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How to Decorate a Chandelier with Ribbon

On occasion, we decorate our homes but forget about the chandeliers. As a house dweller, you may not notice or take them for granted. However, every time a guest enters your house, it catches their eye. Therefore, if you decorate all your house except for the chandelier it will be eye-obstructing.

You can decorate a chandelier with garlands, ornaments, flowers, crystals, or beads. However, nowadays everyone decorates with these items. Therefore, ribbons can be used, and you can be not only unique but also creative. The ribbon is mainly used in clothing, but its versatility makes it useful for a variety of other purposes. So, in this article, you will learn how to decorate a chandelier with ribbon.

How to Decorate a Chandelier using Ribbon

Ribbons come in a variety of sizes, colors, and lengths, so it is unbelievable how creative one can be with them. But before that, the chandelier you’re going to decorate should complement your room. The color and size of a chandelier should be in proportion with the room’s color and size. You don’t need to have a traditional crystal chandelier, you can choose it according to your liking. Because it reflects your personality.

The same goes for the decorating style. How you decorate your room or home describes a lot about you. So if you decorate traditionally it may not be able to present you. Moreover, by decorating as per your liking you’ll enjoy it more. So grab your ribbons and get to work.

You can take as many colors or types of ribbons as you want. Then simply tie them on chandelier arms making flower bows. There is no rule that you can tie only one ribbon in one arm. Also, you can make different types of flower bows, but don’t overdo them.

A chandelier can have four arms or more than four arms. If you want to make one bow per arm then take as many ribbons as chandelier arms. You can take only one type of ribbon for each arm. But for creating diversity you can take two or three types of ribbons. You can also take different ribbons for each arm. In case the chandelier has large lights or bulbs making only one bow with ribbon on each arm is enough.

In another case, if the chandelier has smaller lights then you can make two or three bows on the chandelier arms. You can choose the colors of the ribbons according to upcoming festivals. Besides, you can play with colors following your preference. Though in this scenario you have to keep in mind the color combination of the room and chandelier.

Benefits of Decorating a Chandelier with Ribbon

We know that a chandelier can be decorated with many things like garlands, flowers, crystals, ornaments, etc. But all of these items are expensive. Compared to those, ribbons are moderately-priced and full of variety. Moreover, you can customize or make ribbons by yourself. In case you think only ribbons are not enhancing the beauty of your chandelier you can simply tie or add ornaments to the ribbons.

Furthermore, ribbons are washable that’s why you can reuse them. You can make different types of bows and create many designs with ribbons. The materials used in making ribbons are chemical-free and environmentally. They are also very light weighted so you don’t have to worry about overweighting the chandelier. None of the other decorating items have these benefits. That’s why decorating with ribbons is so advantageous.

Safety Measures of Decorating a Chandelier 

Before starting to decorate a chandelier you have to check the safety measures. Whether you hang a chandelier in your bedroom, living room, or dining room it’s your choice but you have to hang it in the middle of the room. Usually, the distance between the floor and the chandelier should be more than 10 feet (3 meters). It makes the distance between the chandelier and the table more than 8 feet. So in the case of decorating a chandelier you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • While decorating the chandelier you have to stand on a stool or chair or table or ladder. Make sure that it is not shaky and strong enough to hold your weight. 
  • You need to turn off the power of the chandelier. Though it is better if you turn off the whole power system of the house or disconnect the chandelier completely. 
  • Keep assistance with yourself for grabbing the necessary items you’ll need while decorating. In the event that no one is around to help you then collect all the items and keep them near the chandelier. If you have them in your hand distance then it’ll be easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Dress Up or Decorate a Chandelier?

You can dress up a chandelier by decorating the chandelier arms with ribbon, garland, flower, ornament, crystal, and beads. You can put garland and flowers on the arms wrapping the body. You can also hang the crystal, beads, and ornament on the arms with ribbon.

How To Hang a Garland on a Chandelier?

You can buy garlands of various designs at the local market. But before buying you should measure the length of your chandelier body as it would wrap the body and stay over the handles. You can buy a little more than the periphery of the chandelier body but not less. Lastly, you have to wrap the body and tie the two ends.


A chandelier is spontaneously beautiful and classy yet its beauty isn’t sufficient on occasions and festivals. So at times, we need to decorate it in innovative ways. 

At the same time, you can impress your friends, family, and guests by demonstrating your creativity. A person’s work is a good indicator of their character. So, you can use your work to display your personality.

Thus, if you wish to display your work on a chandelier, ribbons are the most flexible, advantageous, and easy-to-use solution. They are full of variety in colors, sizes, designs, and fabrics. Also, they are cost-friendly and reusable. So if you want to make a chandelier look stunning, ribbon is your best choice.

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