How To Hang Deer Hide On Wall? | 4 Easy Methods

How To Hang Deer Hide On Wall

Deer hide is very popular among people who love hunting, and it has been a trend to hang deer hide as a rug or wall carpet to make the home look more luxurious. From the beginning of humankind, people used to hunt deer and their flawless skin to protect the pavilion. Deer hide was a great help to prevent weather storms back then. But now, people use it as a wall ornament to enrich their home look as it creates a cozy and sophisticated look on walls. 

How Do You Hang Pelts On The Wall?

Drywall or plaster walls are the best for hanging pelts on the wall. There are some inexpensive ways you can use to hang them on your home wall and create an outstanding look. There are some ideas about how you can hang pelt on the wall just by yourself:

1. Using Stapler Gun

For a nice wall, you can simply use a stapler gun to hang the deer hide on the wall. As they are quite heavy so it might require a huge amount of nails but the outcome of this process is amazing. Choose thin and pointy nails for this project as deer hide is thick enough to pass through wider nails. In addition, choose an outstanding location for your deer hide from where it can be seen enough and place it on the wall with the help of a stapler gun pin it to the wall and make sure it’s secure enough.

You can put your deer hide on the outdoor wall as well as a welcome gesture to your house.

2. Using Curtain hook

The pelt can be used as a wall drape. Take two curtain tie-back hooks, level them with your wall, and secure them with studs to make a firm hold using screws. Plus, take a big wooden log of a tree branch and place it between these two hooks, make use the branch is wide enough to be hung between the hooks. Now place the deer hide as a drape and enjoy the splendid look.

3. Using Frame Pelts

The deer hide is stretched on a frame made from tree branches and can be mounted on the wall with small hooks drilled through the studs. This makes a clean and evident look on your wall and makes the maximum display of the pelt.

4. Using Wall Frame

For creating a premium look, a white frame background can be used to put on the deer hide to the wall. This will highlight the deer hide on the wall creating a rich and sophisticated vibe to your walls. You can add a monogrammed top of it if you want, this will make a professional outlook.

Can You Hang A Deer With The Hide On?

It’s not possible to hang a deer with the hide on for decoration purposes, because the meat is perishable. So if you want to create a wild look on your home wall, and put the hide on display, you can buy a deer foam to mount on the deer hide. However, you can customize a mannequin based on the measurements of the deer hide, even though the deer hide is stretchable. Plus, you can put on the hide on the mannequin first and then put it on the wall using screws or hangers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

How do I mount a hide?

When you are hanging a hide it might look like an actual deer. So, first, you need to clean up the hide so there’s no meat left on the hide, Then add glue to the mannequin, and put on the hide. Next, install the ear and eyes on the hide so it gives a realistic vibe.

How long do I leave salt on a deer hide?

To preserve the deer hide, People use salt to remove the moisture from the hide, so it won’t get rotten. To make the hide soft and clean the residue meat, you need to put salt evenly on each side, and let it soak for 10-12 days depending on the hide. Keep the salt on until the hide is thoroughly dry.


Hanging a deer hide on the wall projects honor to the animal. So, people hang them proudly on their home walls to showcase tribute to the animal as well as to show their adventurous spirit. Hanging a deer hide on the wall is not an easy process, though the hide needs good taxidermy treatment so it could last longer. A good deer hide can last almost 20 years or more if you can preserve it well.

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