necessary as soon as night falls. In contrast to the white walls, they make a stylish statement that complements the door perfectly. An exposed bulb adds a sense of industrial chic, while a bouquet of pink roses has a soft feel. Guests will appreciate how you welcome them into your home with this lovely gesture.

Idea 2: Simulating Moonlight

During the moonlight, gardens, patios and pathways create calming, inviting outdoor spaces. On a cloudy day or under a dense tree canopy, outdoor lighting can simulate the illumination of a full moon. By illuminating your yard, you can create a relaxing atmosphere by decorating your yard while increasing your home’s security. A simulated moonlight can help you draw attention to landscape features by highlighting them with natural-looking light.

Install downlights at least 20 feet above the ground to achieve the moonlight look. To get your lights this high, use trees or structures. For lighting installations in tall trees, ensure the lights are high enough to allow light to pass through the branches. You’ll create an interesting visual effect with dappled light, shadows, and highlights. You’ll need guards to prevent glare and ensure a good beam spread if you want a truly natural look. Professional lighting designers or installers can assist you in achieving this goal.

Idea 3: Higher-End Fixtures

Generally, you don’t want your guests to notice your landscape lighting. Their light should accent architectural features or create a welcoming glow to guide them along pathways. You want them to see and feel only the light they provide. However, you should ensure that there are some lights in your house that you want your guests to notice.

Guests will see porch lights, back porch lights, fixtures on covered patios, and any visible lights along pathways or driveways. Therefore, you might consider some more attractive, higher-end options to catch your guests’ attention.

Idea 4: Underlit Hardscapes

The trend of underlighting hardscapes results in both attractive and functional lighting. The use of underlighting in outdoor kitchens, for example, provides task lighting while also improving the area’s visual appeal. Additionally, underlighting steps enhance safety while enhancing the appearance of your outdoor living areas. Adding underlighting to paving stone benches, walls, or fire pits can also create a dramatic effect.

Idea 5: Task Lighting

Outdoor kitchens have been lit for decades to illuminate prep areas and barbecue grills. There is a new trend to use task lighting in outdoor living areas other than patio kitchens, such as dining, working, reading, playing, or watching television.

It’s becoming more and more common for us to spend time outdoors, so we must adapt these spaces to meet our needs. A backyard gym or sports court might need adequate lighting to make them safe, an outdoor dining room might need ambient lighting, or you might need a warm light to read or work on your laptop. Adding task lights to landscaping is becoming more than a functional addition; they are becoming an attractive feature in themselves as part of a growing landscape lighting trend.

Idea 6: Flood Lights

Outdoor landscape lights that flood large areas with light are the most effective. This type of spotlight has high brightness and a wide coverage area. From above, they light up driveways and patios. The driveway will look great with this.

Idea 7: Step Lights

The name says it all. Step lights come in two kinds: those mounted on the wall beside the stairs and the front, vertical side. Both remember falling/tripping/slipping/stumbling downstairs in the dark almost (or did). These types of outdoor landscape lights will illuminate deck stairs without a doubt.

Idea 8: String Lights

String them through trees and over hardscapes to enjoy them to the fullest. They create a more picturesque scene with their subtle light. It looks like your deck just got a little brighter! Having enough outdoor lights will make Your home look great at night. You can’t wait to have friends over for a cookout.

What Are the Best LED Outdoor Wall Lights?

Modern Forms’ Dawn 23 Inch Tall 2 Light LED Outdoor Wall Light makes a beautiful addition to any home. An abstract, cutting-edge design that combines pioneering technology and a breathtaking array of colors can breathe new life into modern architecture. This sleek modern outdoor wall sconce provides seamless architectural and landscape lighting and comes in warm bronze or striking graphite finishes.

Osler 11 Inch Tall 1 Light

Even though outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in your home’s safety, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. Your home can benefit from some extra oomph if you get creative now. This 11-inch tall LED outdoor wall light by Eurofase Lighting does both those things and more. A horizontal bar divides this oval wall sconce into an ideal shape. A minimalist design gives your outdoor space a clean, modern look with maximum impact.

Gibson 20 Inch Tall 4 Light

There are anywhere from one to five different bulbs in modern outdoor wall lights so that you can choose the perfect lighting solution for your front door or back patio. For example, Gibson 20 Inch Tall 4 Light LED Outdoor Wall Light by Eurofase Lighting features four clear glass globes stacked alternately against a backplate to give the impression of floating bulbs. Antique silver finish and textured glass give this light a rustic, industrial feel perfect for outdoor areas.

Lenox, 7 Inch Tall, LED Outdoor

Three Lenox 7 Inch Tall LED Outdoor Wall Lights by Kuzco Lighting beautifully illuminate this outdoor area. From the die-cast aluminum housing, a gentle downlight illuminates the outdoor space. As you approach its side, you’ll observe this beautiful light’s graceful curve. Imagine a ship’s sail filling with the wind.

Wall Sconces for Outdoor Lighting

One of the most popular types of outdoor lighting is the wall sconce, which comes in various styles. Doorways are traditionally the location of these outdoor wall lights, but they are becoming more common anywhere some decorative yet functional lighting is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Trend for Outdoor Lighting?

Lighting hardscapes with underlighting is an attractive and functional trend. It is possible to provide task lighting in outdoor kitchens by underlighting the ledges of countertops and under cabinets while also improving the visual appeal of the space.

What Type of Outdoor Lighting Is Best?

Flood light can brighten a large area more effectively than any other outdoor landscape lamp. Spotlights with a wide coverage range and high brightness. Driveways and patios are often illuminated from above by these lights. Your driveway will look great with this.

What Is The Best Place to Place Outdoor Wall Lights?

Most people consider eye level the ideal height for exterior lights in most homes. In most front door and entry areas, outdoor sconces and wall lights should be placed approximately 66 to 72 inches above the ground.

What Is a Good Height for Exterior Wall Lights?

Generally, wall lights should be around 152-170cm above floor level (about 5-5.5ft), while multiple wall lights should be arranged around 250-300cm apart (or 8-10ft). It would help if you aimed for the top of the wall light to sit at eye level to avoid glare from the exposed bulb.


There is generally a strong weather resistance built into outdoor wall lights. However, if you live in an area where UV, moisture, and salt are an issue, check for finishes that can withstand prolonged exposure to these elements. A modern outdoor wall lighting fixture’s amount of light depends on the type of bulb and the type of bulb it contains.

Various bulbs are available for outdoor lights, including LEDs, fluorescent lights, halogens, and incandescent. With LED lights, you can see clearly after the sun goes down, thanks to their energy-efficient cool light. Because of their unique shapes, modern outdoor sconces often require specific bulbs. It is essential to consider all these factors to come up with modern outdoor lighting ideas.

If you want the perfect modern outdoor lighting, you can see all the options available at Capitol Lighting showrooms near you. Schedule a design consultation with a lighting specialist if you want to find the perfect outdoor lighting for your home.

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