How to Hang a Flag on a Dorm Wall? Flag Installation Method

How to hang a flag on a dorm wall

A flag is a symbol of honor and reputation for a country. When you hang your country’s Flag in your home, it makes you feel very proud and motivated. Manny students want to hang their national Flag in the dorm. But the thing that you need to keep in mind is to check if you are allowed to hang a Flag on your dorm wall.

Most dorms indeed restrict hanging Flags made of fabric on their wall. They think that the fabric can constitute a fire hazard. However, many dorms permit their students to hang the national Flag on the dorm wall. In this case, there are some restrictions that you have to follow. The dorm authority may say that you can cover only a certain portion of the dorm wall by hanging the Flag. If your Flag is small enough to cover this selected area, then it is okay. But if the Flag is large, then it can be a serious issue. Then either you have to skip to hang it, or you can figure out a way to scale the size of the Flag down.

Many of cases, students cannot understand what they can do or how to hang their Flag on the dorm wall. Do not panic! Now, I will talk about how to hang a flag on a dorm wall in this article.

Method to Hang a Flag on a Dorm Wall

Since hanging a flag is a very sensitive matter, you need to follow the essential method. Otherwise, you cannot properly hang the Flag.

To hang your Flag on your dorm wall, first, you have to get the permission of your school authority. Now I will discuss the crucial method.

Selecting the Perfect Spot to Hang Your Flag on the Dorm Wall

In the first step, finding the right place to hang your National flag is essential. Try to hang the Flag above the eye. It will be a very irrespective thing if you hang the Flag down. In this case, you can choose to hang it above your bed or on one of the side walls.

You have to be sure that the spot is not near any heating vents or similar places. In general, it is very risky to hang a flag very close to a power supply. So, you have to be careful that the Flag cannot block an outlet. Otherwise, the dorm authority can consider it a fire hazard.

Selecting Your Wall Attachment

Now it is time to select an attachment option that will not cause any marks, peeling, holes, or chipping on your dorm wall. It is a tricky part to hang a flag on the wall because the step can save your wall from being damaged.

You can have the most famous option tends to be command strips. An adhesive strip is a very great choice for getting a smooth wall. However, the adhesive strips are known for not causing the color to peel. When you remove adhesive strips, they do not leave behind any residue.

The command strips seem pretty self-explanatory. If you want to start with it, then use the command strips on a smooth wall. First, you should clean the section of the portion that you are hanging the strips on with the help of rubbing alcohol. After that, you have to apply your adhesive trips.

Now pull the tab down and repeat this at all the points you want to hang your Flag. Then you have to affix the Flag to the adhesive strips.

On the other hand, it is another excellent option to use Blu Tac. A Blu Tac is very popular for making a tight grip on a wall. The amazing thing is that you can remove the Blu Tac without any disturbance at the same time. If you want to use the Blu Tac, then stick it in a round and flat shape. After that, the task is to set one end of the flag flat against your fabric.

Now, push a regular needle or a safety pin through the Flag and Blu Tac. After that, you have to push the pin out of the other side of the putty. In the end, repeat for each side of the Flag you want to hold up.

However, you can have other options to use clothespins and wire to hang the Flag. If you want to make something artistic, then it will be a great option to use clothespins and wire. You can run a wire from one end to the other. Then hang your Flag using clothespins. By this formula, you can hang more than one Flag at a time.

So, for using the clothespins and wire, you have to secure each end with the help of a Blu Tec. Then you have to use clothespins at the exact points to hold your Flag in the right place.

What Do You Use to Hang Things on Walls in Dorms?

Before hanging something on your dorm wall, you have to be alert that there are no harmful things you are going to hang on the wall that can harm the surroundings. So, choose the dorm-friendly things to hang on the dorm wall.

After that, you have to take permission from the dorm authority. If they give you permission for that thing to hang on the dorm wall, then you can go ahead.

However, you can use hanging strips and hooks to hang things on the walls in the dorms. It is very useful to buy heavy-duty hooks for larger wall items like oversized clocks, wood pictures, or decorative letters.

If you want to use something that will not cause any damage to the dorm wall, then you should depend on colorful washi tapes. Using colorful washi tapes means no need to use any nails. So, you can maintain a damage-free wall with it. Using washi tapes on each of the edges of your picture and posters is possible. However, in this case, you can use the blinder clips also. Because blinder clips will make a convenient hanger at the edges of your pictures and posters.

Except for these, it is very common to use double-sided tapes and mounting putty to hang things on walls in your dorm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Hang on the Dorm Wall?

You should not hang anything on your dorm wall, but it is important to hang something effective and permitted by the authority. You can hang an easy string wall art or a washi tape photo frame on your dorm wall. On the other hand, it is a very nice idea to hang a creative wall hanging and washi tape door on the dorm wall. Many students like to hang a vinyl clock on their walls. On the contrary, some of the students love coaster fun and hang it on their dorm walls.

Can I Use Thumb Tacks on My Dorm Wall?

Many dorm authorities forbid the use of nails or thumbtacks in the wall to prevent any holes in the wall. They even can charge fines if you break their rules. But you can also use thumbtacks if your dorm authority allows it. You can fix any small hole in the dorm wall very easily by using some perfect materials. You should use a small amount of caulk to the damaged point with the help of a putty knife.

How Can I Hang Things on My Concrete Dorm Wall?

If your dorm wall is made of concrete, then you should use command strips and brick hooks. More specifically, it is very useful to try brick hooks when the thing you want to hang is heavy, like a weighty mirror or heavy piece of art. On the contrary, when you hang something light on the concrete wall, you can use command strips.

How Can I Hang My Jerseys on My Dorm Wall?

I know you are familiar with hanging your regular clothes on the wire hanger. But if you want to hang your favorite jerseys over time on your dorm wall, then you should not use the wire hanger. Instead, you should use a smooth, solid felt or wood hanger to support the jerseys on your dorm wall.

How Long Should My Dorm Posters Be?

After getting permission from your dorm authority, you can hang a poster on the dorm wall. So, the ideal measurement of a poster that you can hang on your dorm wall is 24*36 inches. It is the average movie poster measurement that you can see hanging in your dorm rooms.


Since a flag represents pride, you have to give it proper respect and honor. Maintaining all the rules and regulations of your dorm authority, you have to implement this task.

Most of the time, students are very afraid of using push pins on the dorm wall. They think pushing pins damages their dorm wall, and the authorities will punish them. But this concept is not true indeed. You can also use push pins on the dorm wall. Nowadays, it is very common to use thumbtacks on the wall for most tenants. Push pins are very useful in these cases. If you find any wall damage, it is also very easy to repair with some appropriate tools.

On the other hand, many of the students think that mounting putty damages their dorm walls. But mounting putty is tacky, and sticks display items to the surfaces. However, mounting putty is a damage-free alternative to a tack, screw, or nail. In addition, mounting putty is the perfect choice to decorate the dorms, offices, bedrooms, classrooms, and rentals.

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