Wall Decoration Ideas With Plants (10 Eco-Friendly Ideas)

Wall Decoration Ideas With Plants

Consider a living wall a great way to add to your gallery wall or decorate a bare wall. A residing wall consists of a wall covered with plants, either individually or collectively. The benefits of a living fence go beyond its beauty and eye-catching appearance; they reduce stress, purify the air in your home, and even muffle background noise. What is the best way to convince yourself that a living wall would be an excellent addition to your home? Here are some beautiful examples.

The Best Ways to Decorate Walls with Plants

Using green plants as wall decorations is an excellent way to brighten your room and refresh your spirit. A houseplant makes the perfect modern alternative to traditional wall art due to its organic texture and dramatic color variation. Here are ten stunning ideas if you’re looking for inspiration as you design your plant art.

1. Wall Hanging Test Tubes

Using plants to decorate your walls is such a fascinating idea! And This is a very creative and highly decorative piece! Plant lovers will enjoy it since it’s mainly used for propagation! Placing fresh herbs and green stems in it would also have a beautiful visual effect! Keeping this living decor on your walls is a must! Make sure you clean all your glass tubes and replace water frequently to avoid stagnant, yellow water on your walls!

2. Glass Wall Vases

Plant wall decor of this type is typically used for propagation, similar to the previous application. However, you can empty these glass containers into terrariums filled with rocks, soil, and sand to create mini-terrariums for air plants. Since the maintenance requirements and weight on the wall are different, I wouldn’t make them full succulent and cactus terrariums. The vases come with white wall nails that fit through the upper portion of the vase, making them different from testing tubes.

3. A Kitchen Living Wall

Living walls are a great option if your kitchen has plenty of natural light. A beautiful backdrop of leafy greenery creates a striking living wall in this neutral space. You will need to water and feed plants on the living wall simultaneously, so consider plants that require similar care. A climbing or winding plant such as a pothos or philodendron is a suitable starter plant that is easy to maintain.

4. Hang Baskets

Is it hard to create a large display, and do you want to recreate the look? Anyone can play with this idea with a few hooks and a basket (don’t forget the plastic liner). Also, anybody who doesn’t want to spend hours pruning and updating their living wall will appreciate this idea. If you have limited time, you may find it easier to keep up with a display of potted plants rather than a wall-mounted living wall.

5. Brighten Up Your Office

It is a great way to brighten up your space and boost productivity in the office by bringing in greenery. It doesn’t take much decor to make an office look great when it has a living wall. For example, Tillandsias need little maintenance while still looking beautiful, making them an ideal choice for an office.

6. A Work of Art

It’s an actual work of art, this living wall display from lacada_moss. It consists of mosses, air plants, and other greenery, making it one of the most eye-catching living walls ever seen. Pick a container that blends well with your decor when choosing a living wall container. It is easy to design living walls to agree with the look and feel of your home by using wood, cork, metal, and more.

7. A Plant Pocket

You can hang a bunch of small plants from your wall using this felt system from Menjizen. You can fill the pockets with medium-air plants or small planters filled with ivy, evergreens, or pothos. Rather than using a fully mounted modular system, you can mix and match plants that require varying watering schedules and replacements if one fails.

8. Plants on Wooden Pallets

What is the most effective way to display a set of deer antlers on the wall? With a natural twist, this creative arrangement has a similar vibe. This setup looks like plants grow directly out of the border since it uses lush moss bases and wooden planks.

9. Simple DIY Plant Baskets

Your rustic home will look warm and organic with hanging baskets and plants. There is no straight line in sight in this arrangement – it’s the perfect way to create contrast against an otherwise hard-surfaced wall.

10. Plants on Grids and Shelves

This collection of grids and shelves allows you to display various plant types. Small potted plants are arranged on a metal grid to create a delightful display of colors, textures, and leaf shapes. Two shelves on each side allow you to store potted vines and large floor plants, completing the wild look.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Are Plants Used for Decoration?

Houseplants add warmth, texture, and personality to a room, filling empty corners and adding character. Furthermore, plant swaps are easy to do whenever you want to update your decor or give a room a new look.

Which Plant is Good for Bedroom?

Its glossy leaves thrive in low- or high-light environments, and its roots are tolerant of various irrigation methods. That makes peace lilies one of the most enduring and popular houseplants for a bedroom.

How Do You Show Off House Plants?

Hanging plants from the ceiling or in front of windows is one of the best/most straightforward ways to add more plants to your home. Moreover, I love how many ways you can personalize this idea.


Plant Wall Decor involves hanging or displaying different plants on a wall. You can decorate your home walls with plants in 10 different ways! But first, which plants are ideal for hanging on walls? There is no single answer to this question; it depends! Depending on the type of installation, the amount of light flooding your walls, and how much time and effort you want to devote to watering and maintaining the plants, you can choose the right system!

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