How To Hang Mirror On Cement Wall (Mirror Mounting Made Easy)

How To Hang Mirror On Cement Wall

Hanging a mirror is an effortless task, but if the wall you want to hang is concrete, it seems challenging initially. Though hanging the mirror on a concrete wall is also easy. The only problem you can face is that you can’t drive nails into the wall. You have to drill the holes in the wall beforehand.

To hang a mirror on a cement wall, you need to know the size and shape of the mirror. Because according to the size and shape you’ll need to drill holes. The number and place of the holes you need to make depends on the mirror. If you can’t make holes in the correct place or number you’ll need to do it again.

Hanging Mirrors on Cement with Confidence

A mirror is a vulnerable object that’s why you have to be more careful while handling this. Because if you place it in a slightly risky position, it can fall and break. Then it’ll be a waste of money and labor. Hence, to hang a mirror on a cement wall in a safe and perfect way you’ll have to follow some steps. You can do it all by yourself or you can call on a friend to help you.

The first step is to place the mirror where you want to hang it. Then mark the area with a pencil. If the mirror is round then you’ll need to drill 1-2 holes into the wall. If the round mirror is small or medium one hole is enough but in the case of a large one, you’ll need to drill two. In the case of other shaped mirrors, 2-4 nails will work.

How many nails you want to use to hang the mirror is up to you. Anyhow, the mirror needs to be secured on the wall. So, mark the points you want to put nails on the wall carefully. After that, drill on the points and put add expansion anchors to them. You’ll need a hammer to level the anchors with the wall. Later, put the nails or screws in them using a screwdriver.

Make sure the screws are set to the wall and they can take the weight of the mirror. Then hang the mirror. If the mirror sits perfectly on the nails and not moving then your task is done. You’ll need only a few things and time to complete the work. You can do this all by yourself or you can call anyone for help.

Items Needed To Hang Mirror On Cement Wall

You’ll need only five items to hang a mirror on the wall. They are screws/nails, expansion anchors, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a drill machine. The drill machine needs to be connected to PowerPoint to drill. Drill as many as holes you need then put anchors in them to make the screws stable. After putting the nails in hang the mirror. If the placement of the screws isn’t right you won’t be able to hang the mirror safely.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do I Hang A Mirror On A Concrete Wall?

Concrete walls are hard to modify other than painting. You can’t hang anything anywhere whenever you want. You need to drill fast to decorate your concrete wall. But drilling isn’t an easy job that anyone can do. Though after drilling the tasks are easy for hanging a mirror. Add expansion anchors in the holes, then screws in the anchors, and hang the mirror on the screws.

How To Hang A Mirror On A Masonry Wall?

A masonry wall is made of brick, stone, and structural clay tiles. The masonry wall is famous for its unique and classic structure. There is a chance of ruining the design while decorating it. So you need to be careful while drilling screw holes in the wall. Once you drill holes then put anchors in the hole using a hammer and set nails in the anchors using a screwdriver. Secure the nails and hang the mirror on them.


Therefore to hang a mirror on a cement wall you need to drill into the wall. Drilling can be a problem for inexperienced ones. If you have no experience in using the drilling machine you should call for the experts. Once the drilling is done, you can do the rest of the work by yourself.

Though you can’t manage to drill or don’t want to drill you can use adhesive or command hooks. You’ll have to clean the surface wall where you want to attach the hook. Then remove the stripes and liners before pressing the hook on the wall. You’ll need to hold the hook firmly on the wall for at least 30 seconds. Next, you can hang a mirror on the hooks but not for the heavy ones.

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