How To Make A Crystal Chandelier | 2 Popular Methods

How To Make A Crystal Chandelier

In addition to your excellent taste in decorating, there is a good chance that you are also fond of making an appealing chandelier for your dining room or hallway. But, not all chandelier designs are perfect for you. If you want a chandelier with crystals to make it more attractive, you can either buy one or make it yourself.

Nevertheless, you must know how to make a crystal chandelier properly in order to add elegance to your room. Given these points, you should also understand that there are numerous options for making a crystal chandelier. In this article, we focus on some great techniques to create a crystal chandelier.

How To Make Crystal Chandelier

You already know that a chandelier can come in various shapes and designs. For the same reason, the methods of making a crystal chandelier can also differ according to the different designs and sizes. Since the crystal is a shiny material and fits perfectly for any kind of decoration, there is less to worry about its suitability. Without wasting any more time, let’s focus on the actual techniques.

Modifying A Chandelier

When you already have a chandelier installed in your ceiling, you can simply modify it using crystals. This way, you don’t need to throw away your old chandelier. Instead, you can buy crystals or crystal beads and decorate the chandelier using them. Thus, your existing chandelier will turn into a crystal chandelier.

Hanging Crystals On A Chandelier

One of the easiest ways to make a crystal chandelier is by hanging crystals on your existing crystals. You can use any material to add the crystals into the chandelier. When using this technique, you should ensure that the chandelier frame has enough space to screw the crystals.

  1. First, you need to shut down the electricity. Then, put on rubber gloves and arrange some stapler pins. If your chandelier is not made of metal, you can simply use a stapler for this project. Otherwise, find a power drill with a needle bit.
  2. As you need to hang tiny crystals into the frame, you should put the two legs of the stapler pin in both the frame and the crystals. So, use the stapler to make holes in the frame. In the case of a metal frame, use the power drill to make small holes in both crystals and the frame.
  3. After making the holes, take the regular stapler pins of any size and put one leg into the frame holes. Then, you should put the other leg into the crystal holes. This way, you’ll hang all the crystals in the frame.
  4. To safely stick the crystals into the frame, you bend the pin legs in an adjusted position. And, your old chandelier will turn into a newly designed crystal chandelier now.
  5. Arranging Crystal Candle Chandelier

Using some crystal chains or loops, your classy chandelier can turn into a crystal chandelier. To do this, you need to buy some beautiful crystal chains and attach them to the chandelier. Usually, the candle chandelier has candle-shaped upward-facing bulbs into the frame. Particularly, you need to hang the crystal chains in the frame.

When adding the crystal chains to the chandelier, it is better to make some chain loops on the lower side of the chandelier. This process can give a better look to the chandelier. After assembling all the crystal chains into the chandelier, your crystal candle chandelier will be usable. Typically, this type of chandelier suits a classical environment.

Making An Entirely New Crystal Chandelier

In this technique, you need to make a chandelier out of crystals. So, grab some beautiful crystals and get creative with them. All you need to do is create a setup for the chandelier bulbs and design that arrangement using the crystals. In this way, you can get an outstanding crystal chandelier manually.

Making A Raindrop Chandelier

In case you don’t have any chandeliers in your home but have an additional light bar, this light bar can be turned into a raindrop crystal chandelier. Before starting this project, you need to buy some long thin crystals, which look like raindrops when hung.

  1. Since you need a long and thick frame for the light bar, any good quality wood can be used to make a sturdy frame. In the first place, you need to measure the top of the light fixture. Then, create the wooden frame according to that measurement.
  2. After that, remove all unnecessary parts from the light bar. Moreover, you can spray a specific color of your choice or match it with the ceiling or crystals.
  3. Now, attach the long crystals into the wooden frame and hang the light bar chandelier in the ceiling. Then, you need to complete the wiring and check if the light bar is working.
  4. Finally, you have transformed your light bar into a crystal chandelier. The crystal string will give a scenery of raindrops with sparky lighting.
  5. Creating An LED Chandelier

If you like smart lighting systems in your home, you can make a LED crystal chandelier on your own. The most significant benefit of using a LED chandelier is that you can operate it wirelessly using a remote. Besides, the crystal used LED can look like a firework, which increases the elegance of room decoration.

  1. First, buy an LED light with a uniquely shaped frame. You can purchase one which has a round-shaped frame. The first thing to remember is that a LED light fixture runs using external batteries. So, you should arrange a long-lasting battery if your LED light doesn’t come with an in-built battery.
  2. Usually, the battery is placed in the center of the light fixture. When handling annually, you should place the battery in the middle of the frame. And, hang the LED light in the ceiling using a hook.
  3. Next, make some crystal branches using flexible wires. The wires should be attached to the frame like tree branches. This way, the crystal branches will look like fireworks in the LED light, and your LED crystal chandelier is ready now.

Final Speech

Crystal chandeliers require a variety of design and fabrication techniques. You can use your creativity to design a crystal chandelier, for example. At the same time, you can reduce your time in arranging a new crystal chandelier if you modify your existing chandelier. However, you can transform your light bars or LED light fixtures into crystal chandeliers by using some decorative crystals.

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