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Dallas Cowboy Wall Paint Ideas

In American National Football League (NFL), the Dallas cowboy is a favorite team based in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It joined NFL as an expansion team for its pre-popular hype created in localities, and now it’s a favorite team in America. Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable franchise in America; People can connect themselves with this team differently. 

Dallas Cowboys-themed Wall Paint Ideas

Dallas Cowboys has grown a community in these times where many types of sports and events are held to show their love for the country. The Dallas Cowboys’ primary Logo, “Blue Stars”, represents “The Lone Star State”. People not only buy fancy merchandise but also paint their home walls

Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas 

The walls of kids’ bedrooms can be decorated in a Dallas Cowboy theme, the well-known ‘blue star’- The walls can be painted navy blue, metallic silver, white, and blue. It is also possible to paint the signature metallic helmet. You can also draw a cowboy flag as a sign of gratitude. 

The simplicity and the royal color attract people the most. The bedroom is one’s personal space and this space can be decorated with their passion. Royal blue walls with white stripes can be interpreted as their passion for the team. To create a nice contrast and texture, paint the bottom wall the same color as the field. Dallas cowboys fans can show their love for the team and games, and of course, the royal blue star with a white border is enough to identify them.

Kids grow crazy for their favorite team and create their famous team wall in a minimal style; you can paint a football game field to show their love for the Dallas team and decorate the wall with posters of the team players and the stadium as well.

 Cowboy Garage

The garage is a passionate workplace for a man. To create a cowboy environment, the garage wall can be painted in Dallas cowboy theme. A theme can be created by painting the garage wall white and red and adding navy blue strips. You can also add cowboy star stickers to the wall.

Living Room Dallas Canvas

A living room is a place where people gather and talk, To show love and passion for your favorite football team a Dallas cowboy-themed canvas can be put on the wall to enrich the room as well as your topics of discussion.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are the Dallas Cowboys franchises so popular?

Dallas Cowboy is the most televised team in the NFL, which has earned quite of its marketing since the 20 century and still people hype it on social media so much. The team marketing has been done properly from the very success of the Superbowl back in 1996, this team has won over its fanbase community.

What kind of paint should I use to create metallic blue?

Metallic paint has a small amount of aluminum which creates the texture. To create metallic blue paint, add four ounces of metallic mineral powder to the one-gallon blue paint and mix it well before applying it to the wall.

Which is the best wall paint for the interior wall?

Emulsion paint is considered best for the interior wall because of its complete water base and doesn’t create any odor after application. This paint is quite popular because it takes less time to dry off. Emulsion paints are quite pigmented because it’s bound with resin which forms with an emulsion of water.

Why are Dallas cowboys so delusional?

Dallas Cowboys is the only American Team that has a separate fanbase and receives more attention than other teams. The team focuses more on its outlook than the playing strategy, though it has a glorious history of the past.


Not only do people love Dallas Cowboys but also there is a haters club of Dallas Cowboys. Still, the fan following is huge which makes it always to the top of all the teams. I hope you get benefited from the ideas stated above. Take Care. 

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