How to Find the Best Wall Sconces for Bedroom

Best Wall Sconces for Bedroom

Sconces were a fashion symbol in the 17th and 18th centuries. Still, now you will find homes with sconces on their wall. 

They represent a classic vibe and ambient lighting making the surroundings feel more deeply. Especially in the bedroom. 

In the bedroom during the night, you don’t want all the surroundings in bright warm light. Side table lamps are sometimes hard to maintain and take up so much space. Instead, having sconces on your wall will give you the pleasure of both worlds. You will get the right amount of light and a welcoming atmosphere. 

If you are looking for some elegant and aesthetic sconces, we have come up with some of the best wall sconces for bedroom. They are not only lighting pieces, but also come equipped with modern features.

Top 5 Best Wall Sconces for Bedroom in Different Design

Here are the best wall sconces you should be checking out from the market. They come with features that will leave you amazed.

1. Plug-in Wall Sconces Set of 2, PARTPHONER Swing Arm Wall Lamp with Dimmable On Off Switch, Metal Black Vintage Industrial Wall Mounted Lighting Reading Light Fixture for Bedside Bedroom Indoor Doorway

Sometimes you want to use a table lamp or a bedside lamp. It brings in more focus and gives the right atmosphere in the room. But what if you can get a sconce instead of them both? Without taking up your table space, they can be mounted on the wall. This PARTPHONER sconce lamp is the perfect addition to your bedroom.

The sconce lamp comes in a metal body with a brass finish to it. You get to mount it from the wall.

Unlike other sconce lamps, this one can be roasted up and down right and left according to your need. So even if you need a reading light by your bedside, this will do wonders. 

It works great even with dressing tables. Install one beside your dressing table and you can extend its arm to your desired preference. 

There is an E26 bulb socket. So you can fit any type of LED, CFL, or halogen bulb. The reflection is perfect and covers a wide area.

Mounting it is easy. Matter of fact, it can’t get easier than this. You just follow the instruction manual and mount it with a few drills and screws

Another cool feature of this sconce is that you can use a plug and direct line with it. The turn-on switch also acts as a dimmer switch. So if you equip it with a dimmable bulb, you can adjust the brightness you want anytime.


  • Classic cone style.
  • Rotatable arm and head.
  • Dimmer switch enabled.
  • 2-way power source.
  • Easy to install.
  • Inexpensive. Comes two for the price of one.


  • None so far.

2. Larkar Dimmable Vintage Wall Lamp Black Industrial Vintage Farmhouse Wall Sconce Lighting Gooseneck Wall Light Fixture with Plug-in Cord and On Off Toggle Switch for Bedroom Nightstand, Set of 2

Remember when you are in a park and the lamps make you think, it would be great if I could get one of these in my room. Well, now you can. The Larkar Vintage Farmhouse Wall Sconce is the perfect light for your bedroom.

This sconce light has a gooseneck design. A vintage that you will find in the street lamps from the old days. It comes in black color making it look more rustic than other sconce lights in the market.

You get a dimmer switch with the wire it comes. This makes it more convenient for nighttime to set the perfect atmosphere.

There is an option to plug the sconce light directly into the wall socket. And if there is no wall socket around, you can directly hardwire it with the electrical line. 

The E26 medium light socket will fit any incandescent, LED, or halogen light bulb. Make sure to buy dimmable ones if you want to use a dimmer switch.

Installing it is as simple as drilling two holes on the wall. And that’s about it. Then you mount the sconce light. But make sure to think about the placement before you do it. As it doesn’t have an adjustable headpiece, you will be stuck with the light facing downwards.

A black outer shell and a white interior make the light even brighter than it should be. It gives a vintage aesthetic to your home.

With this price tag of two units, it’s an unbeatable deal. You also get 2 years of warranty with this light.


  • Good build quality.
  • Vintage gooseneck style sconce.
  • Comes with a dimmer switch.
  • 2-way power in capability.
  • Easy installation.


  • Nonmoveable head.

3. Plug-in Wall Sconce, Wire Cage Wall Sconce, Industrial Wall Lamp with Plug-in Cord, Rustic Wall Sconce Fixture, On/Off Switch Vintage Wall Light Fixture for Headboard Bedroom Porch-2 Pack

Traditional vintage designs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some go for more modern artistic fashion. This WimiSom Wire cage Wall Sconce is the perfect lighting system for them.

The wall sconce comes with an industrial design that gives your room a rustic yet modern vibe. Nothing complex yet so elegant makes your room blasting with lights. 

As there is no top cover on the sconce, the light amplifies throughout the room. It is not made to just focus on one exact location, but for a wider lighting system. 

And it isn’t a small-size sconce, so you don’t have to worry about adding any additional lights to light up your room.

It comes with a plug-in power source to make your life a bit easier. No need to install it directly to the power switch or anything. The switch on the wire makes it easy to turn on and off.

The sconce fits any E26 bulb. Be it halogen, LED, Edison or incandescent. It is totally up to your choice. Any type of light bulb will make it look elegant and chic.

One great feature of this sconce is you can adjust its head up to 180 degrees. So depending upon your choice, you can adjust it. A simple unscrewing from behind the sconce enables you to do that.

Installing it is as easy as another sconce. Just drill and set the base and then the whole sconce on it. 

One thing to remember is that the screws that it comes with might be a bit bigger than you need. So going for a few smaller screws will help you.


  • Retro modern style wire sconce.
  • Easy installation.
  • Lights up the whole room.
  • 180-degree adjustable head.
  • Big size sconce.


  • Screws are bigger than it is needed.

4. AVV Wall Sconces Set of Two, Plug in Wall Sconce 3 ColorTemperature 2700K 4000K 5000K, Wall Lamp with Plug-in Cord and On/Off Switch, Fabric Linen Shade, No Wiring Required, Wall Lights for Bedroom

Not everyone wants a low-light reading light sconce in their bedroom. That is why some come with a more modern approach to bedside lamps and a sconce combined. The AVV wall sconce is a bright lighting system that will put your room in full glow.

The sconce comes with an oval-shaped fabric cover over a metal frame design. This gives it the signature look of a traditional table lamp. And also it makes your room feel comforting and inviting from the light.

You get to choose 3 color temperatures of the lights. This enables you to tone down or tone up depending on your mood. Also, it gives your bedroom a different atmosphere in different color tones.

The connection is a plugin connection. Which is a convenient option as you don’t have to connect it directly to your home’s electrical outlet. Just plug in and enjoy.

It comes with E26 bulb sockets and an LED bulb is included. A really cool add-on to have. As buying separately costs a lot.

Just drill some holes and mount the sconce to your wall and attach the bulb. Plugin the power plug and you are good to go. The instructions will help you through all the steps.

The modern approach to this sconce will not only light up your bedroom but also bring a joyous feeling every time you walk in.

You also get a 5-year warranty with this sconce.


  • Moden table lamp style fabric cover sconce.
  • 3 light temperature option.
  • Very bright and lights up the whole room.
  • Easy to install.


  • Sometimes too bright as a bedside sconce.

5. Sconces Wall Lighting Set of 2 Plugin Wall Sconce for Bedroom LED Wall Mounted Reading Lights Adjustable 3W Spotlight +6W Background Light 3000K

Good news for the avid readers out there. If you are fond of reading a book in bed, this is the perfect lighting system for you. The S&W Manufacturing’s wall sconce light is the perfect gear for your reading and lighting your bedroom up with an ambient light anytime you want.

The sconce light is made out of aluminum. And not a flimsy one. A sturdy and rugged quality aluminum is used. 

Along with it, there are two types of light with the sconce. One is around the back of it, which gives the ambient light to light up your bedroom. While the other one is a scope shape light that you use to focus on any area.

The scope light has an adjustable bottom. You can rotate it around 350 degrees to your preference. And it gives you enough light to read a book or do anything precise while you’re in the bed. At the same time, it isn’t too bright that it will disturb your partner.

Powering up this light is easy. You can go with the provided cord and plug it into the bedside plug socket. Or you can go with the wire installation from the back of the sconce. This gives you a clear look from the front with no wire hanging around.

It has a 3W LED light on the scope and a 6W light on the back. There are individual switches in the front of the sconce to operate both lights separately. And they are well built.

The ambiance of your room is truly magnificent and uplifting with this wall sconce. A minimalistic modern vibe can be felt whenever you come into the room.


  • Modern, chic wall sconce light.
  • Sturdy built quality.
  • Individual switches for two different lightings.
  • 2-way connection feature.
  • Good for reading and ambient lighting for the bedroom.


  • Not too bright to light up the whole room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I place my bedroom sconces?

It is always best to place your bedroom sconces 4 feet away from your mattress and 6 inches away from your headboard.

How do I measure the right size sconce for my bedroom?

Your sconce should be placed three-quarters up the wall. So measure it by the height of your wall and divide it by ¾ to get the right size.

Where should I place the sconce beside the mirror?

If you are installing a sconce beside your mirror, it should be on your face level. And once inch away from the mirror.

Can I add a pull chain switch to your wall sconce?

Yes. You can add a pull chain switch to your wall sconce. If you are not familiar with electric wiring, an electrician can help you with that.

Should a sconce face up or down?

Depending on your need, you can get both types of sconce. It solely depends on the place you are installing.


Bedroom sconces have been in people’s homes since the 17th century. With time it went away and came back. It is a classic that no one dislikes. And also, it is an ideal lighting system during the night. You can turn it off when you are in bed and turn it on in any emergency with just a tap. Also, it lifts the atmosphere of your bedroom by a thousand times.

Depending on your bedroom set, you can go for any of the mentioned sconces in the article. If you prefer more traditional ones, then the PARTPHONER and Larkar wall sconces can be a great addition to your bedroom. You can even install them on the side. Another great bedside sconce would be S&W Manufacturing’s reading sconce. This gives you ambient light settings and also if you are an avid reader, it will give you the proper atmosphere. But to put up the whole room in brightness, the WimiSom is a great choice. 

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