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Best Farmhouse Chandelier

There is something so heart-touching about the old days. Especially the cowboy days. Riding horses, growing your own peaches, farm animals, and such. Nothing can beat those days.

If you are a fan of the wild west, you will love to have a farmhouse chandelier. The aesthetic of a farmhouse chandelier is unmatchable. The woodworks, and rustic design, combined with different lights, bring in a different vibe to your house. 

They are simple, yet so elegant that they will bring a historical effect to your home. The heritage of the wild west can only be found in just a farmhouse chandelier. Be ready to get flooded with compliments after you install one of them.

To make your search a little bit easier, we have come up with the best farmhouse chandelier in this article. You will find them in different designs, colors, metal, and lighting systems. 

Some of the Best Farmhouse Chandelier

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Here is the best farmhouse chandelier you can check out. They are elegant, rustic and bring in an aesthetic that can not be explained in words.

1. XIPUDA Farmhouse Chandeliers for Dining Room, Rustic Kitchen Island Light Fixture, 5-Light Linear Pendant Lighting Rectangular Chandelier, Metal Solid Ceiling Lights

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Nothing compares to a rustic old-school farmhouse chandelier. On top of your kitchen lounge or dining area, it can bring in a warm atmosphere. The XIPUDA farmhouse chandelier is just the perfect example of it.

This farmhouse chandelier comes in a very traditional yet modern design. With a black overall from the hanging rods and baking painting on the outer part, it is a must-have lighting item for your dining or kitchen. 

Modern-day houses sometimes combine the kitchen and dining in the same area. This is why this chandelier comes in handy. The intricate design, the balance of color tones, setting of lights, everything brings in the aesthetic to your house.

You get to adjust the height of the chandelier according to your preference. Just measure it to your liking and remove one of the rods or add some. 

It is equipped with 5 E26 sockets. You can use fluorescent, incandescent, or Edison bulbs with it. We would suggest Edison bulbs because this makes the whole thing pop.

You can also equip it with dimmable bulbs. For that, you have to add a dimmer switch. Controlling the light’s tone will do you wonders.

Installing and assembling it is a breeze. It comes pre-assembled. All the necessary tools to install it to the ceiling are provided in the box. But you can go for some additional bigger screws and bolts to make it more secure.

You can even use it on your homemade bar area, outside patio sittings and so much more.


  • Elegant and rustic design.
  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable heights
  • Solid build quality.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Some hardware for mounting is not sufficient.
  • The instruction manual lacks information.

2. Farmhouse Chandelier for Dining Room, 5-Light Rectangular Chandelier, Wood Kitchen Island Lighting

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The combination of wood and metal can never be left unnoticed. It is a country classic. Whenever you see this combination, your mind will go back to the wooden wagon days. The RUZINIU farmhouse chandelier is the depicting of the vintage lifestyle with a modern-day twist.

This chandelier is a sign of beauty and elegance. A lot of us want to have wooden floors or wooden finish decors. And this chandelier is the perfect compliment to those settings.

Even if you don’t have a wooden finish dining or counter, this will bring in a classic farmhouse vibe to your modern interior. The whole body is square-shaped. Made out of wood and metal corners, it gives out the rustic nature of life that once used to be.

Also, it is hung from adjustable rods that you can customize according to your choice. You will get 8 10” rods and 4 20” rods. Mix match them to get your desired height over your counter or dining table.

It comes with 5 E26 bulb sockets. You can attach them with filament, fluorescent, or Edison bulbs to make them look more aesthetic.

Installing this chandelier will definitely bring you compliments. Along with your much-needed lighting. You just have to put together the frames first, then put on the lights. In the end, you install it to the ceiling using the rods to your preferred height.

Almost like a traditional piece of artwork, this chandelier is definitely a minimalistic one. Doesn’t require much space, no fuss in installing it whatsoever. 

You can use it on your bar counter, dining table, kitchen counter, or even your outside dining patio.


  • Rustic, old school mixed with modern art design.
  • Minimalistic design requires less space.
  • Aesthetic farmhouse chandelier.
  • Goes good with the bar, dining table, and kitchen counter.
  • Adjustable rods included.


  • Not for slanted ceilings.

3. Saint Mossi Black Farmhouse Chandelier with 6 Lights, Lantern Metal Pendant Lighting for Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Foyer with Adjustable Chain

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Fan of black color furniture? Then check this Saint Mossi Black Farmhouse chandelier. Its metal builds design wreeks of rustic farmland vibe and you can equip it with candlelight bulbs to make it even more gorgeous.

The chandelier is fully metal-made. From its chain to the bottom branch holder, all of it is in metal. The black paint coating is really solid. So there is no worry of the metals catching rust any time soon.

There is a feeling of a bird’s house when you look at the chandelier. Its design is inspired by the good old-day farmlands and their accessories. 

You can have it in your dining or living room. It is so elegant that it can make any room generous by its presence. Be ready to be showered with compliments.

Also, the chandelier comes with 6 E12 bulb sockets. You can put on candlelight bulbs, fluorescent or Edison bulbs. But to put on the real vibe on this thing, candlelight bulbs should be your first choice.

There is a little assembly required with the chandelier. As it doesn’t come with small pieces, it is fairly easy. Put together all the arms and the bottom and top. Before mounting it on the ceiling, adjust the height from the chain. And then you put on the bulbs. All done.

It is a simple, rustic, and old-school design farmhouse chandelier that will grace your home with majestic lighting. And for the price tag, it’s a steal.


  • Rustic, old-school design.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • 5 layer painting holds off the rust.
  • Easy to assemble and mount.


  • A little bit heavy.

4. T&A Orb 6-Light Farmhouse Chandelier, Stardust Finish Rustic Brown Chandelier, Wood and Iron Component Vintage Island Light for Kitchen Dining Room Foyer

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To be a true farmhouse chandelier, there is no alternative to having wood in your chandelier. And a distressed oak-colored wood would make it even more majestic. The rustic feel of old school chandelier with a modern touch of metal and gold color makes it magnificent. This T&A Orb Farmhouse chandelier is made of just what we explained.

The distressed oak color on the wood looks fabulous. And with a black and oil-rubbed gold finish on the surrounding frame and the blub holders make it even bold.

Even the ceiling mount has the oil-rubbed gold finish to it. Which gives it the modern yet vintage touch to the whole chandelier. 

It is an orb-shaped chandelier, that you can incorporate in your dining room, or kitchen counter. With the rustic design and abundance of lighting, it can make any dining experience a memorable one.

The chandelier comes with 6 E12 bulb sockets. You can use LED, fluorescent, incandescent, or Edison bulbs. But to bring out the best from the chandelier, you should use fluorescent, incandescent, or Edison bulbs. That makes it feel more rustic and vintage with a blast from the past feeling.

Assembly is pretty straightforward. You can even do it yourself. Just put on the frames together, then the adjustable chain. Before installing it on the ceiling, put on the bulbs. And you are done. Adjust the height of the chain to your preference and behold the beauty of the chandelier.


  • Vintage style rustic wood and metal design.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Inexpensive considering the design.


  • The wiring is a bit short in length. 

5. GEPOW Farmhouse Wood Chandelier, Round Wagon Wheel Light Fixture with Seeded Glass Shades for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen Island, and Foyer

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Who isn’t a fan of the wild west? The time when everything used to be simple and rustic. The classics take a turn in this modern era with this chandelier. The GEPOW farmhouse wood chandelier resembles the wagon wheels and bar lighting from the old country.

This chandelier is just like a round wagon wheel. Obviously, it is made from wood. Along with it, there are black silver metal details to it. 

The first layer of hangers is metal rods that suspend it from the top. This gives it a more rustic touch. Making it more elegant and timeless classic in your dining or kitchen. 

The light bulb sockets also come with a metal surrounding that holds a glass cover. It is very pleasant to watch when the light is turned on. A feeling of warmth and satisfaction every time you are under it.

It has 6 E26 bulb sockets. You can equip them with any type of LED, fluorescent, incandescent, or Edison bulb. To bring out the true potential of the light, you can use any of the lights and add a dimmer switch to it. As there is a glass cover over the lights, it shines even brighter. So a dimmer will get you the perfect lighting you want.

Installing it is easy. As there are no small details to it, you can just assemble the frame and mounting then add the bulbs and you are good to go.

Additionally, it comes with a height-adjustable chain. So no worry about heights.

You also get a 2-year warranty with this product and the manufacturer is always there to help you with after-market services.


  • Vintage wagon wheel design.
  • Real wood is used in the design.
  • Brings in the aesthetic in the room.
  • Easy to assemble and mount.
  • Amazing after-market service.


  • A bit on the heavy side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between farmhouse chandeliers and other chandeliers?

Farmhouse chandeliers come with a more rustic and old-school country-style design than crystals and modern-style chandeliers.

Can you install a farmhouse chandelier in your bedroom?

Yes. You can install a farmhouse chandelier in your bedroom.

Will the wood in my farmhouse chandelier get infected with termites?

No. The wood that is used in farmhouse chandeliers is processed and aged before they are worked on. So there is no chance of getting termites in it.

How do you clean wooden chandeliers?

You clean your wooden chandelier just like any other chandelier. You can use vinegar-water solution, other cleaning solutions on it. But remember to wipe the access water out as much as you can.

Should I use a dimmer with my farmhouse chandelier?

You can use a dimmer with your chandelier. In that case, you have to use dimmable lights too. 


Farmhouse chandeliers are historical elements. No matter what the design and style are, it is an essential part of your dining and kitchen. The aesthetic of it can never be matched by any other lighting pieces. The vibe of the old school country life reflects in them. Although we are in a modern era with different lighting equipment and accessories, a farmhouse chandelier can bring the best of both times. Brining in a natural, sensual, and elegant vibe to your dining space, the experience cannot be compared to any.

One thing you have to remember is that equipping them with the right bulbs is the key to making it more astonishing. So instead of using modern LEDs, you can go for incandescent, Edison, or fluorescent bulbs.

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