Beach Themed Wall Decor Ideas (12 Creative Wall Decor Ideas)

Beach Themed Wall Decor Ideas

We all love to spend our vacation on a beach as the touch of the beach refreshes our minds and reduces our daily stress. But do you know it is possible to have a beach flavor in your home? Yes! You can decorate your favorite wall with a beach theme.

When you decorate your wall with a beach theme, then it looks perfect, and you can feel the beach in your own house. In the yoga session, you can concentrate more because of the house environment after using the beach theme decoration on your wall. But sometimes, people do not get any effective beach theme ideas that will look perfect as a beach. So, I am here to share some beach-themed wall decor ideas. I hope you will thank me later for applying the ideas on your wall.

Effective Beach-Themed Wall Decor Ideas

Since there are so many ideas, you have to pick one that will suit you and your budget. People around the world love ideas which is cost-effective and suitable for any room. So, let’s get started to reveal the ideas.

Idea 1: Pair of Horizontal Prints on the Wall

Hanging a pair of horizontal prints will give you a gorgeous look on the wall with definitely a beach vibe. It is a beach-themed idea that will give you a perfect touch of coastal charm on your wall. You do not need to go all out if you would like to have a little piece of the coast in the room. You can sum up a subtle nod to the beach without going beach. The longer elegant frame and profile suit flawlessly in a hallway, living room, and even bathroom.

Idea 2: Crashing Waves Mural on the Wall

If you want to have something relaxing and pleasant, then you can choose the crashing waves mural. Watching a wave crash is beautiful and relaxing. So, when you cannot go to the beach regularly, then the scene will make you feel amazing with a beach vibe.

You do not need to be tense about your wall color because they will match any other color scheme when you apply subtle colors.

Idea 3: Teal Octopus Mural on the Wall

Octopus is a common and related thing to the beach, and it gives a real vibe to the beach. So, if you want to feel the beach closer to your home, you can make a mural of a teal octopus for your wall. The idea will brighten up your wall.

The teal octopus mural features an amazing color palette of white, orange, and blues. So, it will be a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, or home office.

Idea 4: SoCal Sorbet Framed Print on the Wall

SoCal sorbet framed print will bring relaxation and serene feelings to your home. From subtle pinks in the sky to the amazing blue sea, the print adds the flavor of the beautiful early morning on the beach.

Moreover, the important thing about the print is that you can use it without a frame. You can have a SoCal sorbet print as a canvas or an art print.

Idea 5: Drifted on the Wall

It is a very unique and awesome idea if you put a drift on your wall. A drift can change your whole wall with a perfect impression. It will provide a beachy and calming vibe in your home.

Idea 6: A Trio of Wood Coral Art Prints

There is no doubt about how beautiful coral is! If you show coral in any artwork, then it will create an extraordinary beach vibe in your room. When you work with a coral, it seems you bring a bit of sea life into your room.

If you have a dark blue wall in your house, then put a blue and white trio of the print works against that wall. Trust me, and you can feel a calming ocean aesthetic with the trio of wood coral art prints.

Idea 7: Wooden Oars Art on the Wall

You should not depend on just the pictures of a beach, but you may choose a piece of wooden wall art to decorate your wall with the theme of a beach. Wooden wall art can bring an adventurous look to your wall.

If you choose oars of great size and add different colors, then the wooden oar’s art will be exclusive. 

Idea 8: Blue Sea Wood Art on the Wall

When you put the art on your wall, dark blue wood art looks stunning. It raises the glamour of your wall and makes the room feel beachy. In addition, the dark blue wood art is eye-catching and on-trend beach-themed interior styling.

Since this wooden artwork has a variety of sizes, according to your wall length and gesture, you can choose any size from them. When you try decorating the wall with some square-shaped separated wooden artwork, it looks so stylish, and you can space them as you wish. You can create a perfect coastal art gallery view for the home.

Idea 9: School of Fish Metal Art on the Wall

To make your wall a charming beachy look, you can try a metal art of schools of fish on your wall. The metal artwork will brighten the beauty of your wall.

Since the school of fish metal art comes built-in with everything you require to hang it on your wall, you have to just install it gently on the wall. The art has an artfully distressed finish that makes it a unique piece that fits any type of wall.

Idea 10: Shell Decorative Sculpture on the Wall

It is a stunning idea if you think of hanging a world of under-the-sea magic on your favorite wall. With an amazing white and blue finish, you can use a metal piece of seashells and starfish to make the wall perfectly beachy. You can hang the decorative shell sculpture on the wall horizontally or vertically according to your wall size.

Idea 11: A Sunrise Coastal Canvas

It is a very special matter for a beach lover to watch a beautiful sunrise at the beach. You can bring a coastal sunrise canvas to your wall. It will reflect a beach in front of you. When you add some boat sailing scenes to the canvas and use blue sheds on it, the coastal sunrise canvas seems very lively as a beach.

Idea 12: The Wild Sonoma Coast Mural on the Wall

In a wild Sonoma coast mural, you can find out the abstract beauty of a beach. A wild Sonoma coast mural with relaxing blue hues and the copper color of the ocean will make a picture very adventurous and gorgeous.

These are some beautiful, stunning, and effective beach-themed Wall decor ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do to Make My House Feel Beachy?

If you want to make your house feel beachy, you have to arrange elements like rustic wood tones, wicker baskets, driftwood, sisal rugs, and cedar shingles. These elements are very important to make a house beachy. However, the elements will give a waterside or beachy feel to your house.

What Colors Are Beachy?

You can say white, red, and blue as beachy colors. In the northeast area, blue, white, and red are the traditional colors. These are considered summer colors in the northeast.

What Is the Meaning of Coastal Boho?

Coastal Boho is a style. It refers to a fabulous nomadic bohemian style. In addition, it is a combination of a coastal appearance. You can follow the coastal Boho trend while decorating your home with a beachy theme.


If you love the beach, then you should try out the ideas on your wall. Home is a private and relaxing place in every livelihood, so it should be bland. You have to decorate your home wall with something that makes you feel better and happy.

However, when you try these ideas in the article, you should focus on colors because colors mean a lot to make something attractive. Since grey, orange, teal, or navy are considered coastal colors, you can choose these colors to decorate your wall with beach theme ideas.

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