How to Install Outdoor Light Fixture on Stone Without Cracking

How to Install Outdoor Light Fixture on Stone

Outdoor lights are essential for any home. No matter where it is, besides your door, walkway, or garden, you need them to see your way through in the night. 

But some houses are built out of stone. Or have a stone exterior. And you might also have stone sculptures in your garden. No matter where it is, you need to put up some lights

You can’t just hammer some nails and stick your light on it! Adhesive? Not a chance. Then how to install outdoor light fixtures on stone walls? 

We have the perfect step-by-step solution for that. 

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Install Outdoor Light Fixture on Stone

Stone is a very fragile object. Although they are strong, hammering on them will develop smaller cracks that will eventually get bigger. And compromise the whole structure. 

This is why drilling is the best way to go. You wouldn’t go with just any drill bits or settings. A soft drilling motion with a diamond head drill bit will do the work. Here are the steps you should follow along with the list of things you will need to put up the fixture. 

Things You Will Need

  • Diamond head drill bit. 
  • Drill machine. 
  • Screws and bolts. 
  • Wall plugs.
  • Silicon sealant. 
  • Wires. 
  • Electric tape. 

Step 1: Clean Your Stone Surface

Before you start drilling holes, make sure your stone is not wet or full of debris. Due to that, it might cause you confusion on marking the holes. 

Step 2: Mark the Holes

When you have your stone cleaned and ready, mark the holes according to the holes of your fixture. You can use masking tape and put it on the fixture to get exact measurements. Then place it on the stone. It’s a win-win situation!

Step 3: Turn off the Electrical Circuit  Breaker

All electrical work should be performed after cutting off the power. Especially when you are putting up a light fixture. Don’t let the live wire electrocute you in any way. Make sure you have a battery-operated drill machine or external power for it.

Step 4: Start Drilling

Use a diamond head drill bit. Regular concrete drills will do, but they might go dull easily. And never use the hammer drilling function on a stone. Use the regular settings and start drilling slowly and then gradually speed it up. If there is a box behind your fixture, you might need to cut a hole in the stone, which will require some more drilling equipment. Because a hammer and chisel will break off unevenly. Even destroy the stone. Better you drill a lot of holes according to the size of the box and then use a hammer and chisel to pry them off. 

Step 5: Put in the Wall Plugs and Wire the Fixture

When you have drilled according to your need, put in the wall plugs or fishers. And then wire your fixture. Secure them thoroughly with electrical tape afterward. 

Step 6: Secure the Fixture With Screws

Secure the fixture with screws. Some require bolts if the fixture is big. So you might need to drill some additional holes in the stone. We recommend you get fixtures that are medium in size and come with a detachable hanger. 

Step 7: Turn on the Breaker and Check

It is time to turn the power back on! Check if the fixture is working perfectly. Which it should. And then end it with an extra layer of protection. 

Step 8: Waterproof the Gap Between the Fixture and the Stone

An extra layer of protection is needed because of the harsh weather conditions. Water, moisture, dirt, and whatnot can get in your fixture. And if they somehow get into the wiring, you might end up with an electrical short circuit. So although your fixture is waterproof, secure the gap with silicon sealant. 

And you are all set to go. This is how you install an outdoor light fixture on a stone. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I install an exterior light fixture on brick?

If you want to install an exterior light fixture on a brick or brick wall, start by measuring out the hanger over the brick. Then mark out the holes and drill them out. Plug in some wall plugs along with the screws. Tie the wires correctly and secure them with tape. Then put up the fixture. Make sure you seal the gap between the brick and your fixture. Otherwise, moisture and water will damage it. 

How do I install outdoor light fixtures on the siding?

To install an outdoor light fixture on the siding, you will need an electrical box. If there is no wiring out, you can simply feed it from the inside of your house. Then put it through the electrical box and secure the box on the siding. Then wire it to the fixture and secure it on the electrical box. Make sure you turn off the breaker before you handle the wires. 

How do I install an outdoor wall-mount light fixture?

To install an outdoor wall mount light fixture, you take the back off of your light fixture first. Usually, there is a panel that slides out. If there isn’t any, use masking tape to take the exact measure. And then drill on it putting it on the wall. Then connect the wires to your fixture and screw it on the wall. Or slide the fixture on the panel. And you are done. 


Putting up an outdoor fixture on a stone is heavy-duty. Because you have to be careful not to destroy the stone and stick a fixture on it. So patience is a must in this task. Make sure you wear protective glasses and equipment while working. And do not forget to use the sealant. It will go a long way with your fixture being secured from water damage. 

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