How to Fix Gap Between Backsplash and Wall Using Grout, Caulk, and Spray Foam

How to Fix Gap Between Backsplash and Wall

Every home has a kitchen. And it produces a lot of heat and moisture. To protect the wall from all this, you will need to have a backsplash.

While there are different types of backsplashes, from silicon add ons to tiles, you need to maintain them.

As they are not part of the permanent wall, sometimes there is a gap left untreated. It may doesn’t bother you, but it will damage the wall eventually. 

That is why you need to fix the gap with something. You don’t need to push some putty in it and forget about it. Which is not a sensible method to do.

We are going to explain how to fix the gap between the backsplash and wall in a professional manner. It doesn’t require much knowledge and you can do it yourself.

How to Fix Gap Between Backsplash and Wall | 3 Popular Methods

Here are the methods you can follow to fix the gap between your backsplash and wall. You will find them not only easy but also inexpensive and long-lasting. Just follow the steps and you will have a fully fixed backsplash in no time.

The Most Efficient and Traditional Grout

Using grout to fix your backsplash is the most traditional method. This is for the backsplash tiles, not the stick-on backsplash. 

Although there are stick-on backsplashes in the market, nothing can beat the tile’s backsplashes. They look highly elegant and you can customize your own design. 

As tiles are fixed up with grout, over time some gaps form due to the shrinkage and weather changes. Grouting allows you to fill the gap efficiently and permanently. 

Although it is permanent, it is easy to take off once it is set in. And it doesn’t damage the wall behind it. 

So if you have a gap between the backsplash and wall, simply buy some grout. You can choose the color of the grout to blend in with the tiles. It gives the tiles their signature look rather than dividing them into different pieces. 

Remember to clean your gap before you apply the grout. As dirt may affect the tiles and the wall afterward.

Caulk for Smaller Gaps

If there is a small gap between the backsplash and the wall, you can go for caulk. Keep in mind, there are two types of caulk in the market.

The acrylic latex caulk is good for painting but not as strong to stick on to. The silicone caulk on the other hand won’t let paint stick to it, but will fill any gap efficiently and give a strong bond. So opt for the silicone caulk.

Applying caulk is pretty straightforward. You need to clean the gap first. Use detergent and water to clean. And remember to let it dry afterward.

Once it is dried out, load your caulk gun. Silicon caulks can be found in plastic containers that can be used with a gun or hand. 

Gun the amount of caulk you need in the gap. You can either finish the top with your finger to level the caulk or even use a scraping tool. And you are done. 

As silicon caulks are waterproof, they will last longer in the kitchen. And it is easy to handle. Just some simple things to put together. 

Also, it won’t damage the wall in any way, so you can stay worry-free with a caulk.

Foam for Medium Size Gaps

Medium size gaps between the backsplash and the wall can be fixed with spray foam. Spray foams have polyurethane, which is waterproof. This makes it a good filing agent in the kitchen area.

Spray foams come in canisters and have a liquid consistency. Simply buy a can of it and spray it into the gap. 

Remember to wear safety goggles before you apply them. You don’t want it to go into your eyes.

Spray foams also expand. So don’t fill up to the top with it. One-third of the filling will be sufficient. And you can apply more if you want. 

If there is excess, just trim it off after it is set in. And you will have a filled gap in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should the backsplash be on the wall directly?

There should be a natural distance between the backsplash and a wall. You can use a bullnose tile to create the gap.

How much gap should be left between a backsplash and a wall?

The gap between a backsplash and a wall should not be more than ⅛ of an inch.

Can I use Backer rods to fill in the gap between a backsplash and wall?

Yes. If your gap is big and you want to fill it with caulk, then using backer rods will give the caulk more strength.

Should I install the countertop after the backsplash?

No. You need to install the countertop before installing the backsplash.


Gaps between a backsplash and wall might not sound too big of a problem, but in time it will turn into a huge one. Your tiles might come apart, molds will show up and dirt will keep on gathering inside. The worst-case scenario would be a bug nesting in the gaps. So better take the gaps seriously and fill them up before any of the things happen. And it also strengthens the bond of the backsplash and the wall.

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