How To Attach White Board On the wall | The Easiest Method

How To Attach White Board On the wall

A person who loves to keep himself updated and always tries to grow needs a blank space where he can pour down his thoughts, and later can discuss, interact and act upon them. Whiteboard is the thing where one can immediately write his thoughts as well as erase or brainstorm. In almost every class, the office has this amazing tool to discuss situations. Often people like to keep them in their bedroom to write their to-do lists and thoughts.

How Do You Stick White Board On Wall?

Generally, whiteboards are attached to the wall using hooks or screws. But, if there’s any problem drilling then, you can stick it on the wall.

Command strips can be used for sticking the whiteboard on the wall.

Step 1: Check the weight of the whiteboard: Command Strips are primarily used for small objects so, they can hold a very small amount of weight. Make Sure your whiteboard doesn’t weigh more than 3-4 pounds unless the adhesives won’t bear long.

Step 2: Clean the surface: When you are sticking adhesive to the wall, clean the wall with a mixture of water and vinegar or dish soap to remove the dirt from the wall. The adhesives won’t stick to dirty walls. After cleaning the wall dry it properly or adhesives won’t stick.

Step 3: Attach one side of the command strips to the board: Make sure your board gets a sufficient amount of support to stick on the wall. Add command strips to each corner of the board then attach them through the line a 6-8 inch gap between them. Use as many as command strips you feel enough for your board to stick on the wall.

Step 4: Level your whiteboard to the wall: Use a carpenter’s level to level your whiteboard to the wall and remove patches from each side at a time and press them to the wall.

Step 5: Check the corners: After finishing the sticking, check every corner of the board if it’s stuck properly. If you feel like adding more strips to the board add them and keep checking them frequently, 2-3 times a month.

How Do You Hang A White Board On A Wall Without Drilling?

Most of the time rental houses don’t allow the wall to be drilled. In That case, It’s hard to hang the whiteboard on the wall. Sometimes, it’s a hard job to find studs to make holes in it. To keep all those circumstances, one can use Heavy Duty Adhesive Hangers to hang the whiteboard on the wall. 

First, measure the whiteboard to the wall using a pencil and a leveler. Then divide the measurement into 3- 5 parts, and put marks on the bottom of intermediate lines of the parts using a pencil. Now clean the marked area and put the adhesive hooks. Leave it on the wall without putting any weight on them for 6-8 hours to let it firmly attach to the wall. Now slide in the whiteboard from any side of the hooks and place it in the middle of the hooks so the weight gets divided into each hook.

What Do You Use To Hang A White Board On A Wall?

The easiest way to hang a whiteboard on a wall can be using adhesives or adhesive hooks, but for the strongest grip, you have to use a drill and screws to the wall. Screwing studs through the wall is the best way to hang whiteboards because it can hold up the maximum weight of the board and won’t get off easily. Also, you don’t need to check on them every now and then. Sometimes, adhesive gets affected by the nature and loses its hold on the walls. But, Screws don’t get affected by anything So it’s safe to use because they can avoid casualties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hang White Board To The Concrete wall without Drilling?

If you don’t want to use a drill while putting on a whiteboard, you can put nails through the wall with a hammer. But it’s not a great choice to nail your wall because it causes damage to the bricks and can’t hold too much weight.

You can use heavy-duty adhesive roles to the lines of your board and put it on the concrete wall.

How To Hang Magnetic White Boards Without Hanging Brackets?

Hanging brackets holds the magnet placed underneath the board. You can hang the whiteboard without hanging brackets by using tool strips. Tool strips are used in garage walls or inventories which hold tools, screws, and bolts to their magnetic surface. You Can use a tool strip as well to hang a magnetic whiteboard as it can hold up much more weight than the hanger if it’s perfectly leveled with the wall and the board.

Hold the magnetic strips to the wall with a leveler and draw the screw gaps. Drill in the gaps and put fasteners in them. Now hold the magnetic strips against the wall and put a screw through them and tighten them. That’s how you install magnetic strips in order to put on your magnetic whiteboard.

How Do You Fix A Wall Board Without Nails?

It’s not possible to fix a whiteboard it’s broken from the middle. But a notice board can get an easy fix without nails. Turn the back side of the board and place the broken part together. Now hold a paper strip tightly over the broken parts and stapler both sides of the paper strips. That’s how you fix a wallboard without nails.


There are many methods a whiteboard can be put on the wall, But first, you need to check the back of your whiteboard to confirm your method. Huge size board often has screw holes in them so that, they can be put on the wall using a drill. Always make sure the board is not placed too high or too low to the wall depending on its user. If you are placing a board for your children make sure to put it near their grasp.

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