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How Do Bugs Get Into Light Fixtures

Light is the ultimate attraction for bugs. These pesky little critters are everywhere. Some even love to swim in your drink, some like to dive in your dinner and whatnot. 

But mostly they are attracted to the light fixture. Like heaven is calling them. Which brings the question, how do bugs get into light fixtures? 

The fixtures look well insulted and even come with extra top layer protection, but still, they manage to sneak into them. 

Today we are going to talk about the secret of bugs and how they do their thing on a light fixture. So don’t scroll away. 

How Do Bugs Get in Light Fixtures

Bugs, no matter their size, find their way into everything. Even if they can’t get into something, they will gather around it. 

Here are some of the things that help them get into your fixture. 

Electrical Wire

Every light fixture is powered by an electrical wire. Which comes from the outlet. And bugs can get into the outlets or the main line with ease. And in time and some traveling, they end up in the light fixture through the tiny holes. 

Hole on the Back of the Fixture

The electrical wires are connected to your light fixture from a hole behind them. These holes are not big enough for a mud beetle to pass, but good enough for other little ones. And they will get in through that hole. 

Uneven Fixture Cover/Case Installation

Sometimes while changing the light bulb of your fixture, you might have not locked the case/cover perfectly. And some even come out of the factory with a gap. 

These might not be intentional, but as a way to release moisture and heat, the bugs take it as their pathway into the fixture. 

Light Color and Type

Bugs are attracted to mercury vapor, incandescent, and fluorescent lights. The colors they find intriguing are blue, green, and bright white. This is why you will find them around bright lights more than yellow ones. 

Yellow, pink, and orangeish hue lights are not much attractive to the little critters. Anf sodium, halogen, and LED, bulbs are the best to keep them away from your fixture. 

Preventing Measures for Bugs From Entering Light Fixtures

To keep bugs out of your light fixture, you can use a few methods. Here is how you do it. 

Clean Your Light Fixture

Turn off your breaker and take off your light fixture. Throw out all the bug bodies in the pin and use a towel to clean it dry. 

Then use an equal part water and vinegar mixture to clean your fixture. This will keep them away for some time. 

Install With Proper Care

Make sure the cover/case of your fixture is tightly placed. Any gap will allow bugs to enter the fixture. 

Insulation Around the Light Case and Electrical Wire

Using a hot glue gun or caulk gun, you can cover up the wire holes on your fixture. No more critters will invade that lights. 

Change Light Color and Type

Change your light bulbs to LED and a warmer color. As they are attracted to bright and hot temperature bulbs, LED bulbs have a less bright and low-temperature functionality. 

At the same time, you will be saving a lot of money on the bills. There are even mock LEDs that look like incandescent and halogen if you are into it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I keep bugs out of my light fixture?

You can clean your fixture with vinegar and water solution. The smell will keep bugs away. At the same time use a less bright and warmer color bulb instead of brighter ones. Bugs are attracted to vapor, incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs. 

How to get rid of small bugs attracted to light? 

Small bugs can get into light fixtures even if there are very few openings. You can clean your fixture with vinegar solution and close all possible entry points with silicon caulk to prevent them from getting in. 

Can roaches live in light fixtures?

Yes. Roaches are in the world even before dinosaurs. So you know they have a very flexible body structure. As they need very little to survive, they can easily live in a light fixture and multiply. Their best place to thrive is in the electrical outlets. So if you find one in any fixture or outlet, get rid of them immediately. 

How do I get rid of Nightlight bugs?

The best way to keep bugs away from your Nightlight is to use a yellow or orange color bulb. And that too in low wattage. As bugs are attracted to blue, green, and white lights that are bright, changing the bulb to a warmer color will not attract them. 


Bugs are beneficial for our environment. But not in our home. Especially not around our lights. So you should switch to warmer color bulbs and use natural remedies to get rid of them. And cleaning and sealing entry points will also help. 

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