Best Way to Hang an Rc Car on a Wall (Steps Guide)

Best way to hang an Rc car on a wall

RC Car, or Remote controlled car, is a famous name among hobbyist who likes to collect miniature models of cars, trucks, buses, or buggies. RC cars are manufactured the same as real-life cars but can be controlled by a remote.

How Do You Hang An RC Car On The Wall?

RC cars can be controlled from a distance through radioactive waves sent by a remote. People often like miniature model car racing with actual difficult road conditions. To become the best racer of RC cars, people usually take serious care of their model cars rather than the originals. One of them is to hang while preserving them for the next match.

There are many hacks to hang the RC cars on the wall.

The best hack is to use a coat hanger to hang RC cars on the wall, which you will easily find in any Target store or Dollar store.

Step 1: Measure the Distance

The first step will be measuring the distance in-between four of the wheels of the car to get the perfect placement for the hooks on the wall. Place the car on the wall and mark under the springs attached to the wheels, or take a measuring tape to take the proper measurement and put the mark on the wall. Each hook can easily bear 2 pounds, so 4 hooks can easily hold an RC car on the wall.

Step 2: Make Holes in the Wall

Use a Drill machine to make small holes in the mark you have added on the wall. Ensure the holes are not more than ½ inch so they can easily fit a coat hanger. Choose a drill slightly smaller than the diameter of the coat hanger.

Step 3: Use a Wall Fastener to Secure 

Choose a wall fastener one size more significant than the coat hook. Push it inside the hole and tap with a hammer to insert it. 

Step 4: Hang the Coat Hanger

Now push the coat hanger inside the fastener to ensure it’s secure and push incorrectly. Do a similar process with the other 3 hooks and hang your RC car.

How Do I Display My Remote Control Car?

A hobbyist who likes to collect cars for races also loves to display their remote-controlled vehicles in various ways. They want to showcase their passion for RC-car and keep the car condition well; the best way is to hang them on the wall.

Hanging several RC cars on the wall can save a lot of space. Also, if any modification is needed for any car, one can quickly grab the vehicle he wants to modify. Hanging the car on the walls, the tension between the springs is relaxed, which helps the car be in good health for a long time. Nitro cars always need to be hung on the wall to keep the nitro oil away from the engine.

Electric RC cars can be displayed in racks. One can easily DIY racks on the wall using plywood or steel frames and create a remarkable display of their amusement and devotion.

Why Should I Hang My RC Car On The Wall?

He, who is passionate about car racing with their RC car, always wants to preserve the car suitably so it can be used again. RC-car is way too expensive than any other toy remote-control car because these are not toys but miniature models of big cars. So obviously, if you have one RC car, you want it to be in good disposition.

Before hanging the RC car on the wall, you must take some precautions to keep the vehicle out of danger and more active for the next race. If you follow these steps correctly, you can store your car for 6 months at least!

Remove the tires before having them for a long time. Because the tire is on for a long time can create a flat spot or squish on the tire, which will make the car shake when you use it for the race. So better remove the tires and preserve them in an air-tight bag to keep the tire healthy and as new as possible. 

The nitro suspension needs to be at rest. If the break is tight for a long time, the spring will lose.

Nitro car needs some oil after every race. You need to add some mobility to the shock to keep your vehicle ready for the next race and to keep them healthy.

Lose the Slipper clutch. Any parts attach to the spring need to loosen up to keep the car healthy better; else, the spring will get loose if it stays tight for a long time and won’t react according to the radioactive signals.

Rebuild the shocks before every race. If your car has been stored for more than 6 months, check the shocks before using it again, or else it will worsen the car’s condition if you start it without changing the shocks. Try rebuilding the shock before every race.

How Do I Display My RC Truck?

RC-Truck is way heavier than buggies or cars, so it’s obvious you can’t stand them on coat hangers. Also, the size consumes a lot of space, so a hobbyist, who likes to collect RC trucks, needs to have a lot of space in their workplace to store them.

So one can build a DIY wall to display their truck and charge them.

Drill 2*4 size wood or plywood blocks for each car to stand with the wall, and you can place the remote of the car with the stand as well by adding a pin to the side of the wood block and hanging the remote with it. That way, you can find your car with the remote and make an excellent display of the vehicle.

A 2*4 wood block can hold heavy Trucks like X-Maxx seamlessly. 

So you can make a perfect display by adding wood plank to a wall. Ensure the places are slightly canted back so the trucks won’t have any chance to slip down.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Run A RC Car In The Rain?

It depends on the car. If it’s an electric car, you shouldn’t run it in the rain because it can cause short circuits. If It’s a nitro car, you can run in on rainy or wet roads. It will go swiftly because the RC car has good and massive tires.

What Frequency Is Used For RC Cars?

Toy-based RC cars mainly have a 27-49 GHz frequency. Hobbyist RC cars have modified frequency. But 27-49 GHz frequency is standard.

Can I Run Two Of My RC Cars At The Same Time?

Yes, If you can match both of your car frequencies, then switch on and drive both simultaneously.

How Often Should I Clean My RC Car?

You should clean your car after every tournament; this enhances the engine quality and saves the vehicle for the next race. If your car remains unused for a long time, try soft cleaning it every 15 days to avoid junk on the parts.


RC cars need special care for them to stay active. If you want to store your batter model cars in good temperament for the next race, keep the lipo battery charged around 3.80-3.85v, and don’t forget to charge it every time you use it. The battery will stay if you set it once a week, even if you don’t use it.

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