Living Room Wall Clock Ideas | Pick the Suitable Clock with Decorative Ideas

Living Room Wall Clock Ideas

So you’ve decided to add a wall clock to your living room design accessories collection. Congratulations on your wise decision! The wall clock is a classic ornamental item that complements every living room design. Follow this easy approach to mount a wall clock in your living room whether you’re still choosing a watch or already have one.

How Do I Pick Living Room Wall Clock Accurately

As we have indicated, there are many different designs of wall clocks. Whatever the atmosphere of your living space, there is likely to be a choice that works. You don’t need to rush if you haven’t chosen a clock yet. Here are a few alternatives to assist you in picturing a clock in your house.

1. Select the Perfect Position

When it comes to checking the time, think about where you are most likely to look most frequently. It is unlikely that you will sit down and gaze behind you, which would require you to cran your head at odd angles. If you do this, you are going to get frustrated very quickly with the location. 

If you are standing or sitting in various locations around the room, it is best to determine where it is easiest to see the clock and where it looks great, whether you are standing or sitting. Having your desk right next to a window or entrance might make it challenging to see in harsh outside sunlight.

2. Wall Clock Size You Need

Before you decide to buy a wall clock, it would be useful to take a few measurements of the space that you plan to decorate with one. This might serve as a suggestion for the size range that you should be taking into account. Unless you want to stick to a certain design scheme for the area, choosing a large clock as the focal point of a smaller room is probably not the greatest choice.

3. Think about the Room’s Theme

Consider the atmosphere you want to maintain throughout the space. The ideal location for a cuckoo clock is likely not a minimalist, ultramodern space. The two strikingly different aesthetics will confuse anyone who enters the room. Instead, you may choose something with a simple, minimalist face that matches the hues and tones of your space. The clock shouldn’t be a show-stopper at this stage because it is likely to be a subdued component of this type of space.

4. Test the Wall Clock’s Construction and Design

It’s time to consider the clock itself after keeping the variables above in mind. The watch you’re drawn to can be a decision that is more or less suitable depending on your present themes and styles. A wooden clock, with only the frame or the whole face, would look well in a space with plenty of earthy colors and wooden furniture. Also, take into account the room’s primary colors.

5. Wall Clock’s Standard Size

Choosing a wall clock can be difficult considering all the elements that affect your choice. The dimensions of the wall and the surrounding design have a role in selecting a wall clock that complements the area without being too large. It is crucial to consider how big it should be because it will probably be one of the primary décor items in any given area.

Most clocks have a diameter between 6 and 18 inches. Larger than 18 inches, oversized clocks work well in rooms or open areas when the spectator is far from the timepiece. Smaller clocks, typically under 12 inches wide, function better in cramped spaces like bedrooms and on walls where they can coexist with other pieces of art and décor.

6. Wall Clock Placement

You should think about the visual environment it will be in and where the clock can sit to keep it at eye level to prevent strain and pick which room and wall to hang it on. However, it shouldn’t be so cluttered that somebody’s eyes wouldn’t quickly fall on it while seeking time. A smaller clock can use on the wall alongside a few other objects or mix the spaces with other furniture or décor.

Living Room Wall Clock Decorative Ideas

Everything you place on your walls should reflect your unique style as it relates to your décor. Your clock can help you choose a modern, vintage, or stylish design. Here are some decoration suggestions for your wall clock that would be ideal for the living room and other walls, no matter your style.

1. Full Shelf of Meaning

This is a terrific idea if you have a big wall clock since everything you add will be an accent rather than vying for attention with the watch. You may use a shelf behind the watch to display artwork or keep flower arrangements. If your tastes are more specialized, you can also attempt items with special meaning, such as keepsakes from your favorite locations or handcrafted candles you made yourself. If you can place anything on a shelf, it is décor.

2. Decorative Wall

One trend is to hang objects on a wall that inspire or make you happy, unlike dated wallpaper. You may surround the clock in the center with pictures, photos, paintings, frames, or creative wall art. Even if you aren’t attempting to tell the time, it provides the eye with a lot to move between and may be extremely intriguing.

3. Absolute Minimalism

If you want a simple, clean look, think about investing in a few tiny, meaningful pieces that you can leave out all the time. It is simple to maintain the clock as the primary focal point when it is huge. A tiny mirror on either side or images of loved ones enclosing the corners of the watch is both nice ideas. In this manner, when you check the clock, you won’t be sidetracked and can see something that holds special meaning for you.

4. Green Thumb

A potted plant or two may provide lovely natural touches to a clock, especially if you’re good with plants and have a favorite vine. It might serve as a gentle reminder to take some time to reconnect with nature. Another beautiful addition and source of subtle color for the area are perennial flowers. You could run vines up and around the clock if needed. They depend on where the hooks are placed.

5. Keep it Simple

If your clock stands out on its own, this is fantastic. You could have the design done if it indicates the time and conveys your perfect aesthetic to everyone. Clocks with distinctive designs, such as those fashioned like turbines or globes, or using neon lights, forks, or spoons, are works of art that may stand out by themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Where Should My Wall Clock Be Hung?

Where you hang your wall clock is just as crucial as its height. According to, you should leave 4 to 6 inches of distance between the watch and any nearby lights, furniture, or other artwork if you consider placing it over a fireplace, window, or entryway.

Otherwise, try setting a clock with its face to the north, east, or northeast opposite a window or entryway for good luck! Additionally, watches look well atop couches, tables, and bookcases. Be careful not to make it the center of attention in your living space by competing with other objects.

How Tall Should a Wall Clock Be?

There are two factors to consider when deciding how high to hang a wall clock.

The vertical positioning on the wall is the first. The two elevation options for clocks that operate best are either above eye level or even between eye and chest level. If you want a high timepiece, it should be taller than the room’s highest object. Consider thinking over a window, door, or mantel.

Above eye level is the best spot to put a big clothes resident’s initials or fun trinkets. This stops your clock from overpowering the rest of your décor and helps balance the room’s visual weight.

Is a clock necessary in the living room?

The second most common and practical place to display the clock is in the living room. The family spends most, if not the whole day, in the living room when they are not in the kitchen. It will keep the entire family on schedule, making it one of the greatest places to keep the clock.


As you can see, many possibilities are available for picking and positioning a wall clock in your living room.  We’ve run out of time today, but perhaps we were able to save you some time. So what do you think of having a  clock in your living area? Ready to rock a masterpiece that shows your taste and style sense? 

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