How to Mount Deer Head on Wall

How to Mount Deer Head on Wall

Many people like to hunt deer and mount the deer head on their walls. Though some country does not allow the hunting of deer. However, if you want a deer head, you can buy it outside. After grabbing any deer head, you will think of mounting the head on your wall. I will share the process by which you can effortlessly mount a deer head on your wall. So, let’s get started.

The Process of Mounting Deer Head on Wall

Before going to the main task, you have to arrange some essential materials that will help to implement the work successfully. The materials are given below.

·        Drill bits.

·        Cordless drill.

·        Tape measure.

·        Screw assortment.

·        Stud finder.

·        Level.

·        Step ladder.

·        Screwdriver.

After arranging these things, you may start the main task.

Step 1

Use your tape measure to measure the mount from the top side of the antlers to the bottom of the mounting plaque. This measurement will enable you to get a perfect conception of the entire area that you will need to hang the deer head. Then survey your room and select the perfect place for the deer head to hang. But remember that, just for a small buck deer mount, you need a lot of space above and below the screw mount.

Step 2

Now You have to locate a stud by using the stud finder to scan your wall to hang the deer head. Then with the help of your small diameter, drill a bit through your drywall and into the stud to drill a hole. You can apply the cordless drill or a screwdriver to screw the mounting screw into the stud.

Step 3

After that task, determine the type of mounting bracket that you want to use on the back of the mount. There are many taxidermists who use different types of brackets. Hence all of them will hang on a perfect screw.

So, hang the mount on the screw. You have to remember that it is essential to fit the screw firmly into the bracket. Then, adjust your screw out. In addition, it is also very important to be sure that if the mounting board hangs near to your wall and it uses the level.

These ate the processes of mounting a deer head on your wall. Hope you will be benefited from the processes.

What Can I Use to Hang My Deer Head on the Wall?

To hang a deer head on your wall, you must use essential materials like screws. A screw will help you to perfectly implement the task. So, before starting the main task, arrange a single screw, lag screw, or toggle bolt. Actually, depending on the weight of your deer head, you have to select a perfect screw to hang the deer head. For most of the smaller deer heads, screws into wall studs are enough.

How Do You Hang a Deer Head without a Stud?

Sometimes you do not have a stud to hang a deer head on your wall. In this situation, you also can hang the deer head on your wall with a hollow-wall anchor. A hollow-wall anchor is mainly designed to fix your wall in the hollow spaces between the studs.

There are different styles and sizes of hollow-wall anchors for use on any wall. You can use it on plaster, drywall, and hollow-concrete block. Some hollow-wall anchors are Toggle Bolts, Expandable Metal Anchors, Self-drilling Drywall anchors, and Wall-claw Anchor. If the deer head is very weighty, then you can use Toggle Bolts. On the other hand, Expendable Metal Anchors, Self-drilling Drywall anchors, and Wall-claw Anchors have different capabilities to be used. According to the size and weight of the deer head, you can select one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put My Deer Mounts in the Garage?

In a garage, there is a very high range of humidity and temperature. But it will be very dangerous for your deer mount to stay here. Because the high range of humidity and temperature can spoil the deer mount. Even experts do not allow putting a deer mount in a garage.

How Many Years Will My Deer Head Last?

Though there are many reasons that can spoil a deer head on your wall, you have to take care of the deer head. If the deer head gets proper care, it can last for 20 years on average. So, take care of your deer head and save it for a long.

Should I Freeze My Deer Head Before Mounting?

You can freeze your deer head if you cannot get to the taxidermist right away. But you have to be careful when preserving it in the fridge. Do not keep the head and cape in any ice chest for a long time.

How Can I Clean a Deer Head Skull without Boiling It?

You can clean a deer head skull without boiling it. To do this, you have to soak the skull in any enzyme-cleaning powder for three days. This process will help you to remove small pieces of flesh and be more stubborn. You can get the enzyme-bleach powder in any local market because these are very common product.


Sometimes people want to hang a deer skull or any animal skull on their house to express their pride. To get a quality deer head, you should skin the head and freeze it as soon as possible. Generally, people like to hang a deer head in the center of the room or a doorway. It is necessary to make sure that the place you select to hang the deer head is not very hot.

However, a regular screw or nail in drywall can hold up to ten pounds. Since drywall can break and flake apart, so you have to hang a deer head by using an anchor. If you do not use a stud to hang a deer head, then you must have to use a drywall or hollow anchor.

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