How to Hang a Chandelier from a 20 Foot Ceiling

how to hang a chandelier from a 20 foot ceiling

When you are not able to hang a chandelier correctly and at the right length, it can destroy the overall look of the room. So it is important to know how to hang a chandelier at the right height from a 20-foot ceiling. If you do this alone, you will need one or two helpers and the appropriate equipment. It is, however, best to work with professionals.

Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers can be hung from the ceiling to illuminate and beautify a room. They add a touch of class and elegance. Although there are a number of factors to consider when hanging it. Chandeliers are normally hung at a height of 5-6 feet from the floor in rooms with 8-foot ceilings. However, the matter is somewhat more complicated when it comes to a 20-foot ceiling. So let’s dive into the topic.  

Hanging Chandelier on 20 Foot Ceiling

When it comes to hanging a chandelier from a 20-foot ceiling, the answer is simple. The chandelier should be 13-16 feet away from the floor and 6-10 feet away from the ceiling. Yet there are other factors you would need to consider. Take the chandelier chain, for instance. In some chandeliers the chain is fixed, so you cannot alter the length of it. Therefore, you must hang the chain at a fixed length.

On other chandeliers, the chain and hook are alterable. This is a plus point as you can hang it at a suitable length. Although the experts suggest hanging the chandelier as low as possible but not lower than 8 feet from the floor. Because if it’s lower than that, then there is a chance of bumping into it and creating a disturbance by overlighting. Moreover, keeping the chandelier at 8 feet gives a good view of it.

Hanging Chandelier in Foyer

The foyer is the entrance hall of a house, hotel, or any institution where people meet with people and socialize. It holds great importance as it gives the first impression about the place. That’s why everyone tries decking it at their best, using a chandelier. It gives a sophisticated look to your foyer or hall room.

In the case of foyers, experts suggest hanging the chandelier at least 7 feet away from the floor. You should hang it in the middle of the room. Or else, you can hang it in such a place where it gets a good view from every corner of the room. For this purpose, it is suggested to hang a chandelier at 7.5-8 feet. Besides, it should be hung above some furniture, especially a table. You can hang it over a tea table surrounded by sofas and chairs.

Hanging Chandelier in Stairwell

The stairwell is the most neglected place in the matter of decorating. A chandelier can give an aesthetic look with proper illumination there. Although, it isn’t easy to hang a chandelier on the staircase. For this task, you’ll need some skilled people. If the stairs don’t have empty horizontal space then you should hang the chandelier above the stair landing.

No matter what type of stair you have, if it has a little horizontal space then you can easily hang a chandelier there. The chandelier should be 2.5-3 feet away from the stairs and about 2 feet away from the ceiling. The width of the chandelier should be more than 20 inches. In a word, it should be hung in a way that it can enhance the beauty of the staircase but stay out of the touching area. It should make the environment appealing, not accidental.

How High to Hang Chandelier in 2 Story Living Room

Supposing you have a 2 story living room and there is no chandelier or pendant or fixture up there then the place will seem ingeniously empty. Even if you decorate the room with lots of furniture that voidness won’t fill unless you set a chandelier there.

In the case of setting the chandelier in a 2 story living room, it should have an alterable and flexible chain and hook. According to expert home decorators, the chandelier should be on the level of one story. That means 8 feet from the ground.

Necessary Equipment for Hanging a Chandelier 

Often people face accidents because of not taking necessary safety measures and the right equipment. Always turn off the circuit power of the chandelier line before even touching it. Make sure you have a helper with you at the time of working on the chandelier. Now the equipment and hand tools you’ll need while working are:

  • Stepladder
  • Extension ladder
  • Electricians pliers
  • Utility knife
  • Voltage tester
  • Screwdrivers
  • Screw gun
  • Wrench
  • Sockets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it a Must to Hang the Chandelier in the Center?

It is not necessary to hang the chandelier in the center of the room. Although it cannot be hung over a space in which there is no furniture. You must hang it above any furniture and it should be placed in the center of the furniture. In particular, in a stair landing, you must hang it in the center.

How Do I Hang a Heavy Chandelier on a High Ceiling?

First, you have to install chandelier braces at the place where you want to hang the chandelier. Then attach the hooks to the braces, the hooks must face down so that you can hang the chain of a chandelier. Don’t forget about the wiring and lastly, install the bulbs.

What Height to Hang Chandelier in Vaulted Ceiling?

From the name you can guess that a vaulted ceiling is a kind of ceiling with vault-like arches. These arches or slops are self-supporting and lie between the ceiling and the wall. In this scenario, the chandelier should hang on a level where the slop ends.


A chandelier is an elegant fixture as it is used as an ornament of a room. Like any other ornament, it is fragile and has to be handled with care. As such, when you install it and clean it, you should take care. Having a helper with you all the time while setting it is best. Also, keep a check on the wiring and clean it at least once a month to avoid accidents.

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