How Do You Remove Chalk Line From Wall? | Easy Steps to Follow

How Do you Remove Chalk Line From Wall

Chalks can be considered an educational toy. Children can learn a lot while drawing with chalk on walls. But the tiring part is to remove the chalk line from the walls. You need to apply the method according to the condition of your walls to remove the chalk line.

How to Remove Chalk Lines From Wall?

Chalk lines can be removed using a duster from a blackboard, but if your wall is only plastered, and doesn’t have any paint on it, then you should not use any water or vinegar on the wall. Instead, use a duster or sandpaper and gently scrub until the lines are completely removed from the wall. Plaster and chalk are made of the same substance, so no effect will leave if it is white chalk. But it may stain over the wall paint if it’s colorized chalk.

How Do You Get Chalk Marks Off Wall?

Chalk is an alkali made mainly from calcium carbonate, which neutralizes in acid. To get chalk marks off your precious dry walls, you can follow these steps:

Step 1:Use a soaked towel. Soak a hand towel in cold water and gently scrub your wall. Scrub gently cause you don’t want your fence to get damaged or leave any marks while washing the chalk marks. You’ll see the marks getting dissolved in water, but they will spread to the walls and the towels.

Step 2:Use vinegar or tools spray. Calcium Carbonate can be dissolved with acid, and the reaction will create salt and water substance. Pour some vinegar into the towel and give a thorny scrub to the wall. After scrubbing, you’ll notice the chalk color coming off the wall.

Step 3:Give a nice soap bath. This is the last and final step after removing all the chalk lines and remaining chalk colors from the wall. Use a sponge and a bucket of soap water and give a light sponge to your wall to remove the excess chalk color on the wall. Leave the wall to dry off, and it will come out as new as before.

How Do You Get White Chalk Off The Wall? 

White chalk can be quickly taken off because it doesn’t contain any pigment. It’s the natural color of calcium. To remove the chalk line from the finished plaster wall, you’ll be needing:

  1. One Table-spoon TSP 
  2. One gallon of warm water 
  3. Hand gloves 
  4. A soft towel or cloth 

Now, add up one tablespoon of TSP in one gallon of warm water. Wear the hand gloves for safety measures, Then moisten the towel or cloth with the water and give a nice scrub to your walls until the lines get invisible. TSP is Trisodium Phosphate which will emulsify the alkali and leave no mark behind the walls.

What Removes Red Chalk Line?

Removing chalk lines from walls can be a time-consuming job but, it becomes harder when it’s red chalk used on the wall. Because red is the most pigmented color and it doesn’t come even after the chalk line is removed. The reddishness stays on the wall which makes the wall look uglier.

Red chalk is generally used in wood panels to line up the screws and nails. But then, it becomes a hard job to remove the red line. After giving a hard scrub, it still leaves some orange color remains on the wood panel.

So there’s a great hack you can apply to remove the red chalk mark from wood panels or concrete walls, use distilled vinegar and a black scrub (choose the black scrub so it won’t affect the red color and make it more damaged) with water and give a soft scrub to the red chalk line, you’ll notice the red color growing lighter. After that use any stain you want to add on your wood wall, use reactive acid chemical stain or water-reducible concentrate. 

Now leave it to dry and after that use water-reducible concentrate in a coordinating color with your wall and this will help hide the line even more.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does Chalk Line Come Off Painted Wall?

Chalk lines can be come off with water rinse and soft scrub. Continue brushing and scrutiny until the color comes off totally. There are some chemical reactants available on the market which can work finely.

Do Chalk Line Wash Off?

Chalk lines do come off with a little water rinse and scrub. But chalk lines red, yellow, and fluorescent are harder to remove from the wall because these are considered permanent chalk. These colors won’t wash off.

How Do I Clean A Chalk Board Without An Eraser?

You can use a soaked towel or soft cloth to remove chalk from the board. Re-write again after drying the blackboard.

There’s a spray named “Windex” which also helps. Spray it on the board and let it sit for a moment, then wipe off the chalk with a cloth for a fresh board. You can write again after the board completely dries off.

How To Remove Stubborn Chalk Markers?

Magic Eraser can be a great help to remove chalk markers. Sometimes chalk stain doesn’t come off entirely with wipes. So cut a small piece of magic eraser and soak it in water, then scrub on the surface, which will make the color come off. Then wipe it off with a soaked cotton cloth to give a nice finish. 

Moreover, sometimes there might be some residual outlines left, scribble over the mark with chalk markers, and again do the same process with a Magic eraser and you’ll get a clean surface as new.


Chalk is used for different purposes. It gives a vibrant color on uneven wall surfaces. So it’s a bit hard to remove it from the wall even if it’s a painted wall or concrete wall. Be careful while removing chalk from walls because dust can cause respiratory allergies. So wear masks while working. 

The chemical agents are also very toxic to the respiratory system as well as the skin. Try not to use them if the chalk gets off the wall with alcohol or vinegar. Take proper safety measures in order to be safe while removing chalk marks from walls.

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